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NBC's Share & Tell View The App #Win Eco Prize Pack #Giveaway open to U.S. ends 4/27

Did you know that today is Earth Day? A day in which millions of Americans from all walks of life will do there own part, be it big or small in many different ways to help our environment that we all live in and share.
By trying to clean up and help better our air, water, and endangered species.
   What do you do or can you do both for Today & everyday, to help with keeping our environment clean?
      One way is too share the things that you have and may no longer want or need, with someone who could use them or benefit from them. This not only saves you money, but it saves money spent for the person who is in need of the item as well.
     In today's world it is so easy to just toss that broken appliance to the curb or throw it into the trash bin instead of seeing if maybe that old microwave that was now missing just the glass plate that gotten broken inside it, can be used by another who may be able to find another plate to fit it. Our maybe you yourself, instead of throwing the unit away and ordering a new one on the credit card. Could take the same few minutes on the phone or Internet and order just the glass plate for it instead.
  Which saves you tons of money com paired to buying a whole new unit. Or if gifted or sold at a lower price to someone who does not even have a needed microwave, they can be able to enjoy such an item and simply locate that needed part to get it working again. 
   And in doing so, you not only made money or saved money spent. But you helped out another person who may not be able to afford the high cost of a new item. And you both saved the Earth from filling up our landfills with items that are not good for the air or water.
    It's true that we all get busy, even lazy and find it so much easier to just toss it, and buy a new one.
But if we all change our way of thinking and become more frugal, then we began to see better changes takes place.
     I myself am frugal, and always have been. I think if you grew up with nothing, less of, or saw hard times, then your more likely to want to save money instead of waist it.
     I try to look at each item we use before I go to toss it out, to see if it or any part of it can serve another use in some way. I try to think also, "well I can't use it but maybe so & so person can". So I call them or hold it until I see if they can. Or I try to offer it for sell at a low price so that someone can benefit from it's use.
     I re-purpose lots of items that I enjoy using myself, gift out, or sell. Just to name a few are: old wooden windows in which I love to hand paint for enjoyed art. Like these that I have used.
Someone prefers new modern up to code steel windows now in there house they bought and want to improve with curb appeal, so they no longer need the old wooden ones. They toss them out to the curb where they go into the landfill where the wood may someday eventually rot away, but the glass from it will not. So instead, they can sell them at a low price or offer them to someone for a new life in someway.
My way, when I buy them is to paint them, or use them in other ways as chalk boards, hanging frames for kitchen pot racks, etc.etc


A new life given for a whole other purpose.
Ladder back chair that had no seat, gave me use when replaced with an old oval tin pail that now houses all my kitchen utensils of pot holders, cookie cutters etc.
So where am I going with all this talk about not tossing things out so quickly without giving them a bit more thought first?
Well, I am letting you know that .
Also  +NBC  is having a Share & Tell
What is NBC’s Share and Tell? Did you know that for every pound of new goods produced, 71 pounds of waste are generated during manufacturing? This Earth Week, NBCUniversal  is partnering with the sharing site yerdle to help you minimize your impact on the planet by sharing your stuff.
One person’s stuff is another person’s story!

Here’s how it works:

1) Join or host a Share & Tell Party (click the “Join the Party” button in the app below).
2) Post your stuff to share with friends. Discover other items that are up for grabs.
3) Tell the story of your sharing experiences on your favorite social media site. #ShareandTell.
What is Yerdle?
Yerdle is the new mission-driven California Benefit corporation that’s out to help people share with their friends rather than buying things new. On yerdle, friends post items they're willing to give away or loan, search for items they're looking to get, and nab the things they want. Simple.Why Host a Share and Tell? 

Protect the planet, save money, give gifts to your friends and find things you want. Hosting a Share and Tell means inviting your Facebook friends to share things you want. Parties can either be hosted in-person or online, it’s up to you!

Check out the widget below, and the best and most interesting posts may be highlighted on NBC’s Green Is Universal, and yerdle’s Facebook pages!


                                                          And Guess What?
NBC has a prize pack to give to one lucky Yes/No Films reader!
And The prize pack will have ALL these neat items in it:

One Green is Universal canvas tote bag (made from recycled cotton)

 ... along with two of the items below (chosen at random):

- Planet Ocean DVD
- Green is Universal T-shirt (made by Alternative Apparel)
- Green is Universal colored pencil kits (made from recycled newspaper)
- Green is Universal Vapur water bottles (BPA-free)
- Green is Universal hardboard cover spiral bound notebook
- Green is Universal burlap FEED bag

 And ONE (1) Lucky Person from the United States that is 18 years or older (No PO boxes please) Will Win it free & shipped free! 
Please note that it may take up to 3-4 weeks for the winner of this sponsored giveaway  to receive the prize pack.
which will be sent via FedEx or UPS. No P.O. Boxes please.
This giveaway will end on 4/27 2013 
At which time the winner will be chosen by raffle copter & have 48 hours to respond to the email notification sent to them, to claim the prize. Or they forfeit said prize and another name will be drawn.
So give me your best email address that you check often, So I can reach you if you are the lucky person that wins :)
Check your spam folders as well, because many emails get sent there by mistake. And I would not want you to miss this great sponsored prize pack.
Good Luck & Thanks for stopping by today!
Check out my other giveaways before you leave :)
Happy Earth Day!!  ~Julie~
Disclose**Please note that the assets included within this message were delivered to me in promotion of NBCUniversal’s Share and Tell. And I am complying with both local and international disclosing that I am working with NBC Share and Tell, and that NBC supplied these materials to me required by local law.In order to Host this sponsored giveaway for One (1) Lucky U.S. Person who is 18 years of age or older to enjoy free shipped by the sponsor. I as the blog host am not responsible for prize fulfillment. All opinions spoken here are my own. No compensation was taken for the blog post. I had the choice to keep the prize or let it be a giveaway for One (1) of my readers to enjoy. So enjoy! And good luck to the person who wins!
And thank you goes to +NBC Universal & +yerdle and   +PartnersHub  who so kindly sponsors this #giveaway
Go to the giveaway form below to enter
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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