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#Scott's Liquid Gold March Spring Clean Product Review & Giveaway! #USA 4/21 #Win a Prize Pack

                                            I clean,
                                              You clean,
                                                  And we all have to Spring Clean!
                            So...Dust, Mop & Swipe it Right!          
                                          With  The preservative Help of   Scott's Liquid Gold

              I'm glad it's March. This seemed to be the longest winter we have had. Lot's of long cold days, snowy days, cooped up inside with dreary weather and windows closed kind of days. Dry heat inside makes for more dust to gather. So when spring finally arrives, even in the temps of 60's & up for the outside weather, I welcome it. I love days that bring sunshine & a nice breeze flowing through the windows to let the stale air out and the fresh air in.
             It makes you want to clean more than your usual daily task & up keep in housework.
              I don't know about other women, but I like to move around the furniture in my house & rearrange it to give you a new refreshed feeling and sense of accomplishment. The change & deep cleaning of doing so, makes you feel appreciative of the things your thankful to have. Things we take for granted like a comfortable bed when others are left homeless & no where to rest when they are weary or cold. A table to share your meals with in your family that God has blessed us to be together & love. Even the smallest items that may have been given to us as a gift from a cherished friend or loved one, becomes more precious over time as we see ourselves age and realize that those items become a part of us. Because we enjoy them in the memory or story within it, that it was passed on to us and our care.
              As I did my spring cleaning today, I set out with all intentions to clean ever room or at least try too.
              But then I got so caught up in the one room I may have been cleaning, that those thoughts of appreciation really set in for me. Like seeing my items that have loving memories behind them and each one seems to have a story it tells in the people I love & miss but feel so blessed to have known or still have in my life.
             Indeed this post is suppose to be one about my usual product that I had the chance to review.
             And it will be. For I'm glad to let you know about the product. But today while cleaning, deep spring cleaning & attempting to wipe away the cob webs, dust & replace them with shine, shimmer & new luster with life.
              I couldn't help to taken back in time with memories of the people in my life long ago & now that I'm so blessed to have & love.
           So this review post comes with all those flood of feelings as each item I share with you, took my mind other places.And the products of  Scott's Liquid Gold, helped to take me there :)
            My sister gave me this vanity dresser, just last year. But she had it ever since she was a teenager.
Our mom, gave it to her and she then took it on with her in marriage. And she's still blessed to be with the same loving husband now of 32 years. She didn't mind parting with it and gifting it to me because she knows what it means to me to enjoy it. It makes me think of her & our mom, who is passed away & we all miss her dearly.
            It's really old & not perfect. It has the wood peeling from it's under side boards, scratches on it & faded blemishes. But with age, does come beauty in old furniture pieces. And sometimes you merely want to make them have new luster and not new pieces or patches to fix them.  And that's how I felt about this piece.
           Who ever made this years & years ago, left it with a stain & not a varnish shined coat. So, the wood is flat and has no luster to it. I suppose over time & dry air etc. It lost as much. So when I went to dust it off, I was happy to give it a good, deep, drink of moisture so the wood could enjoy the luster. And it really made it so vibrant & rich in the color it was to replenish it & give it the dark luster it probably had years ago.
             I sure liked the results I got. And yes, now comes the part of what I used to accomplish that task.
             And it was this.... Scotts Liquid Gold product of ....
                      Wood Cleaner & Preservative
                      In the Original Almond Fragrance
               Easy to spray with a fine mist, & the smell wonderful. It really pulled out the wood grains features and made it so pretty. 

Clearly that is dust. We often burn wood or firelogs in our fireplace & not only does the dry air from our heat pump system pull the moisture out of wooden household objects, but a fire place dry heat does the same & creates dust. The difference the product of Wood Cleaner & Preservative by Scotts Liquid Gold made, was like night & day.

          After the piece got a well needed and deserved drink of  luster from the positive benefits that  the
Scotts Liquid Gold product of ....Wood Cleaner & Preservative 
gave to it.  It made me appreciate it even more and the love & memories behind its meaning. And even the craftsmen who made, whoever it was.
           Another VERY special heirloom  piece adorns the corner top of the vanity dresser. And that's the cedar roll top desk jewelry box that my dad made & gave to me, before he died. I cherish it and hold dear the thoughts knowing my dad made it with his on hands. No nails made it what so ever, its put together with wood glue & wooden biscuits to joint it, just like the old way & days use to be when treasures like this, were made.
              The same product cleaned, shined & added deep luster to each & every nook & cranny of its wooden structure, to keep it preserved in beauty as it was intended when made to enjoy. I simply love the wood cedar. Both left plain or with a clear sealed coat as this piece is, just beautiful. So my thoughts were of my Dad as I spring cleaned this wooden piece.
               What sits in front of  the vanity dresser is an old wooden antique chair. I got it in a yard sale.  I have no idea what type of wood it's made from but it has a grain that runs odd almost like rain stains on it.  But I like it & I dust it off too so the grains rich texture is revealed.

                       Enjoy your wooden treasures. Whether you have had them many years like I have now. Or whether they are yard sale finds, heirlooms passed down, or brand new pieces you have just began to enjoy in your young life together in your own new home. You can give them the shine, moisture, luster they thirst for from the harsh elements they come in contact with like dry heat, dust, scuffs, etc.
                 By keeping them treated, cleaned & preserved, with the help of these products below
                                                                By Scotts Liquid Gold
           They are products  from long ago that are still around to treat all your wooden treasures big or small in size, with the best cleaning & preservative results, you'd hope to find in products.
           Those are the results you get from a Company that has been & stayed in business now for 62 years.
                       Like  scotts liquid gold  has & still is, for us to enjoy.

                                    I hope you will reach for the many great line of products that this great company has upon the store shelves just waiting for you to buy at great prices and give you great cleaning results.
                  Look for them & enjoy them too. Do your Spring cleaning now that March is here and we can finally open those windows, let in the breeze & sunshine & wipe away the dust.
                                   Both myself & scotts liquid gold  who is an American Manufacture now of 62 proud years

Scott's Liquid Gold, Inc.
is a proud American manufacturer
              Would love for ONE (1) Lucky person to enjoy the same 4 great products that I was able to enjoy.  And today, begins my 1 of 4 part introduction to these products for review.  I will run this Spring Cleaning Product Review for for 4 weeks. And each week, I will update this same post, with another product of the 4 items listed below, and how they preformed for me & my tested & tried results shared with you.  All the while, this post will be OPEN for entries for ONE (1) Lucky person to have the chance to WIN this same FREE Prize pack shown below
           So on your first visit here, enter for the chance to be the one who wins it!! Free! And Shipped free!!
               Then come back daily, if you wish to gain extra entries by sharing the giveaway, tweeting, etc etc. All options will be found within the Giveaway Tools form below.
            I will be back next Saturday, to feature another product from the four items reviewed.
                But you don't have to be left in wonder of what the other 3 items can do for you from
             scott's liquid gold Just visit them & become familiar with all the great products they sell. Until I see you again in the next part 2 of 4 product review update. And I will be back then to show you which next product from above in the scott's liquid gold
family of wood cleaner and preservatives, electronic devices clean screen & more that that can achieve wondrous results when using the many product choices of
scott's liquid gold
                                       Buying them is possible
                           Easily found HERE at online purchasing
                                   Or in your local stores such as these

Ace Hardware
Do It Best Hardware
Food Lion
Handy Hardware
Harris Teeter
Lowes Hardware
Piggly Wiggly
Rural King
True Value Hardware
DECA Commissaries
           Each State is different in the stores that carry the  scotts liquid gold brand products.
So  put in your State found HERE and it will tell you the many vast store choices you have, to shop & find their great products.
                                          Let's get on to the Giveaway!!
                                Just head on below & enter for the chance to be the winner!
                                Good Luck & I will be back next Saturday to tell you about
                                   the next product from these below :)

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservative is not a wood wax or wood polish.  It is an unparalleled wood cleaner and preservative for furniture, cabinets and woodwork.  Our wax-free, silicone-free organic oil wood treatment enhances wood's color, grain and sheen.  It also cleans & shines stainless steel, chrome and brass better than any other product on the market. 
        So I wonder? What I will be back to Spring Clean & share with you next, using the next choice in products above from 
scott's liquid gold
        UPDATE * 3/16 I'm back here with my Next 2nd product review for Scott's Liquid Gold is the Wood Wash Concentrate 
Product Info:

Sells for $6.25

25 oz. Wood Wash

Safely cleans dirt, grease, grime, fingerprints & smudges from wood, simulated wood, linoleum, painted surfaces, porcelain, vinyl, chrome, brass & fiberglass. Fresh, clean fragrance. No soapy, oily, dulling or sticky residue or buildup. Does not streak wood. Ideal for large surface cleaning.

  • Ideal for large surface cleaning
  • Safely cleans hardwood floors as well as linoleum and tile floors
  • Dusts and cleans paneling, cabinets and woodwork
  • Fresh, clean fragrance
  • Cleans dirt, grease, grime, fingerprints and smudges
  • Great for cleaning wood, simulated wood, painted surfaces, linoleum, tile, porcelain, vinyl, chrome, brass and fiberglass
  • Leaves no soapy, oily, dulling or sticky residue or buildup
  • Does not streak wood
  • 25 fl. oz. 
Note:  Spot test in an inconspicuous area before applying to full surface.  
         Ok then, here were my results. I used this product on wood floors.
          I thought it was easy to use in the amount mixed with warm water, and the smell was really pleasant. I felt the mixture was easy to apply with my mop. You could easily use a sponge mop to clean if you so desired. It brought up the dirt & left my water bucket visible with lifted dirt. And after drying time, it revealed a clean shinny wooden floor that had new luster. I was very pleased with the finished cleaning results. I would very much recommend this product from Scott;s Liquid Gold. I feel the bottle amount will last through many purposes to clean. I would also use this product to wash other items such as the wooden frames of my windows, bass items & more.  So give it a try too. Your results may just please you. 



       See you next Saturday for the 3rd product reviewed from below :)
The 4 products I will be reviewing from 
scott's liquid gold
Are as Follows: $4.99 10 oz. Aerosol Wood Cleaner & Preservative Original Almond Fragrance
  Week ONE Introduction Wood Wash Concentrate Dust 'n Go 20 generously sized pre-moistened wipes Clean Screen A lot of clean for every screen

Founded in 1951, SLG is all about wood and vintage! Loving heritage, we take pride in caring for antiques and heirlooms. (PS. We love floors and cabinets, too.)
Stay Connected With 
On   @scottliquidgold 
             So check out the  video to hear it straight from the company :) Then head on below & enter to win the same prize pack products that I was able to review. And I will be back in a week to share my review story of the next product from above in my Spring Clean With
scottsliquidgold  product review & giveaway. Open to the #USA and will end on 4/21/2014

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Have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie ~~~~
Due to FCC rules which requires that I disclose to you that I was NOT compensated for this product review post. I was however provided by the sponsor Scott's Liquid Gold the same product mentioned, to facilitate this review & provide a giveaway for ONE (1) lucky winner to try out the products themselves.
Thank you Scott's Liquid Gold !! :)
Affiliated links maybe with in this review post.
All the opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.
Thank You For Stopping By & Good Luck!!
The lucky winner will have 48 hrs to respond to my email notification to claim the said free winning sponsored prize or they forfeit the product & another person will be drawn.
This USA #Giveaway Will End On 4/21/2014

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