Wednesday, February 5, 2014

@Dial Vitamin Boost #BodyWash Product #Review & #USA 2 Winner #Giveaway Ends 2/20

            Have you had your body washed in a splash of  indulgent Fruit & Vitamins Today?
                                  Well, let  Dial help you out with that grooming task!
                                                What would be your boost pick?
                                                       Vitamin Boost with
                                                        Oil Infused or Lotion Infused
                                                                    Body Wash?

                  See these new #Dial #body wash choices for the 

                                      Vitamin Boost Oil Infused or Lotion Infused

                                                               Body Washes 

                           Enjoy the Video via  @HenkelBrands the makers of  Dial products

                                                 Then read on further to see my thoughts on this new product and the chance to win a free manufactures coupon to try it out for yourself  in my +Purex  insiders sponsored product review & giveaway 

                                                          About the product:
                                                Dial Vitamin Boost Body Washes
                                          Are available in  Oil Infused Body Wash
                                                 Lotion Infused Body Wash
                  Each dial body-wash   Vitamin Boost choice will let you experience a boost of  advanced formulas with a moisturizing vitamin complex that helps draw vitamins and moisture directly to your skin.  To provide a "Dial Healthier Skin ~Healthier You".
                 Vitamin Fact:  Vitamin B is a natural humectant that helps draw in moisture and keep skin hydrated.
                    Today, as an active member of the +Purex  #insiders team :) I'm happy to tell you about this new Dial product of which I reviewed in the Vitamin Boost choice Lotion Infused Body Wash
                                                   Shown here
                                         I gave this #Dial body wash a first try this morning.
                And wondered about the scent of the kiwi that is in this vitamin boost body wash & I found it to be a very pleasant scent.
                I could immediately feel the lotion that was within the body washes formula. The body washes texture was a smooth one that was a nice medium in consistency of not to thin & not to thick.
               My skin is usually dry year round. And the winter months really pull the moisture out of my skin from the dry heat & air in the house. So I like a body wash that provides moisture immediately upon use & one that last throughout the day to help nourish my skin with moisture. 
              I would put this body wash on the +factor scale as a 9 out of 10 in the effectiveness of the moisture it provided both during its use & afterwards throughout the days ends.
             The fact that my body is getting a vitamin boost from the outside/in, made this dial product even more appealing to me for use as a skin hydrate to cleanse with.
              I would easily use this product daily, to enjoy the soothing lotion feel that it provided my skin with its cleaning use.
             I'm anxious to try the Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash in the Oil Infused choice scent next.
                     If you would like to give this New product a try as well, then why not try your chances at winning my sponsored free coupon +Purex #USA #Giveaway.
  The purex insiders team sent me free product coupons to try for myself & some to share of both this product mentioned & a free coupon for the Dial Men's Power Scrub  Body Wash.
    Oh which I am going to giveaway to TWO (2) of my lucky readers!
              There will be 2 winners in this giveaway. The first persons name drawn by the giveaway tools forum below, will receive there choice of either the Dial Vitamin Boost Lotion Infused Body Wash OR the Dial for Men Power Scrub Body Wash coupon. The second winner drawn will receive the remaining coupon that the 1st person drawn passed up.  Either way, 2 people who enter into the giveaway below, will get to enjoy a free body wash coupon in a Dial product that has a maximum value of $3.00 to enjoy free!
                    So get those entries in below & Good Luck!
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   by  Purex Insider
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