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#Kernel Season's #Popcorn #Seasonings Product Review What will you sprinkle them on besides popcorn?

Just like the song goes "Take a good look at my face"
       " I say" Take a good look at this  face Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning  The face on the most flavorful  seasonings that I had the pleasure of trying with Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning 

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For All....these delouse flavors  that can add unique flavors to your popcorn or other recipes as well :)

White Cheddar
Nacho Cheddar
Parmesan and Garlic
Sour Cream & Onion
Popcorn Salt
Kettle Corn
Cheesy Jalapeno

Apple Cinnamon
Chocolate Marshmallow
Chili Lime
Salt & Vinegar
Milk Chocolate Caramel
Bacon Cheddar
Buffalo Wing

Wow! Lot's of choices huh?  Which flavor seasonings were I blessed to review?
  Come see :)

  Thanks to the kind folks @ Kernel Seasons  I was blessed to receive and review these 8 flavors of the kernel seasons popcorn seasonings, 2 packs of the kernels microwave popcorn, a sturdy thick cardboard popcorn bucket to enjoy our popcorn in (great for movie night to pass around) and the review pack also came with a handy paper flyer recipe book that gave me 5 choice recipe ideas to try to make someday  and gave suggestive ideas  for each flavor seasoning to use on lots of meals, foods, or dishes that we prepare. And some of the ideas I thought were quite ingenious. Like, ideas for use with eggs, soups, salads, potatoe chips and more!
    There motto @ #Kernel Seasons is "No More Naked Popcorn" and boy! Do I ever agree with that statement ;)
  I was giddy at which flavor to try first :)  So we popped our microwave popcorn packet that was enclosed and I ask my grandson "which one should we choose?". His answer "Butter"!! 
    That boy loves...butter! Who doesn't though? Am I right or what?
           It was so good!!  We ate the bag together in no time after we sprinkled it on right into the bag!

The tops of each flavor bottle , suggest ideas of ways to enjoy them.
The butter flavor says : Try me on...Veggies, rice, noodles, eggs (oh!! And they are..gluten free!)
So tonight for supper I put two of the flavors to the test.
Still using the Butter flavor, I made coated boneless chicken strips & sprinkled the butter flavor kernel seasoning into my egg dip mixture & into my flour coating mixture that would coat my chicken pieces.

                        Then baked them in the oven for one hour @350  degrees
                                       Yum!! They turned out so buttery flavored with out all the grease that liquid butter makes & were so moist and juicy..See the golden color the Butter Flavor Kernel Seasonings made them? Oh they were so good!
                                             Still using the Butter flavor on some veggies..
                                           I baked some potatoes & split them open & added
                                             the same flavor season.

                            They were really good too! 

           Now...on to desert..
               I don't know about you, but I am sorta like Rachel Ray  who says use all the last of any ingredient when you cook. If she has just a tiny bit of a certain sauce in a jar or bottle, she mixes it with another liquid or a ingredient she is using so the item gets used and not waisted. And I do that same thing when I go to the pantry & see what I can toss together to make. And I found a half box of strawberry cake mix because I don't always use the whole box of anything if I know it will go to waist or leave leftovers that may not get eaten. So it's easy to just fix half & that way you have the other half later to fix, which also saves you money or your next gro bill.
             So I also grabbed a small can of crushed pineapples, and added them to my baking dish with a tiny bit of brown sugar, then thought I would give the Kernel Seasons flavor of Caramel a try :)
So I sprinkled it on top of my pineapple mixture, then poured on my strawberry cake mix batter, then sprinkled on a bit more of the Kernel Seasons flavor of Caramel. Baked it @350 degrees for 45 minutes

         And this is what was revealed after it came out of the oven, all warm & yummy to enjoy
             The Caramel flavor in the Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning , provided a caramelized texture when incorporated with the pineapples, it's juices and the brown sugar that it all got mixed with and was so good :) Hubby had his with a scoop of vanilla ice cream over top. I know most pineapple up side down cakes call for yellow cake mixes, but hey! go try the strawberry flavor cake mix instead, and I think you will be hooked ;)  It sort of reminds me of a banana split enjoyed, but only a warm version enjoyed verses cold.

              The top on the #Caramel flavor suggest : trying it on cereal, fruit, coffee, toast. All great ideas! And I think it would be great used on oatmeal, cream of wheat, on top of cookies as you bake them, or how about as you make the red candy apples and sprinkle that flavor in the hot mixture to give you both flavors? Or over hams baked for the mouth is watering thinking about that last suggestion :)
I still have the 6 other flavors to give a try on anything besides popcorn.
 And I will, don't you doubt that for a minute lol
I think the #Ranch flavor is ideal for making homemade croutons, which I am starting to make myself for our #salads because store bought ones are so costly.

I think the #Nacho Cheddar flavor would be great to take your plain taco shells and toss them around inside a zip lock bag and coat them to enjoy making tacos just like the new flavor that certain fast food Mexican restaurants serve.
I tried that idea last night on our taco shell bowls for our taco salads. By sprinkling the season on the shells then baking them until brown. Oh man!! were they good. :) yum!!

Nacho Cheddar
           #Parmesan Garlic would be great for making home cheese bread sticks and add it on top of the mozzarella cheese
 Parmesan and Garlic
     #Sour Cream & Onion  I think would be great for making home made chips or any #French Fries
Sour Cream & Onion
        #White Cheddar...I will have to hide this one if I want it to last for more uses, because hubby LOVES  popcorn with the flavor enjoyed of White Cheddar
White Cheddar
#Kettle Corn...hmmm let me think on that one for ideas.. wonder what it would taste like sprinkled on crackers then bake them until warm?  I might have to find out.  What are your ideas on that one?
       Kettle Corn
             I am still seriously curious about the flavors of Bacon Cheddar
    we sometimes make our own beef jerky strips so I am thinking that flavor would totally rock that idea :)
              Or Cinnamon Apple Apple Cinnamon I think when I dehydrate apple slices that I could make my own trail mix using that flavor on them.  So I will have to buy that flavor for sure!
             Wouldn't these make great gifts for any occasion?  Your collage kids that you send care packages to, would love finding lots of great ways to enjoy these flavors from Kernel Seasons
     I bet your wondering, where  have I seen this item at besides my stores shelves?   The answer  is the #movie  Theaters :) That's right!  They have them in tiny bottles to buy so you can take them into the movie and sprinkle on to your bag of popcorn they sell you.
   I hope you look for this awesome line of product flavors in your local grocers store where you shop. If they don't have them, then ask you store manager to consider carrying them. Most times they will happily order a certain product from companies if they see there is a customer desire for them.
And once again let me direct you to their website where you can buy each flavor choice at a low price of $3.99 each and you can get great deals with their special web deal of  buy 4 and get the 5th one free. Or get free shipping on orders of $40 or more with purchases in the continental US
Free Shipping for orders over $40

 And you can buy other great items to besides the Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning flavors, like Movie Theater Butter Popping Oil or Popcorn Spritzer

 Or topping oil, microwave popcorn sets, Kernel Seasons Popcorn and Accessories Or Popcorn Machines and great bowls to store your fresh popped corn to take along places to enjoy. We go to the Drive In Theater in the summer time & this would work great for us to take along the yummy popcorn with any of the seasoning sprinkled on it to enjoy.

Or great Gear to wear that bears the Kernel Seasons logo like the


Or these oh so cute Onesies for babies adorable..

Wouldn't that be a cute Halloween outfit for babies? You could add a pair of red & white striped pants or pj's (you know, that look like the popcorn bucket photo above) and then let there candy bucket be a popcorn bucket which you could easily save from your theater trips when you bought your popcorn. Or I have seen those at the dollar tree for$1 each in a sturdy plastic bowl which I have myself that I bought at Christmas. You could even buy those and then fill them with lots of popcorn flavor seasonings from Kernel Seasons. That would make a great gift for a house warming gift, a person graduating & going off to college or for a birthday. Fathers Day is this weekend so order some now & have it mailed to him to surprise him if he lives far away within the USA. Even if it comes after fathers day since its very close to the date, he would still love receiving such a tasty treat.  You could buy everything you needed for any gift giving occasion, straight from the web site.
Just like the fabulous gift basket set that I was blessed to review for Kernel Season's
 In this great deal @a great Price of  $29.99

They also offer #Gourmet #Popcorn as well
Everything I just mentioned above can easily be purchased at great prices Found Here
   #Gluten Free and Ordering is secured by Geo Trust

Just look for the symbol in the bottom left corner & click to verify. That fact is important to me when I order online, to assure my order is safe with what ever method of payment I choose to use.
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Bring on the Barbecue

      Why not "POP" me your thoughts on the subject at hand below?  Because I would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on what ways you would enjoy this great product & the many flavors they offer you in stores or online to buy.
      I may be able to come back in the Fall and offer one lucky USA  person the chance to Win something great from this awesome company in a sponsored giveaway. So in the meantime, show us some blog/company sponsor love & comment below :)
                   Thanks for stopping by today & Have a great weekend everyone! ~Julie
 My Disclose*   I was provided the Gift Pack mentioned above from @Kernel Seasons for product review purposes  to host this sponsored post for you my readers to learn about. No other compensation was given and all thoughts expressed here are my own honest ones. Thank You #Kernel Season's for your generous sponsored product review in which I received :)

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  1. OMG - I had no idea that there were so many flavorings for popcorn. And they all sound so good, I don't think there's one you have listed that I wouldn't want to try. I see a few I know Neil would be excited about. You are so creative girl!! That chicken looks so yummy, I can almost smell it. And the pineapple/strawberry upside down cake looks delicious. I know I'm gonna have to try that one because I love pineapple and that yummy caramelized flavor. What an easy way to get it with Kernel Seasonings. My mind is spinning with ideas of all the great tasting vegetables I could make. I know lots of people who eat a gluten free diet so that's another big plus. Thanks for telling me about these, I can't wait to buy some and try them out!


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