Monday, June 24, 2013

Color your July 4th Celebration With #Suddenly #Salad's Red White & BlueBerry Pasta Salad

Adding color to your 4th of July foods celebrations can be fun & easy with the cool help of  Suddenly Salad    a +Betty Crocker  enjoyed product line that gives you  seven delicious flavors,
Flavor choices viewed here

 So there’s sure to be a Suddenly Salad mix for everyone and for any occasion. Simply follow the instructions on the box, or visit for delicious recipes.
By using quick and easy stir-ins, Suddenly Salad can be whatever you make it: a simple side dish, star of the backyard BBQ, or a crowd-pleasing main course.
So when you take your celebration outside as most of us will indeed do, for the 4th of July Celebrations be it picnics, backyard cookouts, etc.
Whip up something quick, easy & delicious with the help of
Suddenly Salad
And why not color your side dish meals with the good ole Red White & Blue patriotic colors by making this easy & tasty pasta dish of
Click here for the recipe >> Red, White and Blueberry Pasta Salad 
Red, White and Blueberry Pasta Salad
Oh, that looks so good to try!
I love filling up on cool satisfying side dishes when there's a hot outdoors celebration going on. And this quick recipe from #Betty Crocker using the Suddenly Salad classic pasta salad mix looks to be a fast , easy & tasty side dish that everyone will love for the 4th of July that will send your celebration out with a pleasing bang!!

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