Saturday, February 22, 2014

#DIY #tutorial Fabric #lamp #shade #recover

#DIY #tutorial Fabric #lamp #shade #recover

                        I thought it was about time that I changed the look of this lampshade that I use in my kitchen. I made this a long while back & didn't have a shade for it at the time & I bought one in a thrift store that had apple stickers on it. I kept them on it since my kitchen theme is apples & roosters.
But I never liked the lampshade at all.
                        So I  pulled out a few easy to reach craft items today & made me a fabric shade cover that also matches my kitchen curtains that I made awhile back.
                       Making any type lamp shade cover from fabric, paper etc. is really easy to do.
Here are a few things you will need to accomplish this #DIY project.

         *Large piece of news paper or any type paper big enough to use as your lamp shades pattern.
         *A magic marker for tracing
         *Scissors for cutting
         *Fabric or even pretty decorative papers that will serve as your new cover for your lamp shade
         sewing needle & thread of your color choice, or embroidery thread in your color choice
         *A few straight pins to hold the fabric cut in place
         *Sewing machine or serger (if you prefer your fabric edges to be neat and turned over with a nice hemmed edge verses a raw UN-salvaged edge in appearance.

         Ok, let's get started ;)
                  First, take your shade and begin rolling it on a large piece of newspaper, to get your same shades pattern shape. You do this by matching your shades seamed edge to the edge of the news paper, and as you roll it over the paper SLOWLY, you will use your marker to drawn lines both at the top & bottom of your lamp shade, using it as you roll it across as your guide lines (that you will cut out later).

             Then, cut out your pattern that you just drew onto the newspaper as your patten to go by.
              Test it out on your shade to make sure your happy with its size etc.

If so, 
             Now, place that pattern onto your fabric OR if you are using a piece of gift wrapping paper just follow the same directions.
             Cut out one long piece (by having your fabric on the fold or cut 2 pieces (on the fabrics salvaged edge if you are going to have seams on your shade that show.)
            At first I wanted my edges to show so I cut 2 pieces of my fabric. I decided later to change that (as I will show you in just a bit).
          I like the look of a serge fabric edge so I took my fabric pattern once cut out & ran my 2 pieces through my serger machine.
Then I placed them on my shade & poked 2 straight pins on the top to hold them in place until I could sew the fabric on by hand so my new fabric shade cover would stay on.
I did that by using embroidery thread & a large eyed sewing needle by hand. Which you can see by the black stitches I did by hand to attached it to my shade.

      And the other fabric you see is a long pieces that I ran through my serger on both sides to get a white thread pattern. I think a serged look is so finished & neat in appearance.
          I then began to sew my hand made bias fabric piece to my shades top & bottom section.
I did that by simply folding it over the edge in a half sandwich type way, and then stitched it on with regular thread & a hand sewing needle.

              I then decided I wanted to cover my shade in 3 separate strips on the sides, so it matched my bias fabric trim & my curtains as well. So I attached strips down the side in 3 separated sections.
And I added a button while there :)
        I finished the same proceed on the bottom & added more red buttons to each strip to add a country finished look. I love adding my vintage buttons to any of my #DIY projects that will match good with a country decorated theme.

                       A closer look at it all finished

 See, it matches my handmade Kitchen curtains I made with the same fabric print. I love prints like these in fabrics. You can cut off parts of them as I did and use them so many ways big or small too add to the theme you may have going in a room.

           I made this wooden wall box shelf a few years ago for storing all my spices.
          And I change out the fabric pieces on it as I do my curtains, table cloth etc.
             I went from the red check pattern to the same trim off of the fabric used on the curtains & lampshade cover I made. Just by laying a piece on each shelf & let it drape over.

                   I hope you enjoyed my #DIY projects shared today :) So, try out making you a new shade cover. It's easy peasy to do!  I love red in my kitchen ~Can you tell?

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            See you again on my next #DIY shared post :)  Thanks for stopping by today!

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