Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rev Up Your Road Trip With Motor Oil Matters Facebook #Sweepstake​s

I hope each of you are having a great Sunday wherever you are in God's corner of the world :)
Today I am exhausted after a four day vacation at the lake with my awesome grandson.
Where we enjoyed lots & lots of fishing and caught some great fish of bluegill, sunfish, and his favorite, large mouth bass.
This trip was just him & his two granny's and we had a great time. But the drive was a long 4 hour trip and I'm glad to be back on this beautiful Sunday to rest.
I wanted to share a road trip car care tip /info for you in case you too are about to hit the open road for these enjoyed summer days ahead.
Which is on the subject of assuring that your car's oil maintenance is road ready for your trip ahead.
I myself check my oil before I ever start a  road trip. And make the necessary maintenance needs concerning my cars oil before I hit the road.
So, check out the great helpful info below before you hit the road next.
Have a great Sunday Everyone :)  ~Julie

Summer is road trip time, but before you pack the trunk, it's probably a good idea to check your owner's manual for maintenance recommendations. It might be time for an oil change. 
If it's time, remember that motor oil matters. You want to be sure that you or your oil change location pours the American Petroleum Institute (API) licensed oil recommended for your car or truck.
  • If you're buying this oil yourself, look for the API Starburst or Donut on the label.
  • If an oil change location is installing the oil for you, make sure you know what that shop is actually pouring into your car. A good deal on an oil change is only good when the oil's API licensed and meets the recommendations for your car or truck's engine.
This recommendation is coming from Motor Oil Matters, or MOM for short, a new program offered by the API.
  • MOM's goal is to make sure cars and trucks get the oil they need.
  • MOM does this by reminding car and truck owners about the benefits of pouring quality motor oils and calling on the carpet those who are pouring lower quality oils.
When the time comes to get your oil changed, be sure to bring MOM's oil change checklist found on the website. This simple checklist will help ensure that you get the oil recommended for your car or truck.
And now through July 10th, MOM is providing a chance to help you on your way with the "Rev Up Your Road Trip Sweepstakes" on Facebook!
  • Enter for a chance to be one of 25 lucky winners to win a $100 Visa gift card for your summer road trip needs. 
  • It's easy to enter: just drive over to the Motor Oil Matters Facebook page, give the thumbs up by clicking "Like", and head to the "Rev Up Your Road Trip" tab. Ready, set, GO!
Don't forget: When the oil life monitor or the mileage on your car says it's time for an oil change, it's time. Also remember that car and truck manufacturers recommend specific oil viscosities and performance levels. Check your owner's manual for this information before you have the oil changed.
Check out the MOM website to see if your favorite oil change location's MOM-licensed! If it isn't, show them your copy of the checklist and ask them to sign up.
Be sure to also check out the @motoroilmatters Twitter page for the most recent updates and news while you prep for your summer road trip! And Happy Cruising!
Disclose ** This info was brought to you today by my sponsored Friends at Coyne PR and Motor Oil Matters. I am posting the above info for my readers knowledge & no compensation was received from the said sponsors. I only share post or product info that I feel my readers would enjoy learning about. And as always, my thoughts expressed are my own honest ones spoken.
                    Have a great Sunday Everyone :)  ~Julie

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