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#Win a The #Swiss Colony #Baklava Assortment #Product #Review & #USA #Giveaway Ends Nov 15th $33.95 Value!

Have you seen ALL the ghoulishly good treats that
has to offer in All their seasonal choices to just Dig right into & enjoy?
What? No?
Well then, let me get you familiarized with All of them!
Let's go right to Halloween Shall we?

Mini Cakes Trio


Photo: HURRY! Order by 10/20 for guaranteed Halloween Delivery:

Haunted House Torte


Photo: Get Inspired on Pinterest. Check out our Halloween board:

Spiced Pumpkins

$19.95 - $29.95


Pumpkin Bark


See what I mean about the spooky treats that  The Swiss Colony has to offer at great prices for Halloween. A fun time that everyone both young or old aged ;) can enjoy!
Sure it's fun to get creative in the kitchen during Halloween or any other celebrated holiday for that matter, while baking & whipping up all those fun treats to enjoy eating.
But it's much easier to just buy straight from
The Swiss Colony
and enjoy all the snack, dessert, choices they offer at great low prices.
That saves you time from shopping in stores for all the needed ingredients & baking for time.
Your local bakeries do not offer these detailed created unique deserts at such great prices.
Instead, just order online from   The Swiss Colony then open up your tasty mailed treats once they arrive fresh & set them out for your party treats to devour in yummy good taste enjoyed!
They know how to cover all your snack choices from nuts, cheeses, meats, dips, candies, cakes, & even specialty gifts like these pictured here just below.
Wouldn't that pillow with it's Halloween themed design, look just spook-tacular on the snack table placed as a backdrop to really set the mood for all your Halloween guests to view as they reached for the Sweet, salty , cheesy or Spicy choices that your guest were able to enjoy from?
      You could easily take many of the choices from The Swiss Colony  like this

Black Cats & Pumpkins Pillow


Black Cats and Pumpkins Pillow

Cheese Logs Gift Assortments

$15.95 - $27.95   And then get creative in your displaying it for your guest to enjoy by slicing up the log & placing plastic toy spiders around them on web that you use during the Halloween year.

The Swiss Colony used tiny tree branch decorative picks with berries here for their decorative display around the yummy cheese logs. Isn't that just so pretty & yummy looking!

  I will just haft to order these for our Christmas snacks enjoyed this year.



            Want to see a great choice from The Swiss Colony that you can easily use for ANY time or Holiday celebration that everyone can enjoy?
      It's a bakery delicatessen item that is hard to find, hard to make & get just right in the making of it for taste, texture & visual beauty. And I am speaking of Baklava 
         What is Baklava?  >>> is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of phyllo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey.
         I love this sweet bakery delicatessen. At the bakery you will find a few choices in basic flavors but each tiny 2 by 2 inch square will cost you a hefty price. And I can never make anything right when using the phyllo pastry dough that you buy in the grocery stores frozen section. It always fall apart on me because its thinner than a single sheet of paper & you have to wet it cut right to manipulate it for whatever your trying to create in desserts.
     So I'd much rather buy it from those who knew how to create yummy treats just right & having them look just as visually pretty to enjoy eating.
            Shall we take a look now at the BIG Full Box of Baklava that I was blessed to review for
The Swiss Colony   in the

Baklava Assortment

Mouth-watering baklava in not one, but four different flavors!
  • Get a taste of everything, including Pecan, Classic, Chocolaty Almond and Orange Blossom.
  • Gift of 33, 2 1/4 lbs. net wt.



         Oh My!! These are sticky good!  Yes, I said sticky good! Hence they are sweetened with syrup or honey = good!

    Here is the lovely red box  that I received for product review kind courteous of
                                                        The Swiss Colony

        which enclosed a more lovely golden box


that was filled with lush pastry treats of yummy mini individual Baklava in flavors of Pecan, Classic, Chocolaty Almond and Orange Blossom.

A closer Look

I love it that these decadent delicatessen pastry treats are individually wrapped & sit on a paper cup that snugs around it for easy (sticky yes, that's the best part ;) so that I can take as many or as little out of the box & serve as I wish either alone to enjoy or atop any other item like ice cream etc.
The best part about Baklava is that you can freeze them & enjoy them as you like.
  What will I do with my golden box of mini baklava assorted pastry treats?
 Well, I decided to separate mine into 4 separate frozen bundles. So that I can easy take them out of the freezer & enjoy them for All the upcoming holidays when friends & family drop by.
  Beginning with Halloween & Jack Skeleton's spooky help who doesn't mind at all holding in his lap my pumpkin serving plate that holds the yummy choices of Pecan, Classic, Chocolaty Almond and Orange Blossom in the mini Baklava assortment from The Swiss Colony

    The lightness of the sweet thin sheets of phyllo pastry was so good. The pecans were crunchy & the flavors of the
Chocolaty Almond and Orange Blossom were uniquely different & just a true taste bud treat to enjoy.
  I suggest you enjoy then two different ways, of both room temperature after they were in your fridge or from the freezer. Or heat them up in the microwave & place them upon ice cream or enjoy them with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate.  They are so good!  Thank you The Swiss Colony 

Don't forget to make The Swiss Colony your ONE STOP Shopping place online for ALL your yummy treats for the upcoming holiday parties to enjoy.
Gift them out for your holidays shopping ideas this year.
The choices are endless with
and not only are their lush items delouse in taste, they are also simply beautiful to view & enjoy before you dive into them to eat & enjoy.
They make beautiful center pieces as displays for any party or special occasion.
 That you & your guest will love, reaching for & enjoying in the wonderful taste they can let be enjoyed.
Halloween is 11 days & its not to late to place your order for any of the items pictured about available at
Holiday Delivery
And while your there, go ahead & order those awesome products that can be enjoyed for football tailgate parties, & Thanksgiving & Christmas which is just around the corner.
Like this
pumpkin coffee cake
Pumpkin Coffee Cake

 Ham & Swiss Gift Assortment 

Boneless Ham And Baby Swiss           Or For Christmas enjoyed Dobosh Torte
                                                                 Tortes or
                                                              Holi-bars food gift assortments Holi Bars
Or yummy candies to fill those stockings, candy dishes, or gift out in the pretty tins they arrive in.

Old Fashioned Christmas Candy          Your sure to find anything that you like at The Swiss Colony

                       And For those who require Sugar Free enjoyed items, well no problem they offer LOTS of great choices @ The Swiss Colony  just click  to see them here >> Sugar Free
                             As well as gluten free  choices too. See them here >> gluten free
          How about unique #gifts for someone? They have those too!
Like this #Personalized-​#​Snowman-​#​Blanket-Hugger Isn't this just the cutest? Anyone would love opening up this warm snuggly item for the holidays & you could even include some brownies for them to enjoy. I would love seeing those items under my tree for #Christmas  Kids would just love this item b/c it can be enjoyed on the go to grandma's house, road trips, or sleepovers to enjoy both the blanket & snowman to cuddle up with.
        That blanket would be great for preschoolers to identify with for nap times :)

                           Maybe you would like to #Win the same review product that I was able to host for



           You can Buy this yummy product online for $33.95 found  here with The Swiss Colony

                Stayed connected with The Swiss Colony  by subscribing to their free email newsletter, request a free catalog, join them on their social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & more!

located in RED at the bottom of THE SWISS COLONY's Web site found here "Just Click"

Enjoy the ease of Buy Now & Pay later with The Swiss Colony

               PLEASE NOTE* This giveaway product contains different kinds of  NUTS. So those who suffer from nuts or the allergic reactions they may cause, should be aware of this fact mentioned before you enter this sponsored giveaway. Both I myself or The sponsor, can not be held responsible or liable for the consumption of this product by the winning person who will receive this giveaway free prize.
                                                                     WIN IT
                  Thanks to the kind folks @ The Swiss Colony
               ONE (1) Lucky USA person age 18 years or older
                     (sorry no p.o. boxes will be excepted)   
                      will win the same item that I was able to review.
                                              A $33.95 Value In the 
                                                    Baklava Assortment

                     Just get your entries in below within the easy giveaway tools form
                                                      Good Luck!!
Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
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Note* I am not responsible for prize fulfillment. The free winning prize will be sent via FedEx or USPS.( No P.O. Boxes please) by the sponsor of #The Swiss Colony So allow up to 3 weeks for sponsored prize fulfillment to be met. This sponsored giveaway will end on NOVEMBER 15th 2013 At which time the giveaway tools form will select the one (1) lucky person who entered & name was chosen. That person will be contacted by me at the email address that you provide for contact & will have 48 hrs to claim the said free prize or they forfeits the prize & another name will be drawn. Check your email in boxes & spam folder & don't miss claiming if your name is chosen to win this sponsored giveaway.

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                                             Have a blessed day y'all :) ~~~ Julie ~~~~




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