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                               "Back To School" Means More #Laundry Chores
                                                   So I have a question for you?
                When you think of Wool, Do you picture these images in your mind?
                                                     A Pretty Handmade Wool Sweater?
Or maybe
Handmade Wool Argyle Socks?
Well what if I told you that you can use handmade Wool in your everyday laundry chores within your dryer in the form of woolen dryer balls?
That toss & turn within your load of laundry, drying inside your dryer unit, to achieve  helpful measures.
In a product called
woolzies Dryer Balls
#WOOLZIES bounce around in your dryer, while they naturally separate and create space between your laundry,
thereby allowing the hot dryer air to circulate better and subsequently cutting down on drying time by about 25% in large loads and as much as 35-40% in small loads. This of course saves both time and money for you and energy for the environment.
I had heard, before about people using rubber tennis balls placed inside their dryers to aid in the faster drying time for heavy, bulky laundry items like coats, blankets, etc.
And I even mentioned the fact once to my husband & suggested maybe I try the idea on my bedding's of my comforters, so the poly fill filling would not bunch up like they do over time & not be even, within the comforters inside structure & look lumpy.
His answer to me was, no because I think it would get the dryer to hot, the rubber inside the tennis balls may smell & cause a fire if the rubber melted or even dent the inside dryer wall basin.
So when I was given the chance to review the product #WOOLZIES
I was wondering how this product would be any different with a +factor.
The product comes with 6 woolen balls in the box. The box & web site for #WOOLZIES states that each ball because it is handmade, may be different in sizes & color.
My 6 woolen balls were about the size of a good hand sized naval orange & were an off white in color, very light in weight but yet sturdy in construction.
I kept thinking to myself as I took them from the box & was about to place them inside my dryer that housed a half load of wet clothes. That I needed to keep them out of my grandsons sight lol because he would be tempted to use them as softballs :)
The box states to use all 6 balls on a regular heavy load. But as I said, my load was a light one so I tossed in 3 instead to see how they did.
I set my dryer on the efficient money saver setting as I usually do to save money. And during the course of the drying time, I stopped the dryer about 3/4's into drying time to check for dryness, and I'll be honest with you, I checked to see if any fuzzes  would be on my laundry items. Thinking maybe the woolen dryer balls structure would come loose or peel off easily.
I was very surprised to see that nothing was on my items & when I stopped the dryer not only were my items dried completely early but they laid separately loosely & not cling together with static.
I haft to say that I was both pleased & satisfied with the results that the product gave my dried items.
I then checked my dryer vent to see if it would be fuller than usual of lint from both the laundry items & the woolen dryer balls & I saw no difference.
Which just added another +factor for me that the product did a great job & would last from many more uses.
Will I use this product again?
Yes, I will.
Because, on the times that I want to use this product that will provide these benefits for me in :
No scent or oils/chemicals released in my laundry items that cause allergic reactions to my husbands needs of asthma  while letting my items be static cling free & prevent shock each time I do laundry, I will enjoy those +factor benefits.
I like it that you at least have an alternative in what you can dry your laundry with in products.
I myself like a scent on certain items yet some items I do not want a scent on.
My husband prefers NEVER a scent on any of his items. So I am always trying to remember not to add them to his laundry items & even wash & dry them alone at times.
So I feel this product does that, & gives me a choice.
The product was dry when my laundry load finished & I did not have to worry about them drying as not to mold. I'm sure they would not mold or mildew anyway, but that was a concern of mine or rather a curious concern at least.
And the knocking around in the dryer passed my curiosity test as well. Because I barely heard them tossing about.
I would recommend this product to others to try & use.
Check Out the their Video which tells more

Read more about this product of #Woolzies handmade woolen dryer balls frequently asked questions & answers found  here
This product sells for $34.95 which contains a 6 count box & offers FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.     They ship worldwide for $6.95! In the USA, they ship via FedEx Ground (1 - 5 business days). Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be processed the next business day. For other delivery options as well as international orders, you can contact them here.
If you were ordering this product as a gift & wanted it wrapped then they offer that feature as well at a low price of $5.00 per box. You may choose from one of their three beautiful and eco friendly pictured gift wraps. Gift wrapping includes a beautiful eco friendly bow as well as a handwritten card with a message of up to 25 words of your choosing.
I like that idea :)
Here are the designs they offer
They also offer lots of payment methods & one choice is PayPal Which I also like
So why not go now since your here already & visit their web site 
to get familiar with there about us story
Why not stay connected with by becoming a fan of Woolzies on Facebook and follow Woolzies on Twitter twitter
You can BUY  IT Here
And they sell Wholesale As Well Found Here
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                 Do you like to craft & recycle items into other things?
                      How about craft ideas that you can use in your laundry room?
                 Well, that's just what I did with the cute retro vintage
                         designed box that housed the woolzies Dryer Balls
                 That made two cute wall signs to add charm to my laundry themed walls that will be used there once my laundry room walls have been hand painted with the vintage laundry theme that I plan on doing myself & add this cute #DIY craft signs to them. Easily made by just cutting out the part of the box I liked best, then just clipping the twine string to each side with tiny wooden clothes pins to hold them & hang from. Now back to the giveaway! Good Luck Folk's!! I will email the lucky winner when this giveaway ends. So check those in box's & spam folders as not to miss it in case your name is drawn :)
There's the giveaway forum to get those entries in :)
Good Luck!!
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