Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you familiar with #SocialSpark.com & #IZEA the #blog #marketing #network?

Are you familiar with Social Spark.com?

 +Social Spark Media


Is an IZEA   Innovation wholly owned property of IZEA

  IZEA is a world leader in social media sponsorship, operating multiple marketplaces including SponsoredTweetsSocialSpark and Staree. IZEA connects advertisers with social media  publishers,  helping them monetize their social media presence. The company has completed over two million social media sponsorships for customers ranging from small local businesses to Fortune 50 organizations.

 The Mission behind IZEA is to empower everyone to value and exchange content, creativity and influence.  

   And as a blog marketing network through IZEA , I hope to share many great hosted blog post with you my readers in the very near future, through the opportunities sponsored by socialspark.com  to bring new & exciting news about the worlds biggest & great brands via the companies that offer them to the everyday consumer through the great works of  IZEA  socialspark.com 

 Be sure to visit them and become familiar with them via their website & social networks

easily found here >> socialsparkers via facebook   socialspark via twitter

My Blogger Verification Code For IZEA  socialspark.com is as follows:




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Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules I am stating that The assets included within this message were delivered to me your blog host here @mamawj's moment away . I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am working with +Social Spark Media   who supplied these materials to me, required by local law. 
 I have posted the said information mentioned above to verify my blogger code with & for IZEA  socialspark.com as suggested to further my future blog hosting capabilities with the said sponsor mentioned.
Affiliated links may be within this post. I received NO compensation to facilitate this informational blog post..  All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions.


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