Saturday, December 14, 2013 "What's in Santa's Bag?" Contest Ended Good luck To Those Who Entered! My #USA #Sugar #Giveaway is Still Open!

Holiday News Update & Question?
       The "What's in Santa's Bag?" Contest Ended on Dec 17th & I sure hope those of you who entered it through my link below & on my giveaway form, wins it!!
       10 Lucky people will win a $100 Gift Card from +Dixie Crystals Sugar  in that sweet contest!!
           My question to you new readers stopping by today is, did you enter it too? Maybe you saw it flow by on the #Dixie Crystal Facebook Page or on their tweet updates or via their web site.
Well good luck to you too!
 But just because the contest has ended doesn't mean you can't enjoy baking with some #sugar from this great company!  Oh no, not at all folks :)
      You can enter my still running sweet sponsored +Dixie Crystals Sugar #USA #Giveaway!
          Continue on below to read about what (5) FIVE Lucky people will win in a great
                   Sugar Prize Pack by #DixieCrystals  if you enter my sponsored free giveaway
 and your one of those 5 lucky people to win!

             Plus!!  My oven baking has finished that I had on hold below & I have now posted my
cookie baking & Craft idea that let's you gift cookies in a small but cook holiday way!
                     So flow down the page & see what I created to share with you.
                               And then enter my giveaway.
  Note* Since the Contest via DixieCrystals  has ended & that was my mandatory entry for entering into my giveaway, I have changed that option now to a different & fun one for you to enter on.
                     So head to the form below & get your entry in to win this great giveaway.
                My giveaway will end on January 1st. So enter, tell your friends to enter
                                                     And Good Luck!!

Earlier Within the post news for DixieCrystals ::

I have some "Sweet News" to spread around!
 It's about how you can head here >> to Whats-in-Santas-Bag #Contest       
   And enter the latest #Contest that is going on  now until December 17th  that lets you have the chance to win a $100 gift card in the "What's in Santa's Bag?" Contest
   Where 10 winners will be selected via a random drawing all correct entries. One winner, for each day of the contest. Each winner will receive a $100 Gift-card.

 From the website of    +Dixie Crystals Sugar Read More About how the Contest Works as follows:
Mrs. Claus will be baking up a storm this year, which means Santa has lots of homemade goodies to deliver. If you can figure out which Dixie Crystals recipe he has in his bag, you could win one of ten $100 gift cards!
The Dixie Crystals "What's in Santa's Bag" Contest opens 12/8 and runs through 12/17.
Each day we will post a close-up photo of a recipe found on our website. We’ll provide clues to help you guess which recipe it is.
Play along each day and at the end, we'll pick 10 lucky winners via a random drawing. You can read the entire contest rules here.

 So don't miss entering their exciting & fun contest found at  >> Whats-in-Santas-Bag #Contest

    Be sure to "Like" DixieCrystals Sugar on their Facebook Page which is lots of fun too!

       And guess what else??
       The  DixieCrystals team is allowing me to host a sweet giveaway here myself
                             @Mamawj's Moment Away
         They provided me with some sugar varieties to bake with in fun!
 And  to help Roll out the news about their Contest so you folks go enter it before it ends.
    So I'm taking my rolling pin down from it's holding spot in my kitchen, gathering up a few easy baking goods ingredients & adding to them the best ingredient tossed in, of the  sweet #dixiecrystals  #sugar & making some #Christmas Sugar cookies to enjoy!

     I wanted to get this post up SO you all don't miss heading over to their web site & play along daily in that sweet contest for the chance to be one of the 10 Lucky winners who can be drawn to win $100 gift card each when they draw!  Later Today I will baking me some holiday Christmas cookies that I want to gift out to my neighbors & family with the sweet help of #dixiecrystals  #sugar  & a cute way to gift them out for the #holidays as gift giving.

So until  I have that part of the shared post up for you to enjoy~~when you can then see what's baking in my oven with the help of  #dixiecrystals  #sugarDixie Crystals Logo

  Ok, I'm back & this is what I was up to baking to share with you.
 It's a fun & easy way to bake some cookies & share them as little gifts for the holidays.

  First, I made some peanut butter cookies (you can buy ready cut off cookies if you like instead) then I rolled them in tiny balls, then twirled them around in some +Dixie Crystals Sugar  #light brown sugar. Then I baked them in the oven, let them cool.





And then,  I made a tiny cute cup with a holiday theme, to put them in to gift to others for the holidays.

And here's how.
               I bought two types of cups at the dollar tree. Some pipe cleaners. And then cut some tiny fabric strips as embellishments for my cup on the snowman but left the pretty Santa cup is it was.

For the Santa Cup:
           I cut tiny slots in each side near the top. I added 2 pipe cleaners that I twisted together first, to give a colorful candy cane look. Then I ran the edges through each side & twisted off each end on each side. That Santa cut is now done.

For the Snowman Cup:
  I used a white foam cup. I followed the same pipe cleaner idea for inserting it into the cups sides, but then twirled the ends on each in a spiral until it looked like the PUFF on the ends of ear muffs. If you spiral it around to the size of a dime or nickel, it will stay in place & hold within the cup so you can carry it by its handle. I then took markers & drew on a simple snowman face. And then torn some tiny narrow fabric scraps & added them to the under part of his mouth, to serve as a scarf & tied it off  left to hang a bit long. I then put my tiny round cookies inside the cup & then used clear saran wrap to put around the whole project & tied the top with more scrap fabric to match.

With the Santa cup I did the opposite by putting my cookies in the saran wrap & then placing them in the cup.

I can now add a to & from name tag to the pipe cleaner handle & pass them out as gifts for the holidays.

Because who wouldn't love a cookie baked or even rolled in the sweet sugar choices from +Dixie Crystals Sugar  right??

             I think these would be cute for kids to do & so easy. And can be used for parties at school or as treats you hand out for the holidays as guest drop by.
                     I hope you enjoy my #DIY holiday craft idea. And now I hope you enter my giveaway below!  I will email the 5 winners chosen when this giveaway closes to claim your sweet sugar prize pack!
               Merry Christmas!
And Check out all the great baking recipes & craft ideas that you can find at
+Dixie Crystals Sugar  found here >> recipes/desserts/candy & here >> projects/kids-craft-ideas

Contest Ended via the Web Site >>Good Luck to those who entered
Go here >>first to Enter the Whats-in-Santas-Bag #Contest

And then you can head on down below & enter my sponsored giveaway in which there will be (5) FIVE Lucky #USA Winners who will have the chance to win the following prize pack EACH sponsored & shipped free to the winners via  #DixieCrystals

Each 5 chosen Winners (determined by the Giveaway Tools Forum Below from the entries submitted in to this free giveaway) Will  receive a sponsored #DixieCrystals prize pack consisting of: 
 Light Brown Sugar Box

(8) Eight 1-lb boxes of  dark-brown-sugar
 Dark Brown Sugar Box

(8) Eight 1-lb boxes of  powdered-sugar

 Confectioners Powdered Sugar Box

                           That's 24 TOTAL Boxes of three type sugar products! A $25.00+ Value
                 Pretty Sweet of the kind Folks +Dixie Crystals Sugar  Huh?? 
                                   There are so many yummy baked goods, candies, cakes, cookies, dessert recipes & ways to enjoy the use of these awesome sugar variates from  #DixieCrystals #Sugar  

  As I said, I made some easy baked sugar cookies & then took brown paper bags & decorated them  in a fun holiday way & added my finished cookies to the inside. And these will make sweet treats to hand out to my neighbor, friends or family who drop in during the holidays.  So get to baking too with the sweet help of   #DixieCrystals  for you holiday baking fun! 

Here's LOTS of money saving coupons to print to help out.  Found here while your on the companies web site entering their Contest    >>>  printable  #DixieCrystals  >> coupons

 So Let's All Thank the Sponsor :)) By Doing both as you head here first to Enter their easy & fun #Holiday Contest
    Remember to enter it first (It ends on Dec 17th So Make Haste! And play the game contest daily until it ends to improve your chances to be one of the 10 lucky people who will win the $100 gift cards!
 Easily Found here >> Whats-in-Santas-Bag #Contest
    It only takes a fun second to see the daily clue they post on their website +Dixie Crystals Sugar  and make your guess as to the daily clue revealed there for you to see what goodies Mrs. Claus is baking in the oven. Then you just submit your answer. It's that easy & fun!  How nice to think your name might be drawn as a lucky winner. And there will be 10 Winners wow!! Good Luck over there!
           And then come back here & enter my sponsored giveaway below :))
    NOTE**Mandatory entry into my sponsored giveaway must be completed FIRST for you to have the chance to win in MY giveaway here. Once you do so, then you will have extra entry options to choose to do or not do into my giveaway here below. The extra entry options on my giveaway will let you come back daily and share, tweet, etc. for getting extra entries in to win!
   I do check all entries for verification before the winner/winners are announced on the widget. 
I hope you win my giveaway too! I look forward to emailing 5 Lucky people asking them the sweet question of "Where do you want the sponsor to mail your free +Dixie Crystals Sugar  #sugar prize pack?"   Good Luck here to everyone!!
When my giveaway ends (a few days later than the contest end time on the web site)
    The (5) Five Lucky #USA  Winners will be emailed & will need to claim the free prize mentioned above within 48 hours by replying via email providing where you would like your prize shipped within the #USA (no postal boxes will be excepted) failure to claim your prize within the 48 hours will result in forfeiting said prize and another name will be drawn. Winners must be age 18 years or older to enter in to this sponsored free giveaway. Prize will ship by the sponsor so allow up to 3wks to receive your free winning prize.
                                                          Good Luck Folks!
                                             And have a SWEET Merry Christmas!
     This Giveaway will end on January 1st  2014

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