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Product Review & $50 #Giveaway Code Polaroid Fotobar Celebrate Mothers Day

Treat the Wonderful
In your life... 
With ~~~Beautiful
     Framed Photo Keepsakes~~
Polaroid Fotobar
Polaroid Fotobar offers you an easy, fun and cool way to "liberate your photos" by converting them into Museum Quality Art and Polaroid Pictures.
We can do "almost" anything with your favorite photo!
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now, let me show you just what they can do!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  I have always loved the quality of Polaroid products. They have been making wonderful items that we have used throughout the years in Cameras, Camcorders, lenses, accessories and the one thing that we all need to capture those once in a life time special moments, the film that's used inside them.  
   Do you remember the Polaroid Cameras that zipped  the instant picture right out of the camera for you to view and enjoy?
 We too, had one of those and I loved it!
And now days, you can take pictures on just about any type electronic gadget. But most times we just let those great pictures taken, just stay stored in that gadgets memory with out really enjoying them out on display in some way for others to see and enjoy.
   Don't let those wonderful pictures that you captured be hidden.
Let them see the light of day through the wonder works that Polaroid Fotobar can let them be displayed and enjoyed. Easily use your pictures taken from your smart phone, instagram, face book photos, picasa, and anywhere else like your computer, etc. Then choose the unique way in which you want to display that special photo like, framed prints to metal, acrylic, bamboo and lots more custom art choices as well.
         Maybe you took that once in a life time photo of you or your loved one beside of  your favorite race car driver, or sports event and you just wish there were some way to display that picture as big as life in your child's room, or your husbands office. Well, how about a poster? Yes, that's right. A poster just like the ones you buy in the stores and now you can proudly display on there wall to enjoy.
                  Here is an example courtesy from Polaroid Fotobar  (you just upload that photo, pick your size and they do the rest of the work for you).
Or maybe you know how much your Mom would just love a photo that you or her captured and display it beautifully on a Eco-Friendly Bamboo Art.
Example courtesy from Polaroid Fotobar  (you just upload that photo, pick your size and they do the rest of the work for you).

It wowed me to find out that you can take your favorite photos and turn them into magnets or coasters with the help & beauty created with Polaroid Fotobar  found here

Look for Inspirational ideas with Polaroid Fotobar. The ideas are endless to the many unique ways in which you can let them create you that " OH So Awesome" finished photo art that would be the perfect gift to give.

                  Now, are you ready for the unveiling of  what the folks at Polaroid Fotobar created for me with the photo I choose to upload?
           I can't wait to show you! Hands clapping here!! :)
  Well, first I thought to myself...~~ Julie~~ which of the zillions of photo's do you want to use that you have just sitting hid inside your computer that has not seen the light of day since the day it was taken? And where will I display it once I decide how I want it designed with the many, many choices I can pick from online with Polaroid Fotobar?
  So, I went western!!  What? your probably saying?
 Well, I mean that I took one of my most truly loved photos of my precious  grandson when he wore his cowboy outfit and I now display it in my western themed bathroom. I took the regular photo that I had on my computers memory, and I brought it into my art program and made it a larger size so that when I uploaded the finished photo to Polaroid Fotobar, that the size would be appropriate and result in a good size as not to loose my pixel quality once they make my finished photo large on the size frame etc that I choose. Then, I added clip art to my already taken photo by adding the phrase text to the side of it and the wood grain back ground, saddle etc.  And while still on my own computer and using my own art program, I finished my photo of him in his western Dud's and saved it as a jpeg photo. 
Now it was time to let the great folks at Polaroid Fotobar  do there magic with my finished photo that I uploaded to there website.
  So, I knew that my free $50 Coupon code that Polaroid Fotobar let me so kindly use as my product review was good for ANY purchase within the $50 range with free shipping!
  And once you choose what way you want to display your photo uploaded, then you choose the size, the add on's etc  that vary in prices depending on what you choose. You can make them as plain and simple or as decked out as you like.
I tell you honestly, that I made many choices within my photo as I would look to see how one color frame and mat looked on it com paired to another. Because that is the beauty of this whole online experience with Polaroid Fotobar. You can see your photo right there in front of you as big as life and when you click on the color frame you want, it puts it on it and you see if you like the way it looks, if you think a darker color frame or mat looks better , then you keep changing and putting it together on line until your pleased with what you made yourself. And once your done with what your created, you have it in your basket to PROOF view it before you send it on for that One person there at Polaroid Fotobar to actually make it themselves with there own hands just for you!  And I really mean that one certain person who works there on magic at Polaroid Fotobar will in fact, be the one person who takes every part of what you choose online with your special photo uploaded and the frame type, Matt color etc  and make that product for you and sign it as well proudly, in the top quality finished product that they made, just for you.
         Ok now, onto the unveiling of  the awesome job that was created in my beautiful framed photo!
                   The folks at Polaroid Fotobar ships your items so well with lots of padding to protect it.

By this time of opening my finished print inside, I was getting so excited wondering how it turned out.
Then I see that it is also wrapped in hand wrapped paper, and I'm thinking ok..well when I tare off the paper I will see it..
But, I opened the gift wrap on the back side of the framed print. And then I see the signature of that ONE certain person who handcrafted my design at Polaroid Fotobar  And I'm getting even more excited to see the other side once that paper comes off

Hey! Sweet! A 15% off coupon for my future purchases!  I'm liking that for sure!!
            Ok, here we go as I am really getting down to taking off the paper to see my little Buckaroo!!
                               Wait for it, wait for it!!
                       Oh my time!
It looks awesome partner!!
That's what I was thinking when I seen it!! I loved it!! All of it!
      The photo and the quality of the photo & how they enlarged it. The vivid colors of the two mats that I choose in chili red as my top mat and then burnt orange as my bottom mat to make his photo colors just T-Totally POP!! And the frame, oh man the frame!
I could not believe the quality of the frame, which I chose in black aluminum

     Now lets take stroll into my western bathroom to show you just how
it looks displayed :)
I redone my bathroom last year in a western theme in which I added the wallpaper that looks like old wooden board plank boards, and added anything western that I had or could find to complete the look like a wooden wagon wheel that I use for rolled wash cloth displayed (though it's empty now) his cowboy hat,
his empty root beer bottle that I saved from out trip to Ghost Town in the Sky years ago which I display inside an old western ceramic boot he and I found at a yard sale that we loved.
 My hand painted old wooden windows that I created into a western dessert scene.
And  now... now I feel it is perfect with this great framed photo displayed
All  thanks going too Polaroid Fotobar  for just how awesome it looks!!
I love how it tells everyone in a  humours western way to wash there hands LOL
Which says
 " This Rough & Tough Cowboy's Say'n You Best Wash Your Dirty, Grubby Hands Buackaroo! "
I adore the finished product!! The black aluminum frame is so nice, so heavy and top quality.
I could have chosen a hammered copper frame or one in mahogany or other wood grain choices or metal colors and types and widths too for wide or narrow frames.
The choices are endless!!
It is just up to you in what way you choose to custom  design your photo :)
So I hope you will visit this awesome inspired web site
 Polaroid Fotobar
take that photo that you keep saying you should do something with
turn it into the most unique beautiful displayed photo
that you can ever imagine!
Shop Now
At  Polaroid FotoBar
& Be sure to use the unique  20% Coupon code that they are allowing me to share with you
 @ Polaroid Fotobar as you checkout use the code FBLAWAY Good through May 31st, 2013
(note* the 20% off code is not intended for use with this giveaway prize)
You will see once you browse there large selections of how you can customize your photo, that a frame choice like mine that I created with Polaroid Fotobar , can range in low prices of $29 & up.
The one I chose was $49+  But they have all ranges of prices and sizes.
So this 20% code that is free for you to use during your shopping will really save you money on the most beautiful way to savor your precious photos.
The winner of this sponsored giveaway will be notified by me via email on the Day this giveaway closes
This sponsored Giveaway will  end on Friday May 10th
The winner will then have 24 hours to respond, replying to that winning email notification and claim there prize. Or they forfeit the prize & another name will be drawn.
Once acknowledgement of the prize has been claimed, I will send the winners email to the sponsor and the winner will then receive the free $50 code that also includes free shipping from the Polaroid Fotobar sponsor. And the winners free $50 OFF Coupon code will be good to use until the expiration date of June 30th 2013
So the Lucky winner will be able to use this free winning code by that given expiration date.
I  would love to hear from each of you if do in fact use the 20% off coupon code while shopping with Polaroid Fotobar and tell me what custom choice you picked to enjoy.
There are
Stay Connected with @Polaroid Fotobar
And Just by "Liking" there face book page as a Fan.. You get this 20% Coupon to save!
Or Sign up for there free email newsletter So you get the chance to enjoy all the perks like discount coupons to use, aware of the latest new products available & more
They kindly take Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover Card & They ship internationally.
Read more  About How They Work there magic on your own uploaded photos
or Watch this video below
I wondered when I looked closely at my finished craftsmen made framed photo that I will cherish always because I can never go back & see my little grandson that age again, unless I look & enjoy his captured appearance in that one time snap shot.
And then I watched the video below that shows you how one person who has his own hands to use by cutting the frame you choose, put your photo inside it and build it just for you and then sign it.
And so I wondered, what that person must of thought about how I created my photo & the story behind it. Just Like I wonder about the craftsmen who took the time to make my finished product so unique and special for me to enjoy.
Thank You to that craftsmen at #Polaroid Fotobar from one proud Grandmother :)
Want to #Win the very same offer that I was blessed to review from Polaroid Fotobar?
Because the kind folks from Polaroid Fotobar
Wants ONE (1) Lucky Person to enjoy a free $50 coupon code with free shipping included Wow!!
Thank You Polaroid Fotobar :)
We are letting this giveaway run as long as possible before Mothers Day & I know that Day is celebrated on May the 12th and my giveaway ends on May 10th.
But this winning coupon code for $50 w/free shipping is good to use until June 30th so you can use it toward any purchase amount and that amount can buy you a beautiful choice as it did like mine.
                               So follow the giveaway form below & enter for the chance to win!!
And Good Luck Everyone!!
You will love the results of whatever you have them to create!
Want to know about there customer Guarantee??
From the Polaroid Fotobar  Web site says:

The 100% Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 90 days of receipt, we will exchange your item, refund your money, or credit your account.

We'll do whatever it takes to make it right!

Polaroid Fotobar
Watch How Your Photo is transformed "Just like you wanted" By a Polaroid Fotobar craftsmen  

     *Disclose*** I was provided with the same coupon code from #Polaroid Fotobar  So that I could Host this sponsored product review & giveaway. All opinions spoken here are my own thoughts.
And I thank this great sponsor for the chance to be able to enjoy such a beautiful display of my precious photos that were created. And to be able to host this blog sponsored giveaway for that ONE (1) Lucky U.S. Resident 18 years or older (no p.o.boxes) to enjoy free!


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