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@Terro #Ant #Liquid #Baits take control of your space and let #Terro #win the invasion! Product #Giveaway!

           Summer and hot weather is here ~But the Ant's don't have to Spoil it for us! :)
     They have every Ant control product, for every type Ant, that is invading your home, work, or living space. 

       And  let's us all wish the great fine folks at a very enjoyed celebration in so many years of pleasing their customers and consumers with great results in the products they offer in productive results. 
Much of the country is already seeing a surge in ant activity. When average temperatures start to reach 70 degrees, ant colonies are lulled out of their winter dormancy and legions of these pests are back at work, in search of food.  TERRO® ant control products can help stop the onslaught of spring and summer ant invasions with their line of long-lasting indoor and outdoor liquid ant bait products. What types of ants are you battling? If they are sweet-eating ants, these two products below will work to wipe out the entire colony, including the queen.

     I had the chance here at Mamawj's Moment Away to host a free sponsored product review for two of Terro's best selling and effective Ant control products. And I'd like to tell you about the products, my experience in how effective they were for me in combating my two type ant problems. And where you can buy these and other great Terro products, as well as let ONE (1) Lucky person win the same two products that I was happy to review, from and thanks to Terro for this great sponsored review and giveaway.  So read along and then head down below to enter my great giveaway. The lucky winner will have the same two products shipped to them, straight from the kind folks at

        We live in eastern #Tennessee. And I know from past experience, that their truly is a different kind of bug, insect, etc. for every single state in the USA. I say that because in our 20 yrs of Naval carrier and moving all around from different state to states. We saw those dreaded fire ants in the deep southern states like South Carolina, Florida, Alabama etc.  And up here in Tennessee, we don't have the fire ants thank goodness! But, the dreadful minuet tiny ants and the big black carpenter ants are just as bad to deal with. And trust me when I say that, you don't have to have a messy house or outside area that brings them in your home or living space either. I always thought the houses that left out food or water supply was a welcome sign for any type ants to just come in and take over. That's not the case. I keep all my staple foods in closed seal tight containers, trash put out and away, counters clean and snacks kept put away. But they will search for anything they might find and head straight back to the big old queen Ant to inform her & other workers. Soon you have a trail from just the path alone that they were searching on and about. I feel they search for water too or dampness near an under sink cabinet etc. Kitchens and bathrooms seem to be our worse areas when we see them on their scouting mission.  And not matter what you do like stomp them, sweep them, swat them, etc. They just come back because UNTIL you kill the ring leader the Queen, they will appear.  So instead of seeing a few and trying to chase them away day after day All summer months long...Treat them with the products that after just as long as two weeks and as short as three days! They will be gone for good. 
      Last year, we had the tiny ants called little-black-ants and they are so tiny you almost need a magnifying glass to see them. I went and bought the  TERRO® Indoor Liquid Ant Baits for them and after placing it underneath the sink where they traveled from the back door to the sink bottom pipe, I seen how fast they came in a continuous line with tons of them reporting back and forth but taking this product back with them. I sort of panicked thinking oh man, there's more! But hubby said do as the directions suggest Julie, and just ignore them and see if it works. Wow! was I shocked to see that just in two days the line dwindled down to just a few, then none at all! Some even got trapped in the bait box themselves. And I was a believer then for this particular product.  We already love, buy and swear by the ant granular-or-dust from Terro. you can See that my bag bought has lasted me now for about 3 yrs ( = equaling three summers of use outside). I sprinkle that anywhere I see ants about and in no time they are gone too. I only have about a tiny forth of the bags contents left, but it will do me for backup! lol But I need to go by more of the dust granules because man does that stuff work great too! 

 MY REVIEW... About the first Terro product that I reviewed and already used before to know it works! 
TERRO® Indoor Liquid Ant Baits -  To kill common household ants, simply place the pre-filled, ready-to-use liquid ant bait stations near indoor areas where ants are spotted. TERRO Liquid Ant Baits are TERRO Liquid Ant Bait-300specifically designed to kill the worker ant in two to three days, giving the foraging ants enough time to share the bait with the rest of the unsuspecting colony.  When using  this and other TERRO liquid ant bait products,  initially you’re going to see more ants — lots more. Here’s why — as ant foragers look for food, they are attracted to the sweet liquid ant bait. Once foraging worker ants find the liquid ant bait, they consume it and drop what is called a ‘trail pheromone’ back to the nest that lets all the other worker ants know where a food supply has been found. This is why you will initially see more ants when using the liquid ant baits. While the active ingredient in the TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits will ultimately kill the worker ant, it sneakily interferes with the ant's digestive system and works slowly enough that the worker has time to get back and share the ant bait with the rest of the colony.
           See, how even from last years liquid bait trap that tiny ants ended up inside to not be a problem for us near our front porch sitting area.  

 I will now replace my baits in the same spot. I know where they like to enter come Summer (or early check in time like now!) so it's Terro time!  Thank you Terro!  I love this product! 
                    New fresh liquid bait traps set in place and no worries! Just dead ants within as low as 2 days to two weeks, depending on your traffic of invaders!! 

Next product review....

Then we battle the big fat black carpenter ants. Mostly outside and just where you want to enjoy some R&R or peace and quite with letting your feet touch the ground lol.  I hate nothing worse than knowing my feet are put up on chair on my patio simply because I don't want my leg to be there road map while they search about for food or water. 
          So I put the  TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes out at each corner of our outside home. So they find it and carry it back to there underground colonies.  I'm already seeing this great product be a big success in making them be gone, thank goodness! 

So easy to pull the side tab in it's perforated edge that will reveal a round tiny hole in which the ants will go in and get the liquid bait and carry it back to the nest. The stakes are sturdy and stand upright in the ground. We have so much slate rock around our home and property and it held them up well verse dirt or top soil ground that would be even better to just push them into.  I even made a short video telling you & showing you my active carpenter ants in action as they discovered this great Terro ant control product.  Then be sure if you like to watch Terro's video too on the subject of bothersome ants and how to control whatever ant issues you may be facing in your space. 

TERRO® Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes -  Kill ants before they enter your home with these pre-filled, ready-to-use ant bait stakes. For long-term control of sweet-eating ants, simply place the Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait Stakes in areas where ants have been observed. As worker ants forage for food and water, they are immediately attracted to the sweet liquid ant bait housed in the ant stakes.  As the ants consume the bait, it begins to deliver a toxic reaction to their nervous systems, which ultimately kills them. However, the ant killer works slowly enough to give the foraging ants enough time to return to their nest and share the deadly bait with the queen and the rest of the colony

And don't think that Terro is just an Ant problem solver. Oh no!! If your invasion involves #spiders crawling-insects (oh my gosh y'all I just seen they have a control solution for those terrible stink bugs that are still invading all states!) I may have to try that soon too. My arts and crafts outside building seems to be their escape to totally bug me to death lol.  They can handle your flying-insects too at Terro and help direct you as what product for what purpose you need to use found at the 
     I have no pets to consider when it comes to pest control. But some of you may, as well as small children and safety. So if that is a concern then check here at so you know just what to use and how with your invasion of any type control I just mentioned above. 
Where to Buy any products that Terro offers, can be purchased straight from the Terro web site or  from your nearest retail stores. And that list is many from Walmart, Lowes, Ace Hardware to almost any hardware store. Check your nearest retailer by name from the A to Z list of retail stores that sell your needed Terro products. Found here and
  Before we head down to the giveaway, be sure to stay connected with Terro on their social sites. 
You can call them at 
Last great tips for uses with especially the #Terro liquid ant bait packs!
      Most of us just think about using ant control products around or inside our homes, or maybe work spaces. But what about ALL the many other places that ants like to go to??  I like carrying these tiny little genius products with us to SO many other places to control ants and rid the pesty pest! We take them on #vacation when we #camp and whether it's for ants invading the inside of the camper or outside near our tent, I place them about so the ants go a separate trail which leaves us alone and rids them all together! I take them in our boats we use, cabins or hotels that are older and seem to always have issues with the tiny ants.  Near our grill that always drips as you cook. Picnic tables in your yard or at parks where an all day event my take place such as-reunions   etc. Note (of course with any product, use caution as to what or who may come in contact with any type chemicals and use them ONLY as suggested by the companies direction) But I think outside the box when it comes to where you can use this great product and I use common sense in doing so. 

Ok now onto my sponsored free giveaway but first ~  if you are a sweeps person like me (one who enters sweepstakes for the chance to win great prizes!) then you'll want to also head to Terro's web site and enter their 100 years of celebration Terro #Sweepstakes where they are celebrating being in great business from 1925 to 2015 with a sweepstakes for their loyal fans like you and me! Entering is easy! I did and fingers crossed in hopes to win something from them. Lot's of prizes and winners will be awarded too!
Check it out >>>  TERRO is Giving Away $100 in Cash & Prizes Every Week During the 
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Don't say you'll never win now folks!
I'm living proof that sweepers do win and often! I have won great sweeps on as many as tons of entries placed into a sweepstakes or as little as single entry.
So take a shot and enter, you might win! 
Here's the easy to find sweepstakes entry form at 
I thank you all for stopping by and seeing what these two ant control products from Terro can do for you in ridding those pesty pest. Maybe I'll be back again this #Summer with more great products to review for What are your pest problems you deal with once warm weather shows it's self and along with it come the many pest that are not welcome? #Fruit-flies? #Stinkbugs? #Spiders? Tell me below, I love to hear your issues on the subject and so will Terro want to know. 😊  
Good luck on winning my #USA giveaway found below. And good luck to all of us on winning in their sweepstakes. 
I will let giveaway tools choose the random #USA ONE (1) person winner (must be 18 years or older to enter, no postal boxes as shipping addressees. Allow up to 3 wks to receive free sponsored prize.  Lucky winner gets to enjoy the same two Terro products that I reviewed.
 TERRO Liquid Ant Bait-300T1812And when the giveaway ends I will email that lucky winner to claim the prize pack by responding with your ship info as to where you want your winning prize shipped from the sponsors at 
Failure to do so in 48 hrs from notification, will forfeit your winning and go to another person drawn from the total entries placed into the giveaway. 
Have a great Spring & Summer everyone! 
And thank you Terro for making this review and giveaway possible :) 
Disclose: I am working free with for this promotional post.  No compensation was provided for the promo shared post and free sponsored giveaway prize mentioned. Affiliated links maybe within this post. All opinions spoken here are my own 100% and not influenced by anyone or anything.  I received these free Terro products to facilitate this post.   All prize fulfillments are the sole responsibility of the company sponsoring this posted announcement. Please allow up to 3 wks to receive your free winning prize.  Winner has to claim the free prize with the time alloted or you forfeit the prize and another name will be drawn. Check your email in-box for prize claim in-case your name is drawn in this giveaway.  FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides  


  1. We have tried the liquid ant baits and think they work really well. I would also like to try some of the outdoor ant traps to see if we can get them before they come in in the first place.

  2. TERRO® Wasp & Hornet Killer ,we have a ton of flying insects that are annoying and sting if they get a chance,,worse in the south than up north,,so we always have a can of this

  3. I'd like to try the Spider traps. I hate spiders! I ended up in the hospital with MRSA from a spider a few years ago. Now it's personal, lol!

  4. The Terro Wasp and Hornet Killer would love to try. Thankyou, ken

  5. Spider Traps because we have spiders real bad around here an I hate spiders more than snakes lol

  6. I would like to try the spider traps!


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