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Special K™ Coffee House Breakfast Shakes @BzzAgent Product #Review #GotItFree #GotADiscount

As a free member to  +BzzAgent  I am able to learn about the company clients that host & support and work hard & steadfast on letting the public know about the newest products that each said company has created & introduces to the people for purchase. works with many great companies & they have a massive amount of bloggers & just people in general, who are a part of the buzz to get the same information out so that everyone knows about those newest products & where to buy them. So, if you become a free member to BzzAgent (like I am) then you too would get to test, try & tell about your experiences with that new company product that will or already has been released to store merchant shelves available for purchase. And the products are ALWAYS sent to us BzzAgent member free to try, test & tell about. #GotItFree or #GotADiscount

And today the Company Product that I as a BzzAgent member would like to let you know about is the newest product from Special K
In the new product of   Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes

About the Product:

Get the most out of your morning

Your morning isn’t exactly overflowing with time to burn. But you don’t have to sacrifice a healthy start to your day just because you’re rushing around. Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes are the on-the-go answer for all your nutrition and convenience questions.
Even though these delicious shakes are less than 200 calories, each serving includes 10g of protein and 5g of fiber.* They also provide nearly 1/3rd of the daily value of key vitamins & minerals often lacking in women’s diets, giving you the nutrition you need to kick start your day and helping you stay on top of your weight management goals from the get-go.** Plus, the convenient bottles can travel anywhere and contain as much caffeine as a cup of coffee!***
*Contains 5g total fat per serving
**Data shows that women weight managers often do not meet the nutrient recommendations for certain nutrients including vitamins A, C, D, E, Calcium and Folic Acid
***A 5.5 oz cup of drip-brewed coffee and Special K Protein Coffee House Breakfast Shakes both have 65mg of caffeine

Special K(TM) Coffee House Breakfast Shakes
             I was sent the Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes
Via to review free #GotItFree or #GotADiscount
           Always excited when I see their packages arrive :) 
#GotItFree or #GotADiscount
              Coupons are most often inside for the product being reviewed #GotItFree or #GotADiscount
These new Special K Coffee House Breakfast Shakes are available in 5 flavors which are:
Chocolate Delight
Red Berries
French Vanilla
Chocolate Mocha
Vanilla Cappuccino

I was able to review the two flavors of Chocolate Mocha & Vanilla Cappuccino
You can easily drink the shakes from the bottle upon opening them once you have bought them from store shelves.
But I like my shakes really cold. So I put my Chocolate Mocha flavor in the fridge & enjoyed it the next morning for breakfast. 
It was so rich in flavor! 
I could immediately taste the coffee taste in mocha & the chocolate blend was so robust, rich & just creamy good to the taste palette. 
The shake lasted me in curving my hunger for hours. I had enjoyed it at 9 AM and it carried me through until well after 1:30 before I began to feel any type hunger.
My hubby is a big fan of anything Vanilla flavored so he took the other flavor of Vanilla Cappuccino to work for his on the go breakfast flavor to try. 
He was happy to report to me via a mid day text that he really enjoyed that flavor from Special K.
Be sure to check out this new line of Coffee House Breakfast Shakes
They are really good :)
And if you'd like to become a free member at
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          Thank you +BzzAgent  for my review of the Special K™ Coffee House Breakfast Shakes @BzzAgent Product Review  #GotItFree  #GotADiscount
          I'm off now to tell others about the buzz of this new product from Special K because that's how it works :)  When I call others on my land-line, cell phone, email them, tell my neighbor as I check my postal mail, in the grocery store line, at the beauty shop, making repairs on my car at the service center, at the movies, at the library, through the bank teller window, etc. etc. And I will pass out the discount coupons they sent me to let others enjoy as they learn about the product via my buzz.
Get the buzz idea ?? ;)
      Great ~ well check them out right  Here  It's fun~easy~ and rewarding to you & all those you buzz too about in the great company campaigns they get in great clients. It's free to join & free to test & try out in the products your sent free~to review. Just always follow these good practice rules Code of Conduct once you become a BzzAgent  when you #GotItFree  #GotADiscount 
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                 Have you tried these new flavors from Special K ?
Comment below & let me know which of the other flavors you liked.
           Have a great Spring Day everyone! :)  ~Julie

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