Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Don't Forget to Dine in or Drive Thru to your nearest @Krystal #Restaurant Today! July 23rd For #National #Hot #Dog #Month #KrystalPup #KrystalPupMonth

That's right! Today is now the day! On July 23rd the #Nation cerebrates #National #Hot #Dog #Month !!
And I know a place, we actually all know a place, a great place indeed that makes and sells the best tasting fresh hotdogs around! And they are called pups! And found at your nearest restaurant of Krystal's. Where you can enjoy dine in or drive thru  for all your #menu favorites of #KrystalPup #KrystalChiliPups #KyrstalCornPups during #KrystalPupMonth 

My grandson and I love our local menu items found at Krystal's!
We enjoy their convenient drive thru.
So be sure to head to your nearest restaurant of Krystal's and enjoy a free #KrystalPup today! 
    They really are StupidGood as the sign says! 

 They are ready to serve your free #KrystalPup today at the drive thru too! 
  Don't forget to take your car 
    to #KrystalPupMonth today!


So be sure to locate the nearest Krystal's Restaurant  and join in on the #hotdog celebration while you enjoy a #free #KrystalPup during July 23rd's @National Hot Dog Month with  #KrystalPupMonth
Read more about this fun treat to eat with Krystal's in my complete review and the details found  
Here  as well as a free link to print your #KrystalPup #coupon, link to join their free Krystal’s loyalty club, Krystal E-Club. Which let's you as a member On National Hot Dog Day and every Tuesday in month of July, guests who are members of Krystal’s loyalty club, Krystal E-Club, can receive one free Pup! Those who are not members can join by simply going to and registering their information.  Head to my blog post found Here too find everything mentioned and enter my sponsored #blog #giveaway that will let one lucky person enjoy this awesome  #KrystalPupMonth prize pack!! 
FTC guidelines for company brands/ bloggers Disclose:  I am working with Krystal Restaurant  and have shared this promotional info with you my readers so you know about the great new happenings found at Krystal. received no compensation from the sponsor. Affiliated links may be within this shared promo post. All opinions spoken here are solely my own 100%

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  1. we love krystals,have been eating those for years,,the grandkids love going


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