Saturday, September 14, 2013

#Fall Update: New Product Reviews & Giveaways Coming Soon Includes #MyBlogSpark #Betty Crocker #Hershey's #BzzAgent #TruMoo #Halloween Milk & more!

          With the month of September already half over & October just around the bend, that means the Fall season is here to enjoy!
            So it's time for those fun loving sports like soccer & football to be enjoyed outside in the cool crisp air.
            Which means bring on the snacks! Whether it's tailgate parties, sleepovers, or family time spent together.
             Enjoying warm comforting snacks with cold milk can make those memories even more enjoyable.
            And the same way that you can look forward to those fun times ahead during the beautiful fall season, you can be sure to look forward as well to my "Upcoming" New product reviews & giveaways with some new & exciting snack & food products just being released from those great companies like #General Mills, #Betty Crocker, Hershey's, TruMoo Milk, & more!   
  That I just know you will love hearing about & having the chance to win them right here                                                                   at
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mamawj's Moment Away~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
       And I look forward to baking you up some warm snack ideas with these tasty treats!!
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                                         Great #Fall Campaigns Coming soon!!


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                                                            Have a great weekend y'all ~ 

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