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Join the #New @Dial #Rewards #Program Enjoy easy winning prizes and more!

Dial Rewards  is a new, easy and fun way to interact with the Dial brand, with a chance to win big prizes. As a member you win and gain points for participating in various monthly activities. 
And I want you my readers to enjoy that same fun in many ways to be rewarded when you visit, interact, enter the sweepstakes, spend your points or earn your points, at the new rewards program with Dial.
You can enter today. It's free, fun and very rewarding. 
So be my guest, as I give you this   unique code: QX068 to join this awesome reward program with Dial rewards
Introduction about the fun, free, interactive Dial rewards program and how it works 😊.
When you go to the web site of you will see a pop up window, announcing this new rewards program.  You simply click on the words "Join". It will take you to the easy fast form to sign up.  Jot down your password so you can come back anytime. I forgot mine, but that's no big deal because if that happens just hit the link under it that says forgot my password. Then you can be sent a temporary one so you can sign back in and create a new one.
I just now signed into my account there. And I see this sentence, welcoming me back.

Welcome Back Julie !


It's great to see you again! We've got a ton of activities to choose from and an amazing selection of prizes up for grabs.
  It shows me the points I gained on each visit, interaction, etc. Just by signing up for the rewards program I immediately gained 500 points. 

I also see the choices in page tabs per subject to choose from. Being the current  #sweepstakes options available, the spending points option, and the earn points option.
And I see a list of winners of who won, what they won, and when they won it. Great encouragement to keep me motivated to be interactive as much or as little, as I'd like to be when I choose to do so.
And, the newest products sold by Dial. 
Today while visiting the Dial rewards page, I began by earning more points. I clicked on the page tab and see this...



Choose an activity to start earning points. Once you’ve completed an activity, we’ll deposit* points into your account. Remember, the more points you have, the more you can spend on chances to win.
So....out of many fun ways to interact, I decided to watch a product video of Dials. And upon doing so, I gained 500 more points. See, this was my message after doing so. 
Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Watch a Video activity and earned 500 points.
Each time you finish an activity, your point's balance will grow! You can use your points for chances to instantly win a prize or entering sweepstakes.
I love the fun and fast choices to earn points. It's truly so fast to just pick a tab to interact with and gain points into your account. Choices such as, watch a video, take a quick product survey, daily sign in, share with a friend. Each option has different amount in points to gain. They add up very fast. You then can spend your points when and how you choose. 

I love the Share with a Friend earning points option. Just by tweeting or sharing the new Dial rewards program and encouraging your friends to join too, you can earn up to 6,000pts when your friends register through your invitations!
Who doesn't love free great prizes that will show right up at your door for free! Trust me, I know how wonderful the Dial company is about awarding your prizes if you win them free by your entry into anything they host if your name is chosen. Why you ask? Because as an Purex Insider,  we too, get to enter any or all of there great promotions, giveaways and sweepstakes. And they draw at random and if you win something, it arrives to you free, in great packaged condition, and are wonderfully enjoyable prizes. With attention to making you feel appreciated as a fan who took the time to support there brands, enter their contests, and finally enjoy your win. 
As you know, All the brands in products of Purex, Dial Renuzit Right Guard and so many more, are made by the Henkel company. So it's no wonder why they now have created a fun and rewarding way to treat their valued consumers with great perks to enjoy.
So go ahead, try it out too! I know you'll love it as much as I do.
So many great prizes to win like giftcards to use at Panera Golfsmith Barns & Noble and more! Even big ticket #giveaways in the sweepstakes like $1,000 Cash! 
The two best wins I ever won from their sweepstakes were a $100 amazon giftcode and  a years supply of free purex laundry detergent! So I know winning is possible without hard effort either. I had only entered once when I won the free yrs worth of laundry. 
So I'm all about the great perks now just waiting for me each time I decide to sign in to my free fun and easy account found in the new Dial rewards program, just for their valued customers, consumers and everyday ordinary people, just like you and I. 
I even know that with my points gained and racked up, if I so choose, I can spend them on gift cards to arrive to me free, to use of gift out to family or friends. I am a sweepstakes lover lol so I will use a few points gained for those entries too. And while you shop for all your favorite Dial products, you can gain points as well with codes that you can acquire. How you ask? Just by receiving a special Dial® Rewards code from one of their newsletters, social media accounts or in store, then I'd simply enter it and gain my points for such action. 
Ok, well enough of my long explanation on how this great Dial rewards program works. I'm headed back over there now to gain some additional fun points. I hope you'll join me as a free member over there too! They want y'all to get in on the fun too! So be my guest and use this free unique code as you sign in to join on your first new visit as a member. Because as a purex insider, they picked a few of us to spread the word about this awesome rewards program for Dial. And I get the privilege of giving you each a unique link code to sign up with.  Have fun! I know I do while I'm there. I was scanning through there rewards options and I'm gladly going to head there now and turn just 50 of my acquired points into the sweepstakes choice of the 


POINTS REQUIRED PER ENTRY: 50PTS  in hopes to win that bad boy giveaway! That would be great towards a new gas top stove range we really need, or lots of things that Lowe's sells. 
I know by now, that you have to be curious about everything I've told you. So head on over there and get signed up free! And use my code as you do so! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you win something great! This is one of those win win situations either  way you slice it kind of great deals! Thanks to Dial 😉 Feel free to comment below about your wins, fun things you liked about the rewards program. I just love it!!  Ok, so one last's the unique code for you to use QX068 and  Go Here to the #Dial #rewards #program  to the Dial rewards program to sign up!   Take care y'all 😉 ~Julie 
FTC guidelines for company brands/ bloggers Disclose:  I am a purex insider and have shared this promotional info with you my readers so you know about the great new happenings found at I am working with both Purex and © 2015 The Dial Corporation, a Henkel Company to provide this promo info and I received no compensation from said mentioned companies. Affiliated links may be within this shared promo post. All opinions spoken here are solely my own 100%. 


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