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Drain your Tuna Can W/No Mess No Touch Using #Tuna #Squish Product Review #Win 1 here #Giveaway USA Ends 6/24

          "Let's talk Tuna Cans" huh?
                   They have perks & down falls both...
            Here is my + and - facts, on the subject.
Plus + factor equals:
   the cans stack great in your pantry
   the cans make awesome craft projects like homemade scented tea cup candles, or my favorite, outdoor citronella candles, great for use as desk top organized containers to house your supplies like paper clips, etc.
Minus - factor equals:
     The oil that drains from it when opened, running down your hands and splattering out as you attempt to drain the contents and remove the lid.
     All the while loosing some of your tuna as you are making a mess trying to drain it, now you have food pieces in your sink or on your counter top to clean up.
   And then have to take the lid to toss it, meaning your dirty hands now touch the trash can lid and will get other kitchen items dirty.
   And wait still need to wash your hands then go back to your opened can of tuna that is all wet & slippery and now pour your tuna out to use and prepare.

    Get the picture?  And all the while that messy maneuver took at least  10 to 15 minutes to accomplish.. ugh!!
Now....let's view A  BETTER Way ...  in our minds to solve that problem..

What?  What is Tuna Squish your thinking...
Well, Tuna Squish is an ingenious kitchen gadget that takes the mess out of  "Draining Tuna Cans" And...discarding the can's lid...With no mess & the ability to discard the lid with out your hands touching the messy opened can.
Watch the Video below to see how it works

    See what I mean?  Cool huh? 
          Here's the  easy step picture  of how to use this handy dandy gadget of the #Tuna Squish
photos courtesy of

How to Use the Tuna Squish

Step 1: Open the can of tuna
Opening the can of tuna
Step 2: Insert opened tuna can into Tuna Squish
Place the opened tuna can into the Tuna Squish
Step 3: Squeeze handles, turn sideways to drain the liquid
Squeeze handles together
Turn Sideways to drain the liquid
Step 4:  Separate handles, magnet in upper handle will lift lid off of the tuna can
Separate Handles. Magnet lifts lid
Step 5: Press release button, drop lid safely into trash      
Press release button, drop lid into garbage
Final Step: Delish!
Tuna Squish in Action
I love this new found ingenious kitchen gadget.
And here with the ease & help of this item, I was able to open, drain, remove the lid to the tuna fish can with out touching the lid or making a big mess from the liquid drained from the can.
And besides all those +factors....
Isn't it just so dang cute!!
I mean seriously folks...look at it..
  cute blue tuna fish with happy eyes ;)

I was so pleased to be able to review this great product.
  And the team of Tuna Squish also sent me a can opener & a can of tuna so I had everything needed to give it a try my first time.
I think the fact that it houses a magnet within its body to let the tuna cans lids attach to it until you click the lever to release it to toss away with out having to touch it is so handy!

Here are my photos of how easy it was to use it.

 ready to squish & drain
see the lid attached due to the magnet within the gadgets top handle
 now let close it, click the lever and release the lid to toss away without ever touching it
 My hubby loves tuna :)
I have his work lunch already to go with tuna salad from the help & ease of Tuna Squish

I honestly will use this handy #kitchen / #cooking  gadget product for opening other cans that are the exact size as canned tuna, such as canned boneless chicken, sardines, and pineapples. Because the drain factor to SQUISH it way cool!!
And the low buying price of this handy dandy item is way cool too @ $9.99 each wow!!
Wouldn't this make a great house warming gift for a themed gift basket?
I think a great idea would be to use a metal oval tub and place you some blue shredded gift wrapping paper in it's bottom, (to simulate the ocean waters blue seas) then the Blue colored Tuna Squish nestled in amongst 3-or 4 cans of tuna maybe in both varieties of water or oil canned tuna, a box of saltine crackers, some colored pasta noodles, a couple of wooden salad bowls. Wrap it all up with clear cling wrap and add a blue bow to it.
What a great gift that would make & the tub can be used later at parties to house ice in to store cold drinks in for guest or after you prepared your tuna salads with the cold pasta you could place the wooden salad bowls down into the ice to keep them cold and let that be your cold buffet bar for serving the foods as appetizers. And place your Tuna Squish on the ice just for the center piece as the sea theme decoration.
I seriously may use that idea, that I just now envisioned :)
At my next summer get together with friends.
And speaking of  good food, friends & getting together...
You can find great tuna recipes
here below @
Great Tuna Recipes Ideas That #Tuna Squish Shares With You on there Blog "Check it Out" And use them at your next #party or get together with friends  
I book marked that site ~for sure ;)
Want to know more about the company that created this great product?
Find out here >>  About Tuna Squish
And ALL great companies are on ALL the networks that we are a part of each day & use, so why not connect with them too & read about there latest news as they share it with you first..
found on there sites with
TunaSquish on Facebook 
TunaSquish on Twitter
Tuna Squish on Pinterest
Tuna Squish on Google+ 
Tuna Squish on linkedin
Or my personal favorite is to subscribe to there free news feed ~where they share recipes with pictures of the finished dish & more~ great perks of being a #Tuna Squish fan :)
Sub to Tuna Squish News Feed

You Can  Purchase Tuna Squish Directly from the Tuna Squish web site by clicking Here

And "Never Touch Your Tuna" - Tuna Squish is a handheld can press that drains liquid and lifts lids off tuna cans without the mess. Order yours today:
     Stock photo courtesy of Tuna Squish for product review post info only
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  1. I do like that Tuna Squish is a safe product with no risk of cutting our hand on the sharp can edges and that no tuna juice will get on our hands either.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. This would help so much I worry about cutting myself every week when I open the tuna or chicken and thanks for the chance to win

  3. OMG! I would love to try that Tuna Avocado salad. I love tuna salad & I love avocados............why have I never thought to pair them up? (face plant)

  4. I entered Jack the Giant Slayer giveaway
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  5. I love the fact that you don't touch the can to squeeze the water out therefore you don't smell fishy. love the idea.


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