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As Seen On #TV Product #Review & USA #Giveaway #Win #GLEEN Cloth Ends 9/20/2013

What's your experience with products or company products that you see advertised on the "As Seen On TV" commercials?

 Or even when you go into the stores that are now the "As Seen On TV" stores to shop for all those unique products that are advertised?

     I myself am curious when I see those TV commercials & wonder if the products that they promote, are indeed worth the money they sell for or hold up to the job they say they will perform for you. I have never bought from the TV Ad's that I see go across the screen that give you a number to call. I'm an in store or online type shopper & would rather just purchase that way. But I do like it that you have choices in which way you prefer to buy the product if it's something that may interest me in trying.  We have a store near us in a nearby tourist town of #Sevierville, #Tennessee. (pictured above) And I do like going inside to see what all they offer when we are up that way or when it is near the holidays to see if anything strikes my interest for gifts.
     Sometimes it is true that when you buy a product you see advertised that you may or may not be wasting your money by seeing if it works or not. And that is one reason I go searching for reviews on a product before I buy it. Whether it is a review straight from a web site, or on someone's blog. It's true that everyone has very different views & thoughts on an item/product, but at least it gives you some type information to go on when trying to decide if you want to spend your hard earned money on a product to see if you do indeed get your money's worth & use from the product.
     I think that's why blogging appealed to me so much when I first heard about what it was. Anyone can start a blog & use it for any thing they decide. But I really liked the idea of being a part of  trying out products and then giving my opinion on them. And that is why & how my blog was even started. And then of course, you add your own other interest on the blog as well.
     During the sharing process of those company products that you do & host on your social networks or follow other blogs, etc. You come across other companies or maybe just a product that you wonder about. And that is what happen with my blogging, when I seen the company & product for
Gleen-Corp .
       I was very curious about it & the product they created at Gleen-Corp . So when I was given the chance to try the Gleen-Corp product of gleencloth  I did just that & tried it's performace to see how it did in cleaning.

So I read the directions that came inside the box on a handy leaf paper that has a trio of easy helpful information explaining the product, it's uses on what and how to use it & a thank you from the Co-founder of the line of gleencloth products Darrell Hubbard. GLEEN Corp.

    I liked the clearly how to use a directions of a combo of water & the gleencloth. The amount of water that you use on the cloth is determined by the job or object that you choose to clean. I thought when it said just use with water by soaking it & wring out the water after each usage, that how would this item possibly clean? I mean you just feel like you should add something to the item or on the surface item that your cleaning because that is what we normally would do. But, I went ahead & did what it said as I cleaned my very dirty, filmy, double pane windows.

seriously dirty with a milky film I know of dust, dirt & grime. We burn a fireplace fire at times & as enjoyable as they are, they create dirty glass windows. And top ones seem to get dirtier than the bottoms do.
 So... I got cleaning them. And soaked my gleencloth for just a few minutes at most in warm water then wringed it out and went to cleaning them.

And man, was I surprised at the grime it was lifting. The gleencloth was really getting dirty. At that point I thought, well now its just going to spread the dirt on the cloth & won't lift off the cloth as I rinse it in the warm bucket of water & then re -squeeze out. But that was not the case at all. And it just kept giving me sheen & shine. Then I see a light bead of the water on the glass & think, I need a dry rag to wipe it off so it won't leave streaks. But remembering what the directions state, which were to wait & let the beads dry on there on. Which again I thought, no way I'm going to have to get a dry rag & wipe it again. But I waited like it states & in about 10 minutes, it was all clear  to see through & shinned with clear sheen in clean results.
                   really took the grime and dirt right to...the gleencloth

             had to reach inside the two panes with my long stick that I wrapped the gleencloth around to try and reach the glass backs of the panes ...boy.. icky dirt revealed And with the double pane windows we have it's so hard to get up inside to clean between the two surfaces & I thought, well I will wrap the gleencloth around a long stick & let that be my arm to reach it & I moved it back & forth in motion against the glass & it even cleaned it great. I tell you, this is one of those as seen on TV items that made me a believer in using.
took my bottom pane off to show you just how clear and clean they got and dries fast and streak free. By the design on that window you see was created using gallery glass paints by plaid. Look for that tutorial coming soon in my craft page found on my sidebar. That product is amazing too!
 Just look at the T-Totally complete difference in the before & after of cleaning this window

    It even says you can re-wash them & use again by letting air dry. You better believe I will do just that too. So far I have only cleaned my windows, my mirrors, my sinks spickets. And I just love the results. I plan on cleaning out my cars interior really good this week & I just know this item on the gleencloth will do a great job. I'm going to keep one in the car so on those times when your inside windows are just terribly dirty to see out of, that I know I can keep them clean with just the use of water & the #gleencloth to do it. They even sent me the gleencloth #electronic cleaning cloth which works ideally on all kinds of electronic gadgets as well.
    So, the next time I am near our closet location of the "As seen on TV stores" I will see if they offer both these & the other items that sells.  I got curious after I seen how great the item worked & looked on the web site at  to see what else they made that would be so helpful in cleaning. And seen that they make a Clear view which a cloth for eyeglass cleaning, Gleen Auto Marine which is for cleaning those car windows I mentioned earlier All found here.
  As well as GLEEN, Organic Puratizer is the most effective all natural green cleaner available. GLEEN, Organic Puratizer™ effectively cleans away mold spores, infectious bacteria, virus germs, and their food sources.
And a product that is NEW from     called New gleen-scrubby  which I really want to try out in the next product review that I hope to be a future host for soon.
And one feature I think know that I like best is that 
     And...They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee
                You can find them on   Facebook  Right Here Just Click & "Like" them if you so choose to

       You can get you a "Free" Gleen Electronics's cleaning cloth while visiting their Facebook page found here

                 Click to shop for these products mentioned above with  Buy It Here
               Want to win the same prize pack in products that I reviewed for ?
                       Great!! Because the GLEEN Corp Co-Founder himself  Darrell Hubbard
   at who so kindly sent me the two great items mentioned in the review post, would also like for ONE (1) Lucky USA person to #Win the same gleencloth products that I was able to review.( Note* No P.O. Boxes will be excepted) This sponsored #Giveaway is OPEN to ALL USA residents who are 18 years or older to enter for the chance to win.

                  This #Giveaway will end on September 20th 2013
      The ONE (1) Lucky winner will be notified by me at the email they provide for contact & will have 48 hours to respond/reply to my winning email notification by providing a USA shipping address & area code telephone number for shipping reasons only. Failure to do so in the 48 hr time allotted will result in forfeiting the prize & another name will be drawn using via the +Rafflecopter  easy #Giveaway forum.
     The sponsor will ship the free winning prize that includes free shipping.
Please allow up to 3 wks to receive your free prize. I am not responsible for prize/ship fulfillment.
Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules which requires that I disclose to you that I was NOT compensated for this product review post. I was however provided by the sponsor   the same  product mentioned, to facilitate this review & provide a giveaway for ONE (1) lucky winner to try out the product themselves.

Thank you !! :)
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All the opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.
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