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Got the winter #dryskin woes? Sooth it with @UdderlySmooth Product Review & #Giveaway #USA #Canada Ends3/7

                                            Have you heard of  Udderly Smooth? 
   Let me introduce you to the skin care product :  UdderlySmooth

 Made in the USA for over thirty years, Udderly Smooth® products contain rich moisturizing ingredients. Not your average moisturizing lotion- Udderly Smooth® can be used on Dry Skin, Cracked Skin, for Diabetes Foot Care, as a Facial Moisturizer, as a General Moisturizing Lotion and many other uses.
Pioneered by a Pharmacist, reasonably priced and made in America’s heartland. Use Udderly Smooth® daily for smooth, soft skin head to toe.
Look for the lotion with the black and white cow spots. Try it and get Udderly Smooth®
                                 Udderly SMooth®For Dry Skin, Get Udderly Smooth®®
 ~~  I actually remember years & years ago when my mamaw & papaw would buy a udder cream at the local co-op to use on his farms milking cows and rubbed it on the cows udders so they were smooth and helped provide clean hygiene in cows which was important for the milking process, to prevent mastitis. And the product applied to the udders would help prevent bacterial infection, and reduced irritation during milking by the cups, otherwise if not kept up, the cow could kick the cups off. 

 So, originally this product of udderlysmooth  was invented for use on dairy cows because of the very reason just explained to you.
     I can clearly recall the memory of watching my papaw or my mamaw milk the cows. And as a kid in the country, you haven't experienced true nostalgic fun until you have squatted down by your mamaw's side as she sat on her tiny close to the ground milking stool with pail in hand under the cow & gave a try at milking a cows udders. Both funny & productive, its a memory I am glad to say I can recall from my childhood living in eastern Eastern Tennessee and enjoying the healthy benefits of milk when in those days, milking cows were done by hand verses machines like now & with a real up close and personal touch.
     And now, even 30 years later, this skin care product is even more useful & productive for the use on your own dry and chapped skin needs for hands, feet & for many uses as well.
  You can watch a  video on their face book page  Found Here to see how this product is made, the look and feel of the choices in formula & what  uses they can serve for you, to sooth your dry skin needs. Then come back & read my review experience with the choices I was able to test out & tell you about. And can enter my sponsored  giveaway for the chance to win a similar prize pack yourself :)

See what I mean? I hope you watched the video because  I was in awe over the design of the Milk bottle lotion choice Udderly Smooth® has to offer on their web site for the Udder Cream, 32 fl. oz. Bottle at $8.75 from udderlysmooth
    I love that design!!
             Or maybe this one even better! For the Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream, 8 fl. oz.$4.50
                         Oh, I'd so keep that cute little bottle by my kitchen sink to reach for after my hands were in rough dish water so they sooth the skin. And it's pretty enough to look at too :)  
                   With it's nostalgic design. Love it!
       Yet another design that is as pretty as can be & reminds me of a country quilt design.
  For the UdderlySmooth Country Cream Udderly Smooth® Country Cream, 6 oz available for $3.50

               Wouldn't these make the prettiest gifts to give in a basket for someone at Easter time, for your loved ones in nursing homes,birthdays and many other reasons to let others enjoy the soothing lotion relief that UdderlySmooth can provide.
                    They even sell a  choice called
                                Chamois Cream  which honestly I never knew what the word meant or was specially for in use, until I read the UddderlySmooth description on it. Do your homework & read about it Here  so you can use that to your advantage within the giveaway tools forum below to gain extra entries into this SMOOTH giveaway ;)
                                I will tell you something that I found shockingly  pleasing about this product of
           UdderlySmooth  and that is the fact that you can find their line of skin care creams & lotions in 51 #merchant #store locations easily found on there website.
        So if ordering online straight from there website is your easy go to shop source, then here you go & you can do so right there >>UdderlySmooth on line buying  which makes 52 places to buy these awesome products to let your skin be utterly enjoyed with. Or see the list of stores that are near you to shop in for them as well found here >>  UdderlySmooth store locations who happily sell there products 
      In my opinion if that many stores are carrying this product, then it must be both in high demand, leaving the shelves from sales to satisfied customers & stores want to keep it readily available for purchase. 
      I sure know I like it. The choices of the ones I reviewed in the original formula hand cream, original formula body cream & the foot cream with Shea butter, each were  a thinner consistency. And usually with skin products that are thin in texture, they tend to not apply as well or be gone in no time from the skin.
    That's not the case with any of these 3 choices that I reviewed from UdderlySmooth.
  Each one applies with such ease, last on the skin throughout hours after application, and the feeling they leave on your skin is just, so soothing. I love the faint scent of the original formulas & the scent of the foot cream with Shea butter is really nice but not over powering.  And they really pack a punch with the comfort they give your skin, no matter what part of your body you are using them to treat.  Yes treat, because that's how they feel on your skin, a soothing treat.

What did I get to review from the +Udderly Smooth company?

                                                            I enjoyed photoing my lovely review items that udderlysmooth sponsored for me to try in my product review.

  I was able to review the Original Body Cream formula, Foot cream Shea butter, and 2 sizes of the Hand cream in the tube sizes of 2ounce & 4 ounce. And 6 sample packs were also in my review pack from udderlysmooth
                      Each choice formula is a unique lotion & the way it feels on your skin and what area you use it on. I love each one & the ease of application, the soothing relief it provides to glide on and soak in swiftly to your skin.

                         Keep up to date on the latest offers & perks that udderlysmooth can provide you by subscribing to their free email newsletter, or following them here below on each of their social networks.
              Facebook  TWYLAH Instagram pinterest and my favorite of twitter  years ago I was joining in on a twitter fun play along they had in a trivia question for there twitter followers & I won a small size of the foot cream they offered. Just one of the fan perks possible by being within there social networks :)  Here is my twitter announcement on that fun time 7 Jan 2011
Happy Holidays & Moo Year from . Ten will win products at US/CA  Take a peek at the fun way the UdderlySmooth team lets you enjoy chances to win free products when they get creative! This is an oldie but a goodie! 
  Yes, I have been a long time fan of theirs on Twitter :) click to see the fun I had >> Their social media contest are fun! With simple retweets in a simple click! 
        Just so your in the "Know" about  which is  family owned and operated by Redex Industries and the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has given redex-industriesA+ rating 
              udderlysmooth Does Not engage in animal testing or contract others for animal testing.
       You can find more of the FAQ (frequently asked questions) by clicking here

                                             Dry Skin - Order Udderly Smooth Now!            
                                         Let's do a Re-cap now Shall We!!!
You can buy many of the choices in creams & lotions that UdderlySmooth offers
in the stores throughout the states listed on there web site found >> HERE
                 OR.......You can any of the choices they offer directly online at their website.
  I have seen quite a few choices on their web site that some stores may or may not sell (in different bottle designs) such as these >>

Those & many other sizes, types, & design bottle choices, are found on their web site for purchase. Be sure to click on the very bottom highlighted link that says " Order Form" Because it shows items for click & buy that the top title of "Products" does not show.  Such as this pump lid that you can buy to go on your jars that just have the regular screw on lids. ** I must buy one of these asap & will use my coupon that came within my review pack when I order it online. I love to sit lotions by my sinks so that anyone can have access to a good lotion for there skin after they have washed & dried there hands. And the price on these pump lids are so good at just $1.50. I think these will be my choices next year for Christmas gifts! :)
                                                           BUY IT Now By  Clicking Here

                                                            Be sure to visit their lovely web site. It's a treat just to view their cute page with its design & look at all the products they sell. I didn't show you all the items they sell because I want you to tell me what you found there in purchase choices or the FAQ etc. because I'll see if you did your UdderlySmooth homework ;) when you enter my sponsored Giveaway below for the chance to be that ONE (1) Lucky Winner that gets to enjoy a prize pack like mine or similar (sponsors choice).

                                                                 WIN IT 
             This sponsored Giveaway will be OPEN for Both the #USA & Canadians to enter
  Who are 18 years of age or older, no postal boxes will be excepted for free sponsored prize fulfillment.
                                        This Giveaway will Close on March 7th 2014
               The random ONE (1) Person Giveaway Winner will be chosen from the pool of entries placed into the Giveaway Tools Forum below upon on closing. Said winner will be verified for accuracy on the winning entry option chosen. And then notified by me to the email contact given upon entering this free sponsored giveaway & will have 48 hours to claim the free prize by providing the full name, shipping address & workable phone number with area code to the USA or Canadian address you wish to have the free prize shipped, so free sponsored prize fulfillment can be met. Failure to do so within the 48 hour allotment will result in forfeit of the free prize & another name will be drawn.
                Please allow up to 3weeks to receive your free sponsored prize.
                                      Good Luck Everyone!!
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                                                                    & shipped free!
                   Thanks for dropping in & have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie
Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
I have complied here required by local law with both local and international laws. By disclosing that I am working with +Udderly Smooth  who supplied these materials to me free, to facilitate this blog product review and hosted giveaway, all of which were free.  Affiliated links may be within this post. No compensation was provided by the sponsor. I was given the product mentioned within this post to facilitate this #blogger #product #review The opinions expressed above are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. "The information and prize pack have been provided 
   by  udderlysmooth
                                               Let's all Thank the  sponsor :) udderlysmooth shall we!! 

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