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Thank U #BzzAgent For the #Nerf Cyber Hoop Set #Dunkit #Fun #Times! #GotItFree

A Big "Hooping" Thanks goes to BzzAgent         +BzzAgent 
      Who     Made #playing with the #Nerf Cyber Hoop Set  
Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Set

 Loads of #Dunk it #Fun #Times in The #Bucket  for my Grandson to Score!!
                              Check it out!!

   (Ignore the falling of the unit off the back wall" lol.) We were in a hurry to get it up & did not have it attached to the notches correctly. But we corrected that after I taped him enjoying this awesome #Nerf toy!
He loved the way you can Turn On the music & words that it let's you enjoy to feel & experience just like being on the real court as though you are!
           Ok now Folk's here is the "Scoop" on this fun "Hoop Set" that #Nerf now has out for sale for just $19.99 wow! It's so much fun!
                    Let's hit the back button for a second LOL to the "SCHOOL" Morning that
                                             I surprised my sleepy head grandson
                              With his #  From #BzzAgent  who works with #Awesome Great Companies Like #Nerf  that allows those who apply for free, be excepted as a #BzzAgent  into the wonderful #Campaigns they off you for #Free to #Try #New #Products & then #Share Your #Opinion :) as an everyday consumer to others everywhere! So they are then "In The Know" about those New company products that #BzzAgent let you be a part of to try it out & keep free!
                  Ok then, now back to sleepy head, who is waking up fast as he gets excited about his #Cool #Nerf #New #Game / #Toy
                      Called the #Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Set 
  While I was snapping the pictures of product in the box, he was reading it to me aloud about all the cool things it can do!
                                                      Still reading ALOUD how the
#Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Set  Can do ALL these features of:
   #Play 5 Different Games!
    #Record your game or dunk!
    #Share video highlights & stats!
                   (What you may be asking? Share video & stats? What is that?)
                                Well, that means that this "Way Cool #New #Nerf  #Toy
                   can be ENJOYED by ALSO downloading the FREE App
                            To either on your IPhone, IPad, or I Pod Tough which will then wirelessly connect to the product & let them enjoy there on play with it by watching them on video for the highlights & stats it can show you, while Playing & dropping the #Nerf #basketball into the Hoop!
            It will require 3 "AAA" batteries (not included) "But Hey Jack!" Do like I do & buy your some good quality RECHARGEABLE Batteries that you can gain lots of play with & save money by using :)  Those batteries will let your kids enjoy the real sounds it provides they are the same ones you would hear if you were in a real gym & on the court as the score board buzzes with your kept scores. It has a cool music repeat tune that really gets you up & going to really get into the game to see just many HOOPS you can get in the basket before your time is up.
                                                    Zoom in on his "Eyes"  in the next picture below. Because that boy is in real deep mind reading concentration as to what this Cool #Nerf product can deliver him "later"..He's off to school in a few short minutes remember?
                                        "Man" This thing is "Wicked"  he just said to me!
                                                  I know, I'm OLD School too lol
But it means "it is Cool!!  Just like I said before only said different now with this generation of kids :)
    What!?!! He said...To my remarks of "get to eating & fuel that brain in your noggin for School Day! And you'll look forward to playing with this "Wicked #Nerf Toy Later today :)
        Well, what did you fix me? As he glances away from the wonderful distraction of the #Nerf #Toy  (Note** It's hard to compete with Anything #Nerf :) And that's a good thing!
                    They sure DO make #quality toys & games for all ages to enjoy!
                               He wiped out those hotcakes & moves in on the country ham!

Hmmm...let's read the other side now, as I  drink down my Orange flavored  Hi-C :)

                  Well, here mamaw..that's what ALL it does! Cool Huh?
         Now, Don't open it up" he says to me" I want to open it myself when I come back here today from school until Dad picks me up later. So, I joked with him & said "Well I guess I'll wait then!" LOL
          But seriously folk's, it was fun to watch him play. And if my knees weren't shot from my 50+ age, then I may have been tempted to open it up. But, we mamaw's like to keep our promises :)
      But I did get a turn or two at my attempts to "Dunk it!!
                 He played with it on 3 of our homes inside doors. With saying "which room is best". So he tried the hallway's back door, the living rooms door & the  bedroom. Until I finally said lights out & Hoop sound off so you save my rechargeable batteries until you play it again tomorrow.
               He took it home so he can enjoy it there from his dads downloading the app to play with it that way.  He loves this new #Nerf product!

Here is the #Nerf web site product description:

AS Follows:

Product Description:

Take on anyone, anywhere in the Cyber Hoop arena! The hoop connects wirelessly to your mobile device (sold separately) so you can challenge your friends through the app! Prove your dominance in quick play, head-to-head play, dunk contests and more. Watch your most amazing plays again with the automatically created highlight reel, which has commentary and slow-motion replay! You can even share your video highlights and stats with others! There are 5 ways to play and room for up to 4 players, so get your virtual dunk on and dominate with the Cyber Hoop!

Challenge your friends to a virtual dunk contest or other ways to play with the Cyber Hoop! Compete with your friends in real time, even when you're not in the same room! Choose from 5 ways to play for up to 4 players! App records your game or dunk and automatically tracks your stats! Creates a highlight reel with slow-motion replay, commentary and the ability to share it with others! Hoop wirelessly connects to your mobile device! App works with iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod touch 4th or 5th generation or iPad 2/3/4. iPhone 4/4S/5, iPod touch 4th or 5th generation or iPad 2/3/4 required (not included).

Hoop comes with wireless connectivity, ball, iPhone stand and instructions.

Ages 8 and up.

Requires 3 "AAA" batteries (not included).

Adult assembly required. No tools needed.

iPad, iPod touch and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
                  Now back to me>>

                              What ages was it created for to enjoy, you ask?
     8 YEARS & UP is what it says.
My grandson is 9 and he loved it! If you have a doorway & want to play with it, then you pick your age. "Hence the words & up! My hubby was saying Nerf should of made an extension on the back drop that lets it lower its self DOWN to a 3ft drop, so shorter & small kids can play with it. But, my answer to that was, just use a lower/shorter door way, if you have one.
                      Where can I buy it, you ask?
                                 Well, here's the scoop on that "Hoop" Info for you all to know!
                   You can find it there >> just click>> Hasbro Toy Shop ONLINE for $19.99
                  Click here >> Select #Walmarts for INSTORE only it's not revealing it sold at my store location. It's BRAND Spanking #New remember? So just check your stores to see if they carry it yet. If not, then tell them about it & ask them to get it. The holidays are soon approaching & no doubt this cool #Nerf toy will hit the store shelves soon or be available on line for you shoppers to enjoy!
        Looks like #Kmart has it >>   Kmart
                  So just get out there & hit the stores, call them, search online, & see where you can find this #Neat #Fun #Nerf #Toy that is #App #Friendly to #Play & enjoy for #Kids 8 yrs & Up!!
In the #Nerf N-Sports Cyber Hoop Set 

        And  Now let's end with a BIG "Hooping" Thanks going to both #BzzAgent & #Nerf
                  For letting my grandson & I be a fun part of this #Free #BzzAgent #Campaign  because
      *Disclose *** I am happy to be a #BzzAgent
from which I received this product  for free :) So that I can try, share my thoughts on the product & bring awareness of the product to you today!
Thank You kindly #BzzAgent  & #Nerf
Due to FCC rules which requires that I disclose to you that I was NOT compensated for this shared post. I was however provided by the sponsor #BzzAgent  who is working with #Nerf  the  product mentioned above, to facilitate this review. Click here on the highlighted links you see to learn what #BzzAgent is all about & why I was able to share this new product info from #Nerf with you today :)

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 Have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie ~~~~ 

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