Friday, June 14, 2013

#BzzAgent's Try Out Company Products, Spread The Word & Share Coupons "B" A BzzAgent Like Me & Load Your #Kroger Loyalty Card

Hi there :) Let me buzz just a few minutes your way to tell you about why I am a BzzAgent & what great perks that I get to enjoy free just for being a BzzAgent

What is a Bzzagent ? 
   It's a company that uses synergism with any & every company out there that you already know about that you buy products from in your everyday life. Wheter you buy those products from stores like Walmart   CVS  Walgreens or your favorite Grocery stores like Kroger  etc. The products you already buy like  Drscholls  foot care items, Cold & Flu medicines like  Coricidinhbp HBP Leancuisine ,  Gillette  products, Or All the deals that #Kroger can offer you like #fuel #points, #summer #grilling, and lots more.
   BzzAgent works happily with All those great companies to get the WORD OUT about new products that All those companies bring forward to the market place to everyday consumers like you who buy those products both in stores & online.
And they have been Connecting people and their favorite brands since 2001, BzzAgent is the leading social marketing company.
And they put those same products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of real consumers and help them share their opinions about them with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more.
    And once you hear about the  Bzzagent Campaigns offered to you free to try, your thrilled to be a part of  that consumer participation which is totally free. You take part in said company product so they know what products you like & want to try out.  Free to join, free to choose the product you hope to try out free, which is shipped free too. And if they feel you are a "good fit" for the product you hoped to try out~ then yes...they send it to you by mail "free" with their only hope & expectation  being that they want you to..try it..then tell others what you thought about the product by your word of mouth, maybe a phone call to a neighbor, post your thoughts about it on facebook, tweet about, maybe you still write letters & send my snail mail to your friends or families in other states, great! then tell them about that product you tried out & include one of the free coupons inside that the BzzAgent also sent to you when they sent you the free product to try. That's it! That's all you do. And the more you ask for more free company product campaigns to be a part of trying free & spread the WORD about them, then the more offers they send you to try. You build your chances & score to gain more free product tried campaigns by the fun task they let you keep up with on there fun web site. 
   If you enjoy doing something, then it's not like work at all. There is no pressure when you take part in becoming a free BzzAgent. You decide how much or less you want to take part in the fun free product campaigns you are offered once you let them know what products suit your interest to try free.
   It's sort of like Gossip lol  but in a good way that you love to tell about & love to hear about.
      And the Bzzagent logo of the buzzer bee sort of tells it all :)

 When I first saw that symbol I was thinking what? Just like you reading this post today.  I am a blogger true, but you don't have to be one or have a blog to spread the word about the BzzAgent  once you join free.
   I heard about them from another blogger & a friend online that does not even blog.
I took the time to read about them on there website. (Reading is free so it hurt nothing to find out).
I then thought ok, I will join by signing in free & just watch, listen & stay in the shadow for awhile to see what it's all about. Then it didn't take me long to see that yes, I would like to have a free try at that new product they are telling me about in the DR Schools gel pad insoles for my tired feet. My previous #product #review #Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Insoles So I ask for a try at that free product campaign. It was excepted & they showed up in my mailbox along with lots! of free money saving coupons. And what do you do once you love the way a product, tasted, felt or preformed for you in a good way? You get happy that you have it & want to tell others about it. Maybe the product was not up to pare like you thought, well they still want you tell others what you thought. I have been able to try out two campaigns thus far & I look forward to more that fit my needs, likes, in a product that I already use or want to try when those companies create new products in there line that they hope to sell to the public, like me or you as a consumer who shops for products in stores each day.
And that is just the exact result that BzzAgent wants you to take part in once you tried the product by spreading the word & handing out the coupons to others to enjoy & try for them selves.
      Watch the BzzAgent Video to see what I mean

What did I hope to gain today by telling you all about this leading social marketing company called
Well,  #1 reason is that I hope you see that you too can enjoy free perks in trying great new products as they first appear on store shelves after being released to the public, for free sent free to you from the #BzzAgent team to try, tell about & share with news of the product and hand out the coupons.
#2 Reason is that I like to share great news with my readers here on my blog or my own networks like twitter, facebook, pinterest etc. I'm sure you have the same networks that you use daily in fun, so yes, I hope you tell others what I let you know about here today & comment below on this post with your thoughts because I love to hear them.
#3 Reason is that did you know that #Kroger (that wonderful grocery store or chain of stores that you probably shop with for your everyday groceries, fuel purchases, etc show in choices here below) 
Kroger Stores
 Each store offers you a shoppers #Reward Loyalty Card that is free to obtain (just ask for it when you shop with them)
This is what mine looks like :) I love using this free loyalty card @my Kroger Store
 and use it to SWIPE @the checkout or you can load your loyalty cards with each weeks
Use it @the pump when you Gas Up with #Kroger
The friendly BzzAgent team says:
Friends who shop together stay together
So....if you shop within The Kroger Co. Family of Stores. Which means there’s a good chance your friends shop within The Kroger Co. Family of Stores. Which means there’s an awesome chance they could be trying quality Kroger products for free. All you have to do is invite them to join BzzAgent.
            So today...I invite  You :) to join free the #BzzAgent team found here :) 
 So you can take part in the same Kroger savings when you connect their loyalty cards and save $ money as you shop with them. And also have the chance to take part in any up coming soon to be campaigns they may work with in with the awesome BzzAgent team.
So you too can Try Out Company Products, Spread The Word & Share Coupons "B" A BzzAgent Like Me & Load Your #Kroger Loyalty Card  :)
     Thanks for stopping by today & lending me your ear so I could Buzz in it about this great leading social marketing company +BzzAgent  of which I am really enjoying being a free member and able to enjoy great campaigns to spread the word about.
Have a great weekend folks :) Julie you host here at Mamawj's Moment Away

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