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Want to know about a way to both buy & sell gift cards at a great lower money cost of savings to you?  Then read on further to find out how you can mail in your gift cards that you have laying around that you never used the balance on, never used the full amount that you have loaded on that said gift card & get paid cash in hand by

they make it easy for you to choose from two options with gift cards to many merchants that allows you to either sell your gift cards and get up to 90% cash back in the form of Cash or an Amazon gift card that will be mailed to you free!

Or you can choose to Buy a merchants gift card  and save from 4% to 30% on the many choices of merchant discounted gift cards to over 350 national merchants. 
   The benefits that you will enjoy at
with #Gift Card Exchange, #Discounted Gift Cards, #Gift Cards will save you money and is so easy to use while choosing which option of the BUY or SELL service of
 is perfect for you.

How it works:

  1. Sell gift cards you don’t want and get up to 90% cash. We will mail you a check within 48 hours of receiving your gift card. Learn more.
  2. At our Gift Card Exchange, you can swap gift cards for an® Gift Card* and get an additional 5%. Your exchange gift card code will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receiving your gift card. Learn more.
  3. Buy Discount Gift Cards from 4% up to 30% off and get free shipping. All discount gift card transactions are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Purchase gift cards to over 350 major brands

    About provides the easiest, safest, and fastest way to get rid of unwanted gift cards. We also sell gift cards at a discount from over 250 major retailers, including Visa, Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s, and Sears. In addition, we are the #1 buyer of bulk gift cards or wholesale gift cards.

    Gift Cards Online

    Buy gift cards online and save. You can also sell gift cards online and get cash back, which you can then use to purchase discounted gift cards from If you want to buy bulk gift cards, we sell over 400 wholesale gift cards at preferential prices. Call us at 877-800-4413 for details.


    There are many reasons to do business with Here are the top 5:
    1. Fast payment for gift cards sold to us
    2. Best –in-Class Gift Card Exchange
    3. 100% Money Back Guarantee
    4. We are Responsive and Accessible
    5. We offer free shipping on all gift card purchases and save. Learn more.

Most Popular Discounted Gift Cards

And guarantees that all transactions are backed by the best customer support team in the industry. Why Choose Gift Card Rescue?  Click Here  And let them explain why :)

       See how it works in this easy 1-2-3 steps below, to money & how easy it is to use
            Read more here >> About Gift Card Rescue

     I  love to buy gift cards. I buy them for myself, for my family or friends as gifts. Each person in our lives has a favorite store to shop in. For example, my grandson  loves shopping at #Best Buy. And  wheter it is shopping inside the store locations for Best Buy or online at He loves all the games he can buy there for his wii. So I buy him gift cards to BestBuy because I know he will use & enjoy what the gift card amount will provide him. And I usually buy that gift card of  BestBuy for him while I am inside any store or grocery store that I can just grab it off of the end counter & have the cashier load it with the amount that I decide.  And while that is fine to do it that way, wouldn't it be even more nice to know that instead of paying $20 to load a $20 BestBuy gift card, to save money & buy instead a gift card for that same amount but pay a lower percentage for the total loaded on that card?
 Wouldn't you much rather pay $19.30 for the same $20 Best Buy Gift Card, than the full amount of $20 to have loaded on the card? And save that extra 70 cents to go into your pocket for something else later? 
    Well, if the answer was yes to that common sense question, then you will want to check out the web site & easy services of
    Where on the same merchant gift card just mentioned of Best Buy, you can buy a $20 #gift Card and #SAVE 3.5% when you buy that gift card at

See my example below from the screen shot that I just took as I chose BestBuy as a gift card choice to BUY from
At a much lower rate in savings $$$$
Up to 30% off
  • 100% Guaranteed

  • Safe & Secure Shopping

  • Free Shipping

  • Discounted Best Buy Gift Cards

    If you want electronics you want to go to Best Buy. The largest electronics retailer in the United States, Best Buy is your number one source for high definition TVs, DVDs, video game systems, laptops, home appliances, and everything else tech. Gift Cards to Best Buy can be used towards merchandise purchases or services like the Geek Squad or Magnolia Home Theater. With so many choices you can’t go wrong with a Best Buy gift card.


    Best Buy
                                      As you can see, they had about 14 different Best Buy gift cards to choose from in different loaded amounts if you were wanting to BUY a gift card to use at that merchants store. And the cost you would pay for that said gift card would be at a much lower price, that saves you money!! And guess what?  They ship it to you free!!

       With over 350 merchants to choose from you are sure to find the one you want to BUY in discounted gift cards @
       And on the slight chance that you did not see the merchant that you had hoped for to Buy in discounted gift cards, then you can add that choice merchant to your wish list & they will let you know when they do indeed have it available.  has been featured in Featured in...Featured in...  
    Featured in...Featured in...Featured in...Featured in...Featured in...

    Or maybe you prefer the other great option to benefit from in your unused gift cards that you have been given, maybe won, or just never ended up using that someone gave you? You can easily turn those gift cards into  #Cash  in hand by #Selling them to

           It's #Back To #School days now & all the merchant stores have wonderful sales going on their websites that you can take advantage of when you use the codes they have posted to grab at checkout to use in store or online for your shopping convenience. So now is the best time to buy those gift cards that you were going to buy anyways & save money by buying them at lower prices when you buy them from

    Then when you add those savings codes from the merchants web sites like I did as you will see below with my online shopping with #Old Navy, you really save!  With the #Holidays of #Thanksgiving , #Christmas & #New Years soon approaching, and if you plan on buying merchant gift cards anyways to gift out for others to enjoy, then you will want to save $ #Money Buy taking advantage and shopping for those #discounted #gift cards at

    Or get paid Cash in hand or in the form of an amazon gift card from those gift cards you decided to sell @
                And there are so many #Merchant #categories to choose from such as
    #Automotive & #Gas  #Books, #Music & #Games #Children & #Toys #Clothing & #Shoes #Electronics & #Appliances Entertainment Everything Else << >>(such as #CVS #Hobby Lobby #PetSmart) #Health & #Beauty <<<>>>(that means #Yankee Candle Bath & Body Works & more) #Home #Furnishing <<<>>>(that means #Kohl's #JC Penney #Sears #K-mart #Lands End) Home Improvement <<>>(yes that means #Home Depot #Lowe's ) Office Supplies  Restaurants & Grocery <<>>(that means #Old Country Buffet #Ryan's #Olive Garden #Red Lobster #Subway & more!) Sports & Outdoors <<>>( such as #Adidas #L.L. Bean #Under Armour & more!) #Superstore like #Wal-Mart & #Target Travel & Vacation << >> #American Airlines
        So go check them out Today! So your "In the Know" about the best way to Buy & Sell Gift Cards!

                Then you can do like I just did a couple of days ago when I used my discounted $25 Old Navy Gift Card from  & shopped online and got these two great items for my  grandson for his #Back To School clothing.

    Boys Graphic Fleece HoodiesBoys Ninja-Graphic Tees

       They were both discounted prices when I used the 30% saving code that the Old Navy web site had available until Sept 2nd. Put that savings together with then using my #discounted #giftcard that came from

               And I got a great deal! And saved money!

         You can  Visit here to BUY & Sell with
          You can stayed connected with them on  facebook  twitter
    Or signup for the free email newsletter with  and enjoy the great perks they offer you.

    Want To #Win  a $50.00 #Merchant #Gift Card from That can be used at either #Old Navy #Gap or #Banana Republic Merchant?

               Great!! Just enter through the easy +Rafflecopter  #giveaway form below for the chance to be the ONE (1) Lucky USA entrant to win it free & shipped free by the sponsor

     ENTER Through the +Rafflecopter  #Giveaway form that you see below for the chance to be the ONE (1) Lucky USA entrant 18 years of age or older (sorry no p.o. boxes will be excepted)  to win it free & shipped free by the sponsor of

    If your unfamiliar or have never used the giveaway widget below, feel free to watch the quick how to video for Rafflecopter that you see ABOVE that explains just how easy it is to enter through the #rafflecopter giveaway form.

    The first two entries are mandatory & must be completed before the extra entries can be chosen to do. Once you complete the mandatory entries, you will then have lots of extra entry options to choose from that will better your chances of winning. You decide which or how many extra entries you wish to complete, once you have met your mandatory entries.

      I am blessed to know two other blogger's that are taking part in this sponsored giveaway here at
              Mamawj's Moment Away that are helping to spread the word about
    So you will have the chance to gain extra points in the extra entry options that you see within the widget, by visiting & completing the easy task ask of you, on both of their blog sites.

        Thank you  :)) both goes to
                   Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute & Karen @ The Mommy Times -SC Blog
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    Note* Please allow up to 3 weeks for the winning free prize to arrive. Prize will ship via sponsor . No P.O. Boxes  will be excepted. I am NOT responsible for FREE winning prize fulfillment. This sponsored giveaway will END on 9/30/2013. At which time the lucky winner will be notified by me via the email address that you provide, to obtain the USA address & workable telephone number to where you want your free prize shipped too. Failure to claim your Free winning prize within 48 hours will result in forfeiting the said prize & another name will be drawn.
       The winning entry chosen by  will be verified for accuracy before announcement on the ended #rafflecopter giveaway widget below.
                            Good Luck Everyone!! And thank you to my Sponsorship of

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
    The assets included within this message were delivered to me your blog host here @mamawj's moment away. I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am working with who supplied these materials to me, required by local law. Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was provided by the sponsor. I did however  receive a free gift card from the sponsor to facilitate this review post.The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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