Saturday, May 3, 2014 Mothers Day Gift Guide #USA #Giveaway Win a $40 Fresh Floral Bouq

Up Date ***  Here are my gorgeous, lush, fresh beautiful cut roses that I was able to review from +The Bouqs Company  They arrived as stated in 6 days in the pretty sturdy box.
Opened it up & secured in place and protected within another layer of corrugated cardboard sleeve with rubber bands around the stem

The Chrysal packet with instructions for mixing with water to keep them fresh

They are so pretty! 
                                     A closer Look the next day & the scent is so sweet!
                                             Rose scent sweet!   I love them!
                                                Thank You +The Bouqs Company

                                               This is the Desperado Bouq
                         From The Volcano Collection for $40 Free Shipping! 
                       So follow the arrow below & shop for your loved one At

                Photo: #Sharktank time! Who's excited? We still can't believe that it's finally here!! Comment "Congratulations" if you're excited too!   
    Did you swim with the sharks last night on
                If you tuned in to watch the show like I did,  then you seen Lori get handed this gorgeous fresh floral bouquet  of flowers called                     Desperado

               Chosen from the     Volcano Collection

 From & by the founder John 

of this unique & new way of sending fresh cut flowers from the  Company Called 
              Where fresh flowers are grown on the side of an active Volcano
                                      Yes, really they are :)
                              FROM THE FARM TO YOUR DOOR
   Check out the video & see how it works.  Yes~I was amazed & liked the great concept as well :)
           Let John explain how it works & then explore the VAST choices in beautiful Flowers you can buy from them at just $40 a Bouq including free shipping. No, I did not misspell  Bouquet  
That's exactly what John had in mind with his uniquely fresh cut flowers for others to enjoy when found at the website of  
                        The most epic way to buy  flowers Online.


       Ok now~ Instead of the phrase "Show me the Money!"
                How about I show you the Flowers! ~TheBouqs Flower Collection's that is~~
         Trust me, you'll feel like your strolling through the flower garden fields yourself as you view the collections.  Here we stroll along ok? In day 6 of our Mothers Day Gift Guide Event that both Tracy & I are hosting for wonderfully unique companies who offer such fabulous gifts that anyone would love to be surprised  or acknowledged  with for the love, support, celebration that they deserve when you want to show them in a way that is just ~well, simply wonderful.  Take a look below & then look at the other choices that I left in you in suspense about. Found @ 
     Volcano Collection

        Cake n Cream                                       
Cake n' Cream        
       Cherry JackPot
   Cherry Jackpot   
 California Collection
             Blue Lagoon                                                                             
       Blue Lagoon
             Tiki Torches
      Tiki Torches     
         Oh that's NOT All of them by far...You'll need to go here and check out the other 37 choices :)
                                    Yep that's right~~ There's a bunch more & they are lovely!
         And there were still 34 choice bouqs in the Volcano Collection I never let you peek at ;)
                                But  you have fun  yourself and head  Here to look some more.
                     These beautiful choices arrive to you in 6 days once you place your order.
             They are cut fresh & ship to you & not pulled from a warehouse that had sit for weeks at time.
                                   They offer two ways to shop for fresh flowers.
                    The Volcano Collection that ships straight from South America. 
                    The California collection that ships straight from the Coast.
                       All flower types come in All colors for choice. I love that! 
             TheBouqs Co.  offer so many unique services  that other floral shops may not.
Such as
concierge-service which means they      

 Customize to send:
• For important dates
• As a random surprise
• Or weekly monthly
Then they remind you via email

 Discounts up to 25% off
with Free Delivery.

No Risk!
Pause / Cancel any time

  Quick Orders (Let us pick your Bouq based on recipient preferences. 2 clicks to Send!
          They can answer all you FAQ found  Here

                 Did I review any of their bouqs?
                          Yes, I get too yay!!
          Both Tracy & I couldn't wait to  tell you all about this awesome company. So we jumped right on getting the word out about them so you'll know where to order from in beautiful fresh flowers!
           And our flower bouqs are on their way to us!  We both got to chose from the Volcano Collection so I picked the same bouq that John presented to Lori last night on Shark.
In the Desperado bouq
     Oh it's so pretty & I seen how nice it was as Lori held her bouquet & said how nice they smelled.                 
             Thank you  for knowing I get to enjoy such a beautiful array of fresh cut flowers in this bouq that consist of 

A combination of Pink Roses with Purple Dianthus or similar accent flowers.  Our flowers are shipped straight from our eco-friendly, sustainable farms on the Volcano to your recipient's door.  
With Free Delivery!
Colors:  Pink with Purple Flowers
              And I know what Tracy picked too ;) But you'll have to go see her choice & not let me spoil her fun in showing you herself.   
                                       So enjoy the easy & beautiful results of 
                   Buy It Now Found Here with
        Be sure to connect with the unique Floral Company on their social networks of  
 facebook  twitter 
and other networks with in the giveaway forum below that will let you gain extra entry's into this sponsored ONE (1) USA Person Giveaway. That will let one lucky person enjoy a free shopping code that lets you choose your chosen bouq from the Volcano Collection a $40 Value! 
Shipped free!
                        Thank you 
                          Good luck Everyone!
           And be sure to back track with us in this weeks event
for which  Tracy over at Cotton Pickin Cute & I celebrate Mother's Day  that is up coming
on  May 11th.
And enter our others giveaways that began on Monday & will End after we surprise you with another last great company introduction tomorrow. Then all the week long giveaways will end on May 7th and all winners will be announced for the lovely prices we are hosting in giveaways.
  Enter each giveaway & who knows? You may win one, two or many of these awesome prices.
        See you tomorrow with another great introduction :) Be sure to come back! ~Julie 

         Disclosure:  Today's introduction review  post & giveaway is sponsored free by  who provided flowers to facilitate this blog host and free giveaway for one reader to enjoy. No compensation was provided And As always all opinions are 100% my own.     

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