Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Loyal Fans Let's Sing Praises, Celebrate & Enter The #Dial 65K Gold #Giveaway & #Win a Free Coupon for @Dial #Body #Wash Ends 8/15

          Everyone ready?  On~3 then?
                     A One, A Two, A Three...
For Dial's a jolly good fellow, for Dial's a jolly good fellow
For Dial's a jolly good fellow (pause), which nobody can deny!
        Congratulations  Dial on 65 Loyal years of bringing us all, great Health & Beauty products to stay  clean, and provide us with healthy skin. Which nobody can deny! Dial is America's trusted brand for 65 years, and continues to deliver.
       So let's all say great work @Dial  & way to go!!
      And Dial wants each of you to celebrate with them in their awesome 65 years of company success.
     By entering the Dial 65K Gold Giveaway. Where the Grand prize awarded will be $65,000 in GOLD to ONE (1) Lucky Winner And 65 Winners will get to take home a years supply of  Dial Body Wash :) Woo hoo!! Smells like a giveaway huh?

   So while here today @mamawj's moment away Dial party celebration....take two great chances to win there amazing body wash choice scents...By entering their Giveaway  And my free coupon giveaway too!!  Both of which can be found on the +Rafflecopter #giveaway form below.
    Entering is fast, easy & good clean fun!! With the help of  #Dial :)  & #Purex

 Because, I am a happy purex insider.
 And in being so, it let's me proudly bring the chance to share the same free coupon with Three (3) Lucky Entrants who will enter my Dial & Purex sponsored coupon giveaway below.
    Did you know that Dial Body Wash comes 15 choice scents? Wow!!
 Nothing boring about that fact :)  Which one do I like best?  Well, I'm not done trying them all.
Like a  great tasting flavor that you just want to savor, I am having a great time enjoying each one slowly...And right now...I love what the scent Lavendar & Twilight Jasmine..(a All Day Freshness Antibacterial Body Wash.) that is delivering my body's skin with the Sweetly innocent and richly exotics that provides an experience that is pure indulgence, while its moisturizers help hydrate my skin. Yes...that's how they say it for this scent @Dial & I could not of expressed  it better in words to you about how it smells & feels when you wash with it..unless I say it in a few words when I'm done showering...of.....something like...oh yes I feel so much better..then I'm smelling my arm..like you do when you want to just keep on keeping on..with the great scent you chose & loved... So I think Dial said it best on this scent :) don't you?
     Here's my picture of those two wonderful scents, showering outside in today's Tennessee Rain :)

I can't wait to try the scent Coconut Water & Bamboo Leaf Extract which is a Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash   Just thinking about those scents wakes up my nose.  Are you one of those people who lifts the tops of the bottles in the store & sniffs it to see which one will get the pleasure of going home with you ? I am :) Always have been. Maybe it's a woman thing. LOL 
     Now that I have your nose wondering too, what say you head down below to party head quarters & get your name in the party hat "so to speak" for your chance to win a free Dial body wash coupon so you can pick out ANY..yes..I said ANY...Scent you like free..if you win my #giveaway :)
      There will be Three (3) Winners Chosen & each persons free dial body wash coupon is a $4.49 Maximum value. That I myself will mail out to my 2 winners. Who need to reside in the USA that are 18yrs+ in age and (no. p.o. boxes).
        Just follow the directions below on the giveaway form to enter for the chance to be one of those lucky 3 people who wins 1 ONE free coupon each.
        You'll also see the link to enter Dial's 65K gold Giveaway. And you might just win that too.  So be sure to enter it. Because some one will win the Gold!!
And 65 people will win a years supply of Dial Body wash. Boy!! You could really try out all there 15 choice scents in body wash that way.
   Those 65 Lucky Winners names are already being picked & announced "See links below of Dial Announcing the winners as it has already began :) Which will run from June 17th through August  19th. You can enter daily at there link on Facebook. Which I have also provided for you below to easily reach colored in PINK
      Shari G.! She has won a year's supply of Dial Body Wash States Dial ON Facebook
Matthew S.! He has won a year's supply of Dial Body Wash also Announced On Sunday June 18th By Dial
                     Good luck Everyone!! 
                                                 Will you be next who's name Dial will announce?
                      Not unless you enter will you at least have the chance!!
                          So go for it & go here to Enter at my Direct Unique Link
                                          FOUND HERE :) & Good Luck!!
                                   Don't forget to "Like" the Dial Facebook Page first :)
Thank You Everyone for Stopping By & be sure to come back & share this giveaway daily within the giveaway form, that just keeps giving you extra chances to win my free coupon giveaway.
           This Sponsored Giveaway Will Run During the Duration of the Dial Sweepstakes Giveaway So that everyone visiting  my site will be able to view the promotion in which I want to spread the word about, and enter bot that promotion & my coupon giveaway. My sponsored giveaway will End  On August the 15th (a few days before the Dial sweepstakes ends on Aug 19th so be sure to enter both my giveaway here and the sweepstakes)
   Long giveaway yes, but at the end..............Three Lucky People will be mailed a free coupon to enjoy the great scents of Dial Body Wash :)
                    Disclosure* I am following FCC rules here within my post by disclosing that I did not receive any monetary funds for posting this sponsored product review from #Dial  But did in fact receive free coupons for the Dial product mentioned above from #Purex  in exchange for sharing the Dial sweepstakes. However, all the opinions expressed here within this post are my own honest ones.
              Thank you sponsors Dial & Purex :)   I thoroughly enjoy being a Purex Insider
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  2. I'd choose the Skin Therapy Himalayan Pink Salt & Water Lily scent


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