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#MiniClock Product #Review & Spring Forward Day Light Savings #Time Sweepstakes & Blog Giveaway!

                                                                       What  #Time   is it?
                        How about a Daylight Savings Time #Giveaway in 2014 With Mini Clock ?
                                       Oh do I have a company  treat to tell you about!!
                         So,  Jump in everyone and take a ride with me over to  Mini Clock 
             Where we can ALL Spring Forward For Day Light Savings Time!
                 And Enter for the Chance to be that Lucky Person Who Wins
                                           Mini Clock GIVEAWAY!                Both on the Mini Clock Web Site  & Here at Mamawj's Moment Away!
       Two separate Sponsored Giveaways to enter!  Open to both USA & Canada  

       When we get to the  Mini Clock  web site at the end of our  ride along here at Mamawj's Moment Away,  I will show you the blinking green button to look for on their web site found to the right of their page, where you can sign up for a chance to win a FREE mini clock of up to a $40.00 Value!
And along the way we can take time to stop for  an Ice Cream-SundaeTreat  
             Or  Smell the fresh flowers 
                         Beneath our feet
And hear our favorite tunes on the retro  jukebox

        Then we'll head back home  so you can  telephone everyone & tell them what a grand #time you had.

And tell them to enter the @Mini Clock Day Light Savings Time  #Giveaway For the chance to win!

So if chosen, they can pick the mini clock of choice up to $40.00 on March 17th, when it ends!
              Hi Everyone :)    I couldn't resist presenting you with a fun photo product rhyme, about this wonderful company who offers you nothing but time!  In many choices for the most unique Mini Clocks you will ever, hope to find!
             So won't you Spring forward in time with Mini Clocks & I ?
             And celebrate Day Light Savings Time, before it passes us by?
                   Mini Clocks has tons galore in the most unique themed clock choices that you will love.
          And they want you to  join them for Daylight savings time when it ends on  March 9th by Springing ahead and entering their sweepstakes drawing for the chance to be that ONE (1) lucky person who will win a cool miniature of your choice! (valued up to $40.00).  The sweepstakes  *Draw will be held March 17th and the Winner will be announced & notified thereafter.
 Just go to the Mini Clock web site page & enter their sweepstakes  giveaway for the chance to win!
           Found Here @ Mini Clock

     They also would like for you to enjoy Tuning  in to their  radio broadcast ad  & take part in the fun
                         & Hear the #Giveaway News Straight from  Mini Clock
Note* I've been having issues with the file uploading to my post, hopefully you can click on the link below & hear the radio announcement about the #Giveaway Contest at Mini Clocks :)
Radio Midi Announcement From Mini Clock

Before you cruise   on out of here
And before you leave let me show you the Mini Clock  product review that I  choose for my grandson to enjoy for his up coming Spring Birthday :)
When I surprise him with the perfect theme mini clock that I know he will love!
Thanks to this sponsored product review
Mini Clock
My grandson & his dad are true fly fisherman!
They enjoy it together immensely!
His dad has taught him to tie his own flies & they are both great with the results they can create.
So when Mini Clocks allowed me to choose my choice #time to enjoy in their many numerous choices in mini clocks, I  key word searched   
to see what it revealed.
And was thrilled when I seen this perfect  mini-fishing-basket-creel-lures mini clock
He will love this!  He can lift the  lid & put any of the treasures inside that boys would like to make their own  and enjoy his secret keepsakes inside.

The detail on it is so vivid & real looking.
And this one too in a fishing theme

He is  now at the age when you enjoy  telling & reading #time.
And on his special  10th birthday this is the perfect unique gift for his desk at home.
Here are my photos of both my #product #review items that were so kindly sent me from Mini Clock.
And here are my photos of the actual mini clocks in person.
I just love the fact that you can have such a unique style clock in a mini size with a mini clock face, to sit any number of places or spaces to enjoy.
Such pretty EYE CANDY to enjoy while telling the Time of day ~Brilliant idea!

                  Each clock will arrive with a new battery to place inside the Mini Clock

 And they come with a ONE YEAR Warranty specifying the details on what the warranty covers.

I hope you will visit  Mini and see the numerous choices they offer in mini clocks.
From everything in A to Z  your likely to find & enjoy.
 They offer secure shopping with the ease & peace of mind with shopping with their Secure Site
Rapid SSL
 You can easily checkout with using payments of
We are proud to accept payments by Paypal to our verified business account:
They already have really low prices on these quality made Mini Clocks, yet they still offer you awesome money saving discounts like the one going on right now for
 this coupon code of 
Save 15%
Save 15% STORE WIDE on purchase of $14.99 or more! Use code at time of checkout to save! Code: springahead

(*Please do not use code with mini clocks that are already on sale!)
Offer Expires: March 15th, 2014 
These are those special insiders perks I was mentioning before that come from being an email subscriber to the free Mini Clock  email newsletter.
The photo choices above that I shared with you, are just a taste of what they sell in mini clock designs.

 #Gift yourself , your family, friends, boss, co-workers, care givers, etc.
The perfect Mini Clock that shows true personalty, hobbies or interest with a special choice designed #MiniClock
in your life would love such a unique gift in a mini clock to enjoy. 
The prices are so reasonable with clocks priced as low as $7.50 in their sales & discounts page
They also have lots of #keychain miniclocks 
Or these pretty mini clock miniature-clock watches 
 So with Spring Time now, right upon us.
And the  Reminder to SPRING your clocks forward one hour ahead
At 2 a.m. on Sunday, March 9, 2014,
Let's enjoy two ways for the chance to WIN a free #miniclock choice from 
The first way, is to follow the link below found
And get your entry in for the chance to win the sweepstakes they are having. That will allow ONE (1) Lucky person to Win a $40 value #miniclock of their choice!
Sign Up and enter a Free Drawing!!
Head back here, to my giveaway form below & get your entry in for the chance to win the same valued prize here too!
One winner will be drawn from the pool of entries placed within my giveaway tools form below, when my blog sponsored giveaway ends  on April the 1st. A later date than the #sweepstakes  date ending of March 17th.
Both Giveaways are OPEN for #USA & #Canadian Residents to enter who are 18 years of age or older (No postal boxes will be excepted for entries).
So be sure to get your entry in to each one so you can enjoy a pretty mini clock free ~if you win!
NOTE* Mandatory entry into my sponsored giveaway MUST BE COMPLETED before other extra entry options can be completed & accounted for. Failure to do so, will void any other entries placed within this sponsored giveaway. All entries will be verified  before the ONE (1) Winning person drawn at random from my giveaway tools forum is announced.
Don't forget to stay connected with  Mini  on their social networks of
By following a companies net works & signing up for their FREE Email newsletter, you get to be "In The KNOW" first, as they have special perks like, twitter parties that let you play along by tweeting the products they share for chancing to win in the promo campaigns they may hold, or being the first to know when a new item has arrived for purchase at a discount price, or coupon codes that may be applied toward purchases on their products. Or, my favorite...the free email newsletter. Which comes right to your email inbox, and keeps you up to date on the latest happenings, such as this great GIVEAWAY Contest they now are having for Celebration of Springing Forward for Day Light Savings Time. 
It's easy to join by just the quick signup found  Here
Then without overload or bothersome emails, you will simply get monthly updates that are full of bright & vivid email alerts like this one I just received today to my email inbox ~free~as a notification to the great deals they have to offer you in quality Mini Clocks in over 800 design choices to choose from.
Dear Julie,
Spring forward this weekend with a brand new Mini Clock! We have some awesome new styles for you as well as a whole bunch of sales and discounts featured on our new SALES PAGE

MINI CLOCK GIVEAWAY!Follow the blinking green button to the right of and sign up for a chance to win a FREE mini clock of up to $40.00 value!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get the 15% off coupon code! (Please do not use code on clocks already on sale!)

The Mini Clock Team
Toll Free: 1-866-588-6464
Customer Service: 604-589-8464


Good Luck Everyone!
And thank you to the Sponsor Mini 
For my review products that  I received and the chance to let a lucky person enjoy a free mini clock! 
So be sure to enter both Giveaways! 
Found Here at the Mini Clocks Web site
Enter my sponsored Giveaway below too!

Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
I have complied here required by local law with both local and international laws. By disclosing that I am working with 
Mini Clock  who supplied these materials to me free, to facilitate this blog product review and hosted giveaway, all of which were free.  Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was provided by the sponsor. I was given the product mentioned within this post to facilitate this #blogger #product #review The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. "The information and prize pack have been provided    by  Mini Clock  
 If you enjoyed this shared post :) And you'd like to see more of the same in the latest news of newly released company products that are created & soon to hit the store shelves that you as the everyday consumer would like to learn about in my sponsored products reviews, giveaways or shared ideas of #DIY projects & more!  Then  I'd love for you to Subscribe to my free email newsletter at >> Mamawjs Moment Away or Follow me on my networks of  facebook   twitter  pinterest  where I share all of the above. And before you leave here today, don't forget to check out all my great sponsored >>> current-giveaways 
                                        that are free to enter, free for the chance to win
                                                                    & shipped free!
                   Thanks for dropping in & have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie 
Good Luck & Thank you for entering this great sponsored Giveaway! 

lid even comes off this to reveal a special space for treasures or knick Knacks. - See more at:
lid even comes off this to reveal a special space for treasures or knick Knacks. - See more at:
lid even comes off this to reveal a special space for treasures or knick Knacks. - See more at:

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