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#Kerusso product review & #USA #Giveaway Celebrate #Mothers Day with Moms Night Out T-shirt & A Tumbler!

 ~Coming Soon~

 It's Mom's special day coming up soon ~ 
                             Sunday, May 11th rolls around soon for celebrating 
                                                     ~~ Mother's Day in 2014~~              
   Mom's off all ages deserve special treats. So why not treat Mom to a fun "Night Out". :)

           And we have some great ideas to do just that. 
                                How about ~lights ~camera~ action!
                                       And take Mom to the movies!
     There's a great Mom's movie coming out in theaters on May 9th on Mothers Day Weekend~
                                  Called "Mom's Night Out" Rated PG

With Familiar actor & actress faces you already know. 
   Do you Remember the TV show "Everybody loves Raymond"? 
Well, Raymond's wife on the show named Debra~played by the actress Patrica Heaton is in this new Movie. 
And so is Trace Adkins (the country music singer) as well as other great cast stars.
               And the reason I'm telling you about the movie & it's release date, is because I think Mom would like to go see it & it sounds like a funny comedy to enjoy. And Mom's are the ones who really need a good laugh from all the hard work they do for the family.
              No, I'm not giving away tickets to the movie. But I am giving you the chance to win a great T-shirt for Mom to enjoy that depicts the movie being released in a good, positive & up lifting spiritual way to proudly display her pride in being a Mom that God so lovingly created.
             Check out these inspirational T-shirts  below by an awesome company called
    Displaying Full Time Mom - MNO1548.jpgDisplaying His Masterpiece - MNO1547.jpg
For over twenty-five years Kerusso has been creating Christian T-Shirts that help fulfill the great commission of preaching the gospel.
Proclaiming the Good News through products about Jesus.
Company Overview
Over the past 25 years Kerusso has become the premier producer of Christian-themed apparel. In 1998 Kerusso began introducing other products such as: jewelry, gifts and accessories. Today the Kerusso campus occupies 10 acres which is home to over 65,000 square feet of manufacturing, and office space.

What Does Kerusso Mean? Kerusso is a Greek word that means – "To herald divine truth as a public crier; to preach the gospel."

Kerusso is one of the top employers in Berryville, AR providing jobs to over 120 people. And Kerusso continues to stay true to their mission of preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ literally around the world.
             I just love the mission of this company. To wear a  comfortable T-shirt that conveys a positive uplifting message so that others can see God's word spoken.
             Remember the old saying that goes like this"" If you can't say anything good then don't say anything at all" ?
              That's why I like the meaning & dedication behind kerusso's commitment in spreading the gospel word through  Christian themed apparel available for ages from young to old and in sizes from youth to adult for kids,men & women to enjoy.

              You don't have to say it, you shirt can do the talking. And in doing so,  it may be a shinning light of guidance for a person who is lost, down, broken hearten, facing many hardships in life that can give them hope, inspiration & faith that can be found in God's loving presence.
              This last week has been dark storms for my family. When we were told some serious & sad news within my family. And our faith that God our Heavenly Father has let us feel, let us know by his presence within our hearts, minds, body & soul, I wouldn't be able to make it. In matters as such, you feel the sadness, feel the worry, the fear. And I pray all the more harder for God to see us through it.
     I know he will,  for he will never forsake us. And because of that, through our fear comes faith.
 I didn't tell you this to bring you down. I'm sharing this because we too can loose ourselves when hard storms of sadness & sickness are left to deal with. And knowing I can lean on God to guide us through whats ahead, is a peace that he provides us because we believe in him through faith. Even through this storm now that we face, God has shown us blessings that we did not know would help, heal & see us through tomorrow.
         When God created Mother's, he gave others the best gift of all in the love & care they can behold, nurture & share.
              So today I am here along with Tracy over at her blogspot of Cotton Pickin Cute so we can share with you  this company who's focus is faith through God and his spoken word and they offer those spoken words on the many items offered not only with T-shirt apparel but with lots of other items such as key-chains, jewelry, hats, totes, mugs & much more :)
                And one great way is though apparel that can be seen, read & taken to heart to hear the word in a positive & uplifting way.
                                 And  so...  is our introduction company today in our
                                                   Mother's Day Gift Guide Event
              So you too, can know where to buy great gifts that display inspirational meaning.
                        Mom would love these two choices below
                                                     This one is called full-time-mom 
 And it comes in this pretty purple color in sizes from small up to 3x large and the start price is $16.99 and the 2x will add $2 more for purchase and the 3x will add $3 more for purchase.
 And here is the inspirational saying & design on the T-shirts front
Full Time Mom Fueled by Coffee Chocolate & Prayer! "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done." ~ Philippians 4:6.
Full Time Mom Fueled by Coffee Chocolate & Prayer! "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done." ~ Philippians 4:6.   - See more at:
Full Time Mom Fueled by Coffee Chocolate & Prayer! "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done." ~ Philippians 4:6.   - See more at:
          Inspired by the Movie  Moms Night Out  soon to be released in theaters & to let mom enjoy wearing and proudly displaying her fun t-shirt.
Displaying Full Time Mom - MNO1548.jpg
Or this one below (the same one I was able to review) for .
 And it's description is : Beautiful Mess T-Shirt
          I'm A Beautiful Mess! "I'm His Masterpiece and that's enough!" - Ephesians 2:10.  Get Your Mom's Night Out T-Shirts for your and your friends. This t-shirt is a missy tee and a coral silk color.
It comes in MD to 3X.
I'm A Beautiful Mess! "I'm His Masterpiece and thats enough!" - Ephesians 2:10.  Get Your Mom's Night Out T-Shirts for your and your friends. This t-shirt is a missy tee and a coral silk color. It comes in MD to 3X.  Start pre-ordering your Moms' Night Out t-shirts now and your order will ship on 3/31/14. - See more at:
Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess

Displaying His Masterpiece - MNO1547.jpg

Both are beautiful design choices with beautiful spiritual meanings.
                   Isn't   this one so pretty in person? And hey! They offer Insulated Tumblers too with other inspirational messages.  Check out the two items I reviewed photoed below & then head on down to the entry forum & enter for the chance to enjoy both a T-shirt and a tumbler :) 

                        Which one of the two designed T-shirts shown below AND the two different Insulated Tumbler designs, would you pick if you won this combined sponsored   giveaway that both Tracy & I are hosting for you here today on our now 5th day of daily giveaways For the 2014 Mother's Day Gift guide?  Let us know in the comments below :)
NOTE** Before ordering with the  Be known that these two designed T-shirts run smaller in size. So if you normally wear say a medium in size - that medium will fit like a small etc. etc. So remember that fact & order yourself a next size up to fit as you normal wear. Same holds true for the winner here who gets to enjoy a free T-shirt~ so when we ask that lucky winner later what size they want? Just remember to order the next size up from what you normally choose. Also, the winner can choose the T-shirt design they like best as well as the christian-travel insulated tumbler I reviewed and the one Tracy reviewed found  HERE
           Those cute tumblers are only  $9.99 each & Mom could enjoy at hot or cold drink inside one since they are insulated :)
   If either items is out of stock then the sponsor will substitute the two choices. But right now they are showing in stock so why not get that fun click of the mouse going and order Mom one for her special day & then take her out to see the movie  Moms Night Out   when it hits the theaters May 9th on Mother's Day weekend :)
                    Displaying Full Time Mom - MNO1548.jpgDisplaying His Masterpiece - MNO1547.jpg
 Watch the Trailer to the Movie "Moms Night Out Below :) I think it will be fun for Mothers & the whole family to enjoy.

        You can  Get your Moms' Night Out T-shirts  Just follow the link & order

                                                  Win A T-shirt & Tumbler!
                             Entering is easy through the giveaway tools forum found below
        And don't forget to visit Tracy too because you can see her review choices from the lovely company of 
and score extra entries in our combined duo giveaway here today. Also remember folks~ we are not done in our daily spires for you to enjoy in chances to win them :)  Though this is day 5 in our Mothers Day Gift Guide event, we still have a few more days to go and they are real whoppers that you will just love! 
          So after you enter this Kerusso sponsored giveaway below then~ back your truck up at catch the prior days in the event for 
  day 1 > toilet tree products shower/shampoo dispenser
  day 2 >tropical-traditions-gold-label-virgin coconut oil
  day 3>montagne-jeunesse-facial-masque
  day4> Log 'n Go Bonfire

 And get your entry in for those too. Lots of prizes to be won & you might win them all. 
You just never know what the random giveaway tools will chose as the lucky winner! 
   Prizes ship free to the location of the winners choice. This Sponsored Giveaway is for #USA
                      Good Luck! And Happy early Mothers Day :)
 Disclosure:  provided me with the above mentioned products free to facilitate this review post & to host a free sponsored giveaway. No compensation was given & As always all opinions are 100% my own. Affiliated links may be with in this post.

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