Monday, May 4, 2015

Let @Church’s Chicken do the cooking for #Mother's #Day Enjoy a free 20-Piece of #Oreo Biscuit Bites W/Purchase of #Family Meal

Hello everyone :) 
 I hope every one's spring day is going great :) 
 It's hard to believe that Mother’s Day is just six (6) days away!! 
     That's right folks ~Sunday May 10th is Mother's Day 

How will you celebrate your Mothers Day? Maybe you are a young mother, or one who still has your Mom to enjoy and can treat her to something special she will love. 
I'm a granny now. My only grandson is 11 years old. So my only daughter is now in the years where you enjoy the kids making loving hand made cards in school, pretty flowers,  or both he and his dad may treat her out for a good meal at dinner. I know I still enjoy tossing that apron and enjoying a yummy meal out so I don't have to cook! Don't you ladies? I'm talking to you sons, daughters, brothers and husbands too here now ;)  You can let your Mom take a break from heating up the stove or oven and head out to Church's Chicken instead! 

                                                                          Church's Chicken

    Just think, this Sunday on May 10th after coming from Church services, you could drive straight on over to your nearest Church's Chicken (click here to locate one in your State or Country )  Church’s buttery corn, friend chicken, mash potatoes and gravy, and honey-butter buscuits.
Where you'll find ALL the same yummy country meal food choices that your own Mom or granny has made for you before. Southern food that's sure to hit the spot and leave Mom and everyone in the family satisfied. On her special day celebration of Mother's Day. 
   So as they say at Church's Chicken  Have the Love! 

It isn’t every day you find a restaurant that can make you weak in the knees. But Church’s® isn’t just any restaurant. Here, we hand-batter every piece of our chicken. We drizzle our biscuits with sweet honey-butter right out of the oven. And we make them both in small batches all day long, so they’re always hot and fresh. We put all that love into our food so when you taste it, you get love out of it.
         They serve those country good for you menu items like original chicken spicy chicken, boneless wings, chicken tender strips, famous hearty chicken sandwiches like the original chicken sandwich, double chicken and cheese sandwich, or the BIG Tex Tender Sandwich on Texas  toast, move right along to their mashed potatoes with or with the silky savory rich gravy oh my! Creamy cole slaw is the perfect side dish to get your veggie nutrition with along with some fried okra.  Or you dad's might appreciate a good kick in the hot taste of a taste of the Jalapeno Cheese Bombers  Kids love the hold on to and bite into a good ole ear of fresh cooked corn on the cob, French fries or creamy baked mac and cheese :) Honey Butter Biscuits are so good! And don't forget the dessert!  While they have a scrumptious apple pie choice at your nearest Church's Chicken    you can now also enjoy your favorite famous cookie in a whole new way!  And that would be the Oreo cookie! Yum~~ they have created a delicious dessert item called the Oreo Biscuit Bites which is a  mini-biscuits with Oreos crumbled into the biscuit dough and topped with vanilla icing :) Oh they look so good! Just take a closer look at these mini treats for your sweet! 
            And the best part of your Mother's Day Celebration visit made to your Church's Chicken location, is that she can enjoy this new dessert free! When you purchase ANY  Family Meal @Church's Chicken   For a limited time only folks! Beginning From May the 8th..until the day of Mother's Day this coming Sunday May 10th 
                   So be sure to treat your #Mom #Mommie or #Mother  with no need to cook and a new dessert she will love! 

 At  Church's Chicken with Dine in or Drive thru
                                     My perfect meal enjoyed from Church's Chicken would be to hit their drive through picking everyones favorites and head to a nearby park and have a picnic. Maybe that sounds good to you too or dine in and say hello to familiar faces you might see in your neighborhood.  Maybe your traveling on vacation~ then stop by a tasty location and have some great memories for your time way in the great foods they offer. 
                        I hope everyone has a very blessed Mother's Day next Sunday :) Full of happy healthy memories made. 
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  1. I don't think just the 20 piece Oreo Biscuit Bites would be big enough for my family. They would have them eaten in 5 minutes asking for more. They look delicious.

  2. I sure wish we had a Church's Chicken near us! Those Oreo biscuit bites look delicious, and I think we'd eat them all up pretty quickly.

  3. This is a great deal. I sure wish we had one near us because the photo of them is making me hungry! when traveling I will be sure to try to find a Church's Chicken!

  4. I really think this is a unique recipe, biscuits with Oreo blended into the mix giving it a nice amount of sweetness and with vanilla icing to boot. My hubby loves Oreos wish we had one closer to us so I could take him there for Father's Day.

  5. These look like they would make a great treat, and this is a good offer. I'd definitely be challenged to stop at just one!

  6. This is an excellent promo, nothing is better than free with purchase! I really wish we had one of those restaurants near me, because it looks like they have lots of great items.


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