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Blog Host Product Review BrylaneHome® Contact Health Grill And Griddle

                   Have you discovered BrylaneHome yet?  Well, lend me your ear so I can tell you all about them.  is  a great place to shop for almost anything you can think of or need for your home or outdoor decor. Offering you great low prices on everything from Bedding, Bath, Kitchen, Storage & Organization, Window treatments, Furniture & Decor, Outdoor Furniture & Garden products, and my favorite " Home Appliances".
                  When I was offered the chance to host  a product review for one of four choices from the Home Appliance products, I knew I would be thrilled to try out the BrylaneHome Contact-Health-Grill-And-Griddle     Stock Photo Courtesy of  BrylaneHome for this posted product review
                   Who doesn't love the taste of grilled food, right? It is a simply way to cook something fast, yet get the results of tender, moist and great tasting food. Just like the foods you enjoy at restaurants like the waffle house etc. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, grilled veggies, hotcakes, chicken & so many other choices.
                  I have used my product review of the appliance BrylaneHome® Contact Health #Grill And #Griddle three times now in the short time that I have had it. And I look forward to many enjoyed food choices that it can easily cook for me.
                  It is the perfect size for any counter top, big or small. It was easy too operate, and easy to clean up. Just this morning we enjoyed hotcakes and a cheese egg omelet that was grilled on the  BrylaneHome® Contact Health Grill And Griddle.
                  As you can see, I have provided lots of pictures for you to see in how the Contact Health grill & griddle can be used. I love the fact that it is both a grill & griddle. It actually provides you with 5 separate functions for it's grill and griddle choices.
    See here below, which has a picture right on the top of the lid, showing the 5 different functions it can be used for. Which are : A versatile grill featuring a 5-in-1 design that opens to a full grill, full griddle, half grill/griddle, closes to a contact grill and panini press. All on your counter top and in the diminutive dimensions of 4¼" x 15" x 12".

This morning I used it as a half grill & made our yummy hot cakes & egg omelet.
You can spray the plate of the grill or griddle with a cooking spray. I was out of that item for now, so I used just a little dab of butter to coat the grill plate. Then poured my pancake batter on to the grill plate. See it hot and bubbling up & ready to flip! (Be sure to use a silicone spatula etc to turn your items with, as not to scratch your non stick coating grill or griddle plates.)
Flipped, hot & ready to take off the grill plate!
Now the egg & cheese omelet! yum!!
ready to fold over & Flip too!
All done! But I wanted to show you a picture I snapped while the hotcakes were on the grill. I put the lid down to the half grill/griddle position just so you can see how it looks during that position of use.
My picture is a bit dark to view but, can you see there inside my hotcake? When the Contact Health Grill And Griddle is in this position for the half grill/griddle , it sorta hovers over the food that is cooking on the bottom plate. And if I were cooking something like chicken or steak etc and wanted the top plate to cook it too from above, then I would have it in this position. And do you see the knobs of each end of the top & bottom lid that turns to number settings to control the heat temperature of each plate? On the top it is located in the left hand side (in my photo) and the bottom you see it on the right side. Each one has an indicator light that comes off and on as it cooks and provides the plates with the temperature needed to cook your items evenly. They will turn off & on as they cook, that allows the food to cook evenly with out constant flipping of the food, until you are ready to turn the food or take the food off when done.
   I turned both indicator knobs on, so you can see them.
                        And do you see the black flip tab in the center of the lids? Well, that lets you lock the lids shut, if you so choice.
                        And if you will look closely there on each CORNER in the front, you will see the drain trays that are L shaped. They just sit up against the unit and will catch any juices that may drip off. Then you just wash those out later, after each use.
           Here's a closer look at those (they do not attach to the unit, they just nuzzle up against it and the plates have open notches there on the plates ends that will let any juices drain off & those drain cups will catch them.

        Now, let me show you exactly what the plates look like & how they go on & off to both flip over to use from the FLAT Grill use OR the Ridge Lined Griddle use. If you will look back up there at my hot cakes cooking, you will see how I am using the bottom plate as the FLAT grill side & I'm not using the top lid, but it has the plate turned to the griddle side (which is ridged and has lines that are grooved in it. (Perfect for making those yummy panini press sandwiches that look so pretty with the lines on the bread ).
              They look like this when off. EACH plate has a FLAT side and a Ridge Lined side. I took them off after they cooled down and now I will wash them in warm soapy water with a soft sponge, then let dry before I pop them back on. You can see the heating elements there while I have the plates off for washing. And you can see those 2 drain cups as well.

See next where my finger points to the tiny silver colored tabs that lets you remove or pop the plates back onto the units lid and bottom lid. You simply push it down and the plate comes off. When you are ready to snap it back on (with your choice side to grill or griddle) then you push the tab down, slide on the plate, and it pops into position and then is ready to use.
The next meal I made that we so enjoyed was grilled chicken & veggie stir fry in which I used the griddle plate for that so I got the lines on the food. Not quite done though when I snapped the picture. Yum this meal was good!!

 And boy do BrylaneHome take good care in shipping the item which was very well protected with foam and in an extra box inside

So remember now!! When you open the box, you will see TWO (2) L shaped black plastic pieces that are around the unit itself. Do not throw those away! Those are your drain trays for the unit. I myself thought they were part of the great packaging to protect the unit in shipping, but in fact realized they were the drain trays.
           Ok now, do I like this product? My true honest answer is yes! I actually love it!  And these are my pro's & con's for the BrylaneHome® Contact Health Grill And Griddle  from BrylaneHome.
*It rocks with it's 5 FIVE Functions it can provide you to create many food items
*It is easy to clean! Honestly, most appliances that provide any type of grilling, will NOT let you remove the heating plates which you always get food pieces in the cracks & crevices and risk water coming in contact with the unit when you try to clean it. "This one does not cause that issue" those plates pop off, clean up easy & pop right back on.
*The temperature controls do the heat thinking for you & turn on & off to cook the food without worry of fast burning
*I feel this is a healthier way to grill our foods,which are not left lying in deep grease. Meaning less fat when cooking. And with some serious health issues that my husband & I now face in diabetes & heart issues with him, we welcome the chance to eat foods that are not deep fried as often, or baked and lost there flavor because of dryness from over cooking.
*It's handy size fits on any counter top & does not take up too much space.
*Price~Though I was blessed to receive this product free for my review, I can tell you that it normally comes at the buying price of $79.99 but is now available at the very lower price of $49.99. And you are really getting two kind of appliance in one with this BrylaneHome® Contact Health Grill And Griddle. So that is a great money saving value & price for all that this appliance can provide you with in grilling & griddle options.
Well, other than hoping it had came with a leaflet cookbook with some recipes ideas lol, I can't really find any con's about the appliance. I thought at first that the drain cups should have been made to attach somehow to the unit instead of just being made to lay pushed up against it. Because I want to leave them on my counter top all the time so I don't have to go searching for them in a drawer each time I use the appliance. But I was thinking that if they had in fact made them to attach, then the juice may dwindle down in between the cracks and be a mess. So, with that I am pleased as well. I will have no problem thinking of all sorts of good foods to grill or griddle on this great appliance.
    I would in fact suggest this appliance to anyone to purchase. I think it is especially great for the young couple just starting out and want to save time & fix fast easy meals in both cooking options of grill or griddle. I think it is great for a small apartment kitchen space too or even a dorm. Most times when you have a small appliance that performs a certain use, you keep it put away until you need it. But with this appliance I will leave it out on my counter top all the time because it will be needed often for all kinds of easy food cooking use and it is attractive and a great size.

  This is by far NOT the only great appliance that BrylaneHome sells at great prices. I have my eye on a really nice RED  7-Pc. Carbon Steel Non-Stick Cookware Set that I would just love to use and match my RED country kitchen. Practically a steal at the low price of $24.99 from it's original price of $49.99
                   Just look how pretty it is!! :)
 Stock Photo Courtesy of  BrylaneHome for this posted product review
Found for purchasing here at

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You can Buy The BrylaneHome® Contact Health Grill And Griddle today online at just $49.99

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Feel free to leave me any comment below that is relevant to the subject. Do you shop with BrylaneHome? What great items do you have or enjoy in your home from this great company? Which items would you like to own or hope someone gifts you from BrylaneHome?  I love the solar powered birdbath too that they offer. Perfect to adorn any lawn or garden to treat the birds to enjoy.
     Go see what you like there Visit And shop for wonderful top quality Home Decor & More
Blog Host Disclose**  I was provided the above mentioned product for review from BrylaneHome free, for this sponsored post & to share with you my true honest opinion of the item. No other compensation was given to me from the sponsor. Thank You BrylaneHome for a wonderful product and the chance to review & enjoy it for many times to come :) ~Julie


  1. Julie you always write such great reviews. I know we can count on you to show clear pics with lots of descriptions about the item. That chicken & veggie dish looks so good!! I like to eat like that alot in the warm weather because it's not so heavy on my stomach. I eat enough junk food for that. Plus the griddle would keep you from using the oven and heating up the house. It also looks so easy to clean!

    Thanks for sharing. Hugs...Tracy

  2. Good morning Tracy :) Hope your doing good. It is a great kitchen appliance. I love the handle on it too, just perfect to swoop it up quickly and take it anywhere to use. I actually would have taken it to our surprise birthday party that we had for our grandson at the park, had we not of used the grills there because of such a big number of guest to cook for. They had electric outlets at the pavilion and next time if our number of people were smaller, I won't hesitate to take & use it for burgers, etc and not have to worry about charcoal use. I love the product. I think its a perfect gift for occasion & great for church functions too and won't heat up the room with all that extra heat in the hot summer months, as you mentioned. Thanks for stopping by today. I will mosie over to your blog spot too and see what I can enjoy that you have posted @

  3. Awesome review! I'd love to have one of these. I have a george forman grill that I use every now and then.I love it b/c as you said everything cooks faster.I like this grill better b/c it's flat.I love grilled cheese sandwiches and I'm having one for dinner.Thanks for all the great info :)

  4. I wasnt aware that had that many products,,I need one of those grills,,its just me an my husband so it would be plenty big enough

  5. I have not heard of Brylane Home before your review. The grill looks wonderful and so easy and convenient to use. I would love to try this and I can come up with great ideas for meals with it.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  6. there are so many uses I could find for these products

  7. I do like that it is small enough to fit on my countertop. I am happy that it is easy to clean because I feel that is important. I would love to try this product.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  8. I plan to put some of these on my wish list,lots of choices for them to get me

  9. Julie, Thank you for a thorough and detailed review. I am craving a grilled cheese sandwich and hot cakes now :-) Your review makes me want to purchase this product!


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