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   Are you tired of the "same old same old" in ways to dress up your walls?
You know what I mean, the flea market find of the chipped mirror, the yard sale picture of that pretty animal but no frame for it that looks right. Or all the photo's you took of that perfect trip of a lifetime, and now what do you do with them?
 Well, now there's an easy, fast, and tremendously awesome one stop shop place that gives you TONS of #art inspired gorgeous visual art to choose from for your walls and more!
    And it's called    and they have you covered!

It's your perfect one stop shop place for many ways to add Art to your homes walls, office space, your business, or anywhere that can let your pick in art design, showcase it in how you want it with the way you choose to frame it. About
Choose from ‪#‎Canvas‬ ‪#‎Art‬ ‪#‎Framed‬ #Art #Art ‪#‎Prints‬ ‪#‎Mirrors‬ Your ‪#‎Photos‬#Framed ‪#‎Poster‬ ‪#‎Hangers‬ ‪#‎Greeting‬ ‪#‎Cards‬ All easily designed by creating the art choice you like by ‪#‎room‬ ‪#‎style‬ ‪#‎subject‬ ‪#‎artist‬ ‪#‎color‬ ‪#‎venue‬ endless selections with each creation end result to be one of reliable craftsmanship.
And I love it that  is backed by their %100 Money Satisfaction Guaranteed  30 day return policy.  With this statement as their promise to that fact "

We love art and we want you to love YOUR art.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on All Art"

             100% Framed Satisfaction Guaranteed
Now, let me  tell you about my own personal experience with who is a #company #business that specializes in so many choices in #Art designs for your walls and more! 
Located at  49 Stouts Lane in Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 
 and serves all your on-line shopping needs for wonderful art.
   I was very happy to review for this multi choice art company and look forward now  to sharing that #bloggers #product #review post here with you today. 

But I hope your in a fun retro mood for my choice in art design. 
As I take you back to the 50's of rock-n- roll  where with art, from we can enjoy the ice cold refreshing taste of a Coca-Cola in my nostalgic cafe #coke themed #kitchen. 
    I recently changed my whole kitchen theme over to the look and feel of the 1950's with a retro nostalgic cafe. Enjoying it with rock -n-roll music, menu feel, and most of all, all things great with Coca-cola!  So, when I had the choice of over thousands of designs to choose from in art choices by for product review, I knew I hoped they had choices in retro design. And boy! do they ever! I could spend hours just looking and browsing through their site at all the great choices. 
   I am a big Elvis fan too! So it was hard to not pick him in the art designs in many sizes by this great company. 
As was it equally as  hard to also narrow down my choices in #coca+cola Coca-cola designs in so many sizes per frame or types of prints. 
So after careful thought, and knowing what color in frame and size that I knew would really make my retro themed kitchen wall just pop with matching my theme, I chose this awesome retro print which is called 
 Coca-Cola Young Girls in a poster print with a 
22.63 x 26.63 inches Framed Fine-Art Print
of which I could choose any color frame desired from the list available, so I chose "Flat Front Petite Black"
and I then chose a  "Top Mat Tablet White"  mat to frame it inside of which truly made the print just pop! All set inside a
Standard Acrylic Plexiglass that looks so professional. From a distance it looks like real glass. But  I don't have to worry about the dangers of it breaking like glass will. 
I love it!!  Take a look below at my  finished piece thanks to the hard works and craftsmanship skills found at
Framed Coca-Cola Young Girls Print

      Goes great with my dark red walls and black and white checker design boarders. 
     I love it placed on my backdrop wall of my chalkboard painted menu wall and above my vintage table that has been in my hubby's family for years!
It totally rocks! And the retro look and feel with completing my cafe theme in Coca-cola.  
Here's a wider view as it takes center stage in my retro themed kitchen upon my wall. 

I love this awesome quality print in art design choices from 

Framed Art and Framed Prints
   I still have a few things I want to add to my kitchen like a rug underneath my vintage table, a set of cabinet doors with some feel and flair of retro. But not my walls because as I first said above,    now...has me  covered!  :) 
I was so very impressed with how secured my item was within it's packed state upon arrival to me. Look at that.

  It was inside of yet a stronger bigger box.

I will look forward to buying me some great discoveries in MORE retro designs from 
Like my love of being an  #Elvis fan! Check these out from this awesome company.
I just love this one that has all your Hollywood stars in it. And their prices vary in  wide ranged from low to on up.

  This one is called Legendary-crossroads-print 

Seriously folks, your choices with is unbelievable! 
Maybe your into #baseball  Check out All the #art print choices and in framing available.

Wrigley Field - Outside/Sepia
Framed Wrigley Field - Outside/Sepia

Jackie Robinson Stealing Home, May 15, 1952

Framed Jackie Robinson Stealing Home, May 15, 1952

Wouldn't this print look great in a Son's room? Who loves the fun and sport of Baseball?
Playing the Game

How about Beach, Ocean, Seashore, #Seaside art prints? These would look great in any decor with that theme. 
Framed Seaside Breeze
That one's just $44.49  Seaside Breeze
As I mentioned above, you have ultimate choices in framing like from ‪#‎Canvas‬ ‪#‎Art‬ ‪#‎Framed‬ #Art #Art ‪#‎Prints‬ ‪#‎Mirrors‬ Your ‪#‎Photos‬#Framed ‪#‎Poster‬ ‪#‎Hangers‬ ‪#‎Greeting‬ ‪#‎Cards‬ All easily designed by creating the art choice you like by 
 ‪#‎room‬ ‪#‎style‬ ‪#‎subject‬ ‪#‎artist‬ ‪#‎color‬ ‪#‎venue‬
There are very talented #Artists in this world.
And you will find a long list in A to Z that creates so many art designs with click here to view them.

So drop in to their web site and  see what all they have to offer and save with their 50% off everything Plus take an 15% off your entire purchase using their promo saving code 15SAVINGS Fall in love with art! I know I did from Just look at the examples you could easily create with their Ways to #Shop in Style  of a long list in choices. Country or Vintage art are my favorites. But you may have a whole differential taste or style in art. Your sure to find it at  And they are all too happy to help you with decorating-ideas, tips and techniques I love that fact. Sometimes you need advice or the right inspiration when choosing or placing your art to enjoy on your walls.
Art Styles

Well, I'm off now to browse some more at by Venue I think it's so helpful knowing you can find help by Venue choice too for decorating with art for your home or places like Doctors office, Bar, Hotel, Office, Restaurant, or even Spa's.
Since my kitchen theme is a retro cafe, I'm headed there now to see the other art design choices for the Venue category in Restaurant. Where I see it gives me 2,444 in choices to browse through. Wow! I love using the search engine tool. I can put in any key word and the web site will give me every SEO (search engine option) to find anything in that design choice. Try it and see what I mean. We were in the Navy for 20 years and I even like a few of the less daring art prints of the pin-up era like this one
1940's style Navy pin-up girl leaning on the wing of a T-6 Texan
which is a 42 x 31 Black Framed Photograph

or back to my Coke theme, but not for a kitchen, maybe a collectors car show room etc.

I love their retro car choices in art design!

I put in the key words  vintage car  and got 1,000 choices to pick from.
And I love this Route 66 Diner
I simply may haft to buy this 
21 x 18 Black Framed Artwork next for my hallway which I intend on also having it be a retro themed design entrance.
I can choose it framed for $62.49 Or...Buy just the print for $9.49 
And your order really Ships fast from within 5 days you can be enjoying your
choice in art design and framed choices and more! 

So take a stroll on over to see what all they have to offer.

The web site at
Connect with them below on all of their  social networks 

Thank you for the chance to host this sponsored product review in exchange for this bloggers review post. I would shop with them again anytime and refer their quality products, fast service and reduced great savings in prices, to anyone who is wanting great art choices to dress up or decorate their walls! 
   Disclose: FTC guidelines for company brands/ bloggers Disclose:  I am working with   and have shared this promotional info with you my readers so you know about the great new happenings found with this #art #design #company. received no compensation from the sponsor. Review item was free to facilitate this  bloggers review post. Affiliated links may be within this shared promo post. All opinions spoken here are solely my own 100%


  1. those are some really cute photos,,looks like the ads from the local soda shop when i was a kid

  2. I love the Coca-Cola Young Girls print. I think vintage art prints are wonderful.
    twinkle at optonline dot net


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