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#Scott's Liquid Gold Dust "n Go & "Little" Clean Screen Product #Review Back To #School #Giveaway #Win Both! USA Ends 9/9

How about a double whammy today with TWO Great cleaning products that you can have the chance at winning here today @Mamawj's Moment Away?
     It's Back to #School Days #Giveaways here @Mamawj's Moment Away!
              And with going back to school means more cleaning to do as those kids run out in the mornings on there rushed busy schedule which means more work for someone to clean up!
      And with the help of two great cleaning products sold by the very long time makers of
                                     Scott's Liquid Gold
                                                       In  Both
                                      Scott's Liquid Gold Dust 'n Go  for wood & more!
About  Scott's Liquid Gold product Dust 'n Go

20 generously sized pre-moistened wipes
Quick, easy, convenient dusting & light polishing for wood & more. Disposable, durable, lint-free, wax-free. Perfect for dusting touch-ups on most surfaces, including plastic, leather and vinyl. Removes dust, dirt, fingerprints and smudges. Leaves no oily or dulling residue. Al

  • Perfect for quick dusting and light polishing of wood & more

  • Disposable, durable, lint-free, wax-free

  • Makes dusting and polishing touch-ups almost effortless

  • Great for use on all types of finished wood surfaces as well as on plastic, vinyl, leather & more

  • Quick, easy & convenient

  • Contains no wax

  • Leaves no oily or dulling residue

  • 20 pre-moistened, lightly fragranced, wipes per canister

  • Perfect for use between applications of Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner & Preservativemond scented
    This product sells for $4.99  And can be purchased
    both online @  Scotts Liquid    or bought at many retailer stores such as 
           Ace Hardware
    Do It Best Hardware
    Handy Hardware
    Harris Teeter
    Lowes Hardware
    Piggly Wiggly
    Rural King
    True Value Hardware
    Wal Mart
    DECA Commissaries

    These are the stores that sell the products of Scott's Liquid Gold in my eastern Tennessee area.
    To see what stores sells this & the other fine products made by Scott's Liquid Gold in your state & area,
    Just visit the helpful store finder directly on the #Scott's Liquid Gold web site found >> Here

               Next, we have the cleaning product also made by @Scott's Liquid Gold
                             Of "Little" Clean Screen - in the 48 Count box
    About  Scott's Liquid Gold product "Little" Clean Screen
    Little Clean Screen - 48 Count

    Disposable wipes for on-the-go cleaning
    For cleaning cell phones, PDA's, personal electronics, eye glasses, cameras & more...
    Deal going now "BUY 1 - GET THE 2ND FOR 1/2 PRICE"*Safely and effectively cleans delicate surfaces

    • Removes fingerprints, make-up, dirt, dust, oily residues & ink
    • Will not scratch, streak or leave a residue
    • Convenient, portable & biodegradable

    DIRECTIONS: Gently remove any loose dirt from surface to avoid scratching.  Remove cloth from package, unfold and wipe screen until clean and dry.**This product sells for $5.49  And can be purchased
    both online @  Scott's Liquid    or bought at many retailer stores. In my Tennessee area it gave these stores as locations to buy the product
    Ace Hardware
    Do It Best Hardware
             To see what store locations sells this #Scott's Liquid Gold product of the
     Little Clean Screen - 48 Count in your state & area location
     Just visit the helpful store finder directly on the #Scott's Liquid Gold web site found >> Here

               I was happy to review BOTH of these wonderful cleaning products
                                    from Scott's Liquid 
    Scott's Liquid Gold - Denver, CO  Was this my first time using these products made by
                                      the long standing company that has been here to serve you
                                       for  60 years???  No, it was not. I can proudly say to you that
                                      I have been blessed to enjoy using many of the wonderful products
                                      that Scott's Liquid Gold  has made throughout the years. And 60 years is a long time, shows they are doing everything right :) And I have enjoyed the products since I was small because I remember my mom using the pourable wood cleaner & preservative in the original fragrance that Scott's Liquid Gold made then back in the 1960's. And I have also used that same product myself with great results on my wood furniture or special pieces that I want to keep looking as they can be in time standing still with the help of  great products offered by Scott's Liquid Gold.  And thanks to the chance of being able to review a long list of new products that they make at #Scott's Liquid Gold, I have been very pleased with each ones results. You can read my other reviews here for the products of "Wood Wipes" Made my Cedar Handmade Wooden Roll Top Desk Jewelry Box That My Dad Made Me Stay Preserved in time (to me that is :)

    More choices in the  clean-screen which also comes in a pump spray with a handy unique synthetic suede microfiber cloth that is used to apply the RO solution. I love this product & I keep it near my desk top for EASY Reach

     I wish you could smell this >> go read more here>> And Oh!! What great concentrated scents you can enjoy when you are the owner lol of the wonderful product made by Scott's Liquid Gold called "touch-of-scent" seriously folks" they are amazing to enjoy so read this review & know what you too can enjoy when you buy the awesome scents

          Ok, so check out what both products mentioned above in my review for the
    Scott's Liquid Gold product Dust 'n Go & the Scott's Liquid Gold product "Little" Clean Screen
      gave me today in awesome results as I did a little back to school cleaning myself.

         I take my grandson to school in the morning & pick him up sometimes in the afternoon since his mom & dad's work hours are so early for getting to work. He's not as messy as he use to be when he was much younger. But today I gave my living room a good going over. And everything had gathered dust & he had an explosion of cracker crumbs near his desk top computer lol that I had to vacuum up first. His papaw wanted him to enjoy playing his games on a desk top computer that he fixed for him. So we got this old solid wooden desk for him to let it sit on & he keeps all his markers, crayons etc inside the deep drawers. So, I took both products from #Scott's Liquid Gold & put them to the review test today. By first using a couple of the handy
    Disposable wipes in the "Little" Clean Screen and wiped off the computer screen, his keyboard, calculator etc & they really made the items shine & look fresh and clean.





                         two of them got all the dirt & grime off the screen & electronic gadgets

                                    Then I took a pre-moistened wipe from the easy pop up container
                                   of the
    Scott's Liquid Gold product Dust 'n Go & took to shinning the old solid wood desk, all over.

    That one wipe got all this dirt & grime
    The wipes are big, thick & have a great new scent of  Almond
    I then took that same wipe & added one more to it & took to dusting everything in my living room that was made of wood. My fireplace Mantle
                                     This child's walnut wood rocker that my mom & dad got my daughter 32 years ago!! And it still gets enjoyed by my grandson & will pass it on to his children & so forth.
    My dad was like me and loved to build and make things. He liked working with wood best, especially cedar wood. Both my parents are passed on now but both my sisters knew how much I loved the wooden cedar pieces that dad had made so I gladly took his two cedar end tables that he had made & now use them back to back as both a checker game table top and to house all our DVD movies inside. And the use of the Scott's Liquid Gold product Dust 'n Go
    really made the grain in the cedar would shine.

                                           I "like Black Bears" can you tell? lol
                        And my grandson doesn't mind this soft Bear Rug as a chair cushion to enjoy!

                                   Still using those 2 wipes from the Dust"n Go

                             Do you think this is a vintage old antique wooden cabinet radio?

    Sure looks old huh? But it's only about 20 years old. I love this piece of wooden furniture. We bought it new 20 years ago for $50 on discount  at a store called Heilig-Meyers which went out of business here & not sure they even exists any longer. But the wood on it is a dark maple & it has a modern AM /FM radio on it with a cassette disk inside & the hidden speakers. We burn a lot of fires in our fireplace & this piece sits very close to it so I know the dry heat from the fires can pull all the natural moisture right out of woods. So I like to keep the wood preserved by using the Scott's Liquid Gold product Dust 'n Go all over it when I dust.



                       Well, there you have it Folk's! I layed both the two dirty wipes near the container that shows what a new wipe would look like in comparison that drapes over the top. And they really do the job to clean dust & grime, yet give all your wood pieces the luster they need to shine & look just like a wood piece should.



       So Who is ready now to Win Both of these great products made By that company you have known to be around now for 60 awesome celebrated years! Of
                                              Scott's Liquid Gold
                  You can BUY any of the products mentioned within this posted product review at the web site found here >> Scott's Liquid Gold & while there grab you a money saving #coupon that let's you enjoy
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                Ok then, as promised NOW get your entries in to my sponsored Scott's Liquid Gold
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    I was blessed to review. Shown here below. Items will ship for free from the sponsor so please allow up to 3 wks to receive your free prize.

    Note*  Anyone new to using the giveaway forum below* trust me* it is easy & fast to use. Most entry's are a quick click of your mouse. Others maybe to comment on the giveaway page, but you always will Click the green enter button to each entry you complete so your entry gets counted.
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     Have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie ~~~~ 
    Due to FCC rules which requires that I disclose to you that I was NOT compensated for this product review post. I was however provided by the sponsor Scott's Liquid Gold   the same  product mentioned, to facilitate this review & provide a giveaway for ONE (1) lucky winner to try out the product themselves.
    Thank you Scott's Liquid Gold  !! :)
    Affiliated links maybe with in this review post.
    All the opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.
    Thank You For Stopping By & Good Luck!!
            The lucky winner will have 48 hrs to respond to my email notification to claim the said free winning sponsored prize or they forfeit the product & another person will be drawn.
      This USA #Giveaway Will End On 9/9/2013 
    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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