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#CreaClip & #CreaNails #Product #Review

      If you haven't yet heard of  CreaClip then let me tell you about this handy hair guide cutting tool that let's you #DIY and saves tons of money not going to hair salons to trim your hair, bangs, create a layered look or redo your layered hair cuts and ridding those split ends.
             With the use of :
CreaProducts Inc.

                         CreaClip Set
     I came across this handy tool myself one day while searching for how to #DIY tips on layering your hair or trimming your bangs (the right way as not to mess up with uneven lines).

     I was so impressed with the creator of this product  CreaClip The brilliant CEO who created this product is

Mai Lieu

Inventor & CEO

Mai Lieu is the Inventor of the  CreaClip She is now President & CEO of CreaProducts Inc., a product development and consulting firm that inspires and delivers innovative and creative products that enrich the consumers quality of life. As an inventor and entrepreneur with 15 years experience in the beauty industry, Mai has won more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards. She has worked and trained in the USA, Canada, China, and Europe. Mai has advanced training with top Academies under Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Sebastian and Wella. In 2008 she was recognized in Cambridge`s Who`s Who as one of the top 4 business women chosen out of 500,000 businesses. She was nominated for Best New Product of the Year in 2008/09 (by the Stevie Award for Women in business). Mai has presented and sold out on Home Shopping Network. Her success story was featured in the Best-Seller book Law of Business Attraction, the Star Bulletin, Hawaii`s Business MidWeek, KITV, KHON, KHNL TV as well as many radio stations! She is passionate about creating solutions and is dedicated to living a life filled with passion, inspiration and creativity.
 She was a salon hair dresser herself who brainstormed this products idea in order that others can use this handy hair cutting guide tool & do the hair cutting needs at home themselves. And has also created lots of other products to use in nail care & more!

   Watch her video with Mai Lieu herself showing you the ease of using the CreaClip & see just what I mean. Then come back here to read more on what both sizes of the #creaclip can provide the look you for you to #DIY  at home. The price is great may I add!!  At just $29.99. Just think of the cost per year you spend on hair cuts, trimming & styling by sending your family to salons as often as it requires for the up keep. Money saved by using the CreaClip which is a one time money spent investment.

    Wasn't that great & so easy!!  I have watched a lot of the videos that she has available on YouTube as she demonstrated many times by cutting her own hair many ways to show you how easy it is to get certain looks in hair styles.
   She began with very long ONE Length hair, & trimmed it just once to rid the slip ends of her hair.
Then I seen her create the 3 layered look by showing you the 3 easy ways to separate your hair, how to place the creaclip, make sure its level, then cut.
She also shows you how to just trim your bands, be it straight bangs or side swept bangs.
  They also show you how to do other types of hair such as wavy, curly, med length or short hair.
Done so on a mans hair cut, kids hair cuts & a pretty A line bob hair style.
  To see other videos of others who have used the product, just wait for her video here to end & then click on the other otiopns to view. I also like the hair sytle you will see being cut that is in the far top left corner of the lady cutting the other lays hair that wears a white shirt. Her hair is already layered long, is wavy & she is just having it RE-Layered.  You will also find Mia demonstrating for you in other videos as she cuts & maintains her own hair. And also others who have found out about this unique tool that she has created, purchased it & shows you there #DIY results.

     This particular  CreaClip product comes with clear written directions once you open your products & the photos are on the back as well of the #DIY in clear visual steps.

              They both have tiny comb teeth on the inside of each clip that lets you comb down & get a good separated section of your hair placed within it to cut. The level bubble gauge in the center of each clip is easy to see, and go by for guidance to know your cut will be even, once you place it at the level or angle that you choose, depending on what why you will use it to cut the hair beneath the bottom part of the CreaClip.
     I watched her video & read the instructions on the web site. But you can easily buy her DVD that shows you step by step #DIY #tutorial on how many ways you can use the CreaClip Product.  Found  Here if you'd like to read more.
   I do my own #diy hair cuts and trims both & go to the salon at times. But most times cut my own hair. I cut my husbands hair with hair trimmers & I use hair cutting scissors. And its tricky to hold the scissors, comb & cut with hair between the fingers. Tricky to get it even, and get the right cut at the ends. In the salons no matter how they cut your hair in the style or length you want. They always use hair cutting scissors (much different than household sheers) and trimmers & cut so by using there fingers to SANDWICH the hair as they cut it. They cut it blunt across OR they cut it at a 45 degree angle across that creates a V shaped cut (like a pair of zigzag scissors creates in the cut design). Each cut you choose gives a blunt look or a textured look.
And when using the CreaClip on your hair, no mater what style you choose to cut it, you can use the cutting along the edge of the creaclip to be the blunt cut using trimmers or the textured cut using the hair cutting sheers & cutting into the hair (on the under side of the creaclip) by cutting in the 45 degree angled cut.

I mostly keep my hair cut shorter because I'm older, have grey hair that I still dye & long hair isn't for me as it use to be years ago.
  That's why I find this product in the CreaClip to be so handy because it can be used on any length of hair & not just long hair for layering.  You simply use the larger white clip for longer length hair & the smaller blue clip from CreaClip for shorter hair cutting needs. It can be used on any age person for whatever cut style or trim you are going for to achieve. Again, I suggest watching the how to videos, reading the different ways to achieve different cuts or buying & watching the video before you do detailed cuts. But the basic bang trimming, and the easy ONE, Two or even 3 step layering that is shown in how to use the creaclips, is as easy as pie to do yourself, once you purchase your own

CreaClip product.
 I will show you my experience using the smaller blue creaclip below. But before that, just look at all the ways this tool set can be used.
Stock Photos courteous of CreaClip web site to facilitate this product review post. So you know just what the CreaClip product that Mia Lieu created, can  provide for you to use yourself.
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                                 Trying to take pictures for you & doing this myself was the only tricky part. I had to set my cameras timer to go off as I was in the midst of each part to show you along the way.
        So had I just been cutting & not taking pictures or video then I would of been done in a snap.
 The tools are GENIUS,  I tell you & I love them!!
            My layers were getting longer & I wanted to shorten my bangs & the back of my hair shorter. So I used the creaclip  by cutting my layers all over, as you would a regular hair cut all over the head from top, to sides, and the back portion. by using the small blue creaclip


                            Note** It states to cut dry hair & the straighter the hair placed in the clips to cut, the better it is & easier to cut. They suggest using a flat iron to straighten out your dry hair. If you have really curly hair, I feel this tip is very important. Also, take into consideration that wavy or curly hair will draw up shorter once cut & dried so only cut off the length you desire as not to cut it too short.
 Cut off your hair ends in shorter lengths because you can always repeat the process & cut shorter if you see you did not cut off the amount you wanted the first time.
                                                                 I chose to  trim my Bangs 
                 Just open the creaclip, put the hair you are going to cut inside, clip it back closed, slide it down to the desired area you want to cut below the end of the item in the ceaclip. View the bubble level for levelness & cut.  I myself am looking at the bubble level with the small blue creaclip facing me inwards so I can see it & see that it was in the center of the bubble & level, then cut.
  Note* If you are having someone else to cut your hair with the CreaClip  then the bubble level would face them to view.                                                          

                        Here, I am viewing the level & bubble facing me to see, underneath.                                                 

                                  CreaClip Flipped up for you to see, what I was seeing
Then, I cut the hair BELOW the bottom of the creaclip with hair scissors at a 45 degree cut (instead of a blunt straight across cut that is also a choice) for a more textured style  &   Bangs Finished

                             You don't use regular scissors to cut, you either use salon sheer scissors or hair trimmers to cut. And you can choose to cut straight across bluntly Or cut angled into the hair ends creating a zigzag pattern (that simulates what zigzag scissors would look like) and this gives your hair ends a softer textured look.
         If you are doing the rest of your hair yourself, then use double mirrors ( same as used in a salon) so you can view the bubble level  on the CreaClip  as you use it. Or using a hand held paddle mirror while looking into a larger mirror, works great to view the level gauge as well.

  The second item product that I want to tell you about from CreaClip  is the CreaNails 
   A handy tool for each of your finger tips that slide up to your nails end at your cuticle area & it allows you to paint your nails, without the mess of nail polish left on your skin. And provides you a CLEAN guide to end up with even & pretty painted nails. This handy beauty tool also lets you create the french-tip nail style. As a bonus the CreaNails kit  includes a  french guide strips for the perfect french- tip look. Great for quick and easy applications any time any place. and easy applications any time any place.
             I try to grow long nails but my nails were not lengthy enough when I got this product. And I wanted to be able to show you the true results the product of CreaNails  can give you. So, I ask my daughter to try it out & here below are her finished results. She chose to do the french-tip method & I think they turned out really pretty, professional & will save tons of money not spent at the salon for the same enjoyed nail look.

3 easy steps of
slide the CreaNails covers over each nail
 step 2
add the white french tip strips to your nail tips allowing the open area as wide as you desire to be your french white tip area on the end & brush on the product within the CreaNails that gives you the White Tip end for French- Tip Nails
Remove the CreaClip Covers
And enjoy your French Tip Nail Finished Beauty Look

       I also think this product from CreaClip is quite handy, useful, & can be enjoyed many times for the price value invested in the product of $ $24.99
             So, take a tour to the web site of   CreaClip   
                        CreaProducts Inc. is a company based in Honolulu, HI  (Oh I want to go there someday, My parents visited there years ago & said it was beautiful)  anyways...back to the company info..

            That I think you should go checkout & see the two products mentioned within this post & the many other beauty tool products that the Inventor & CEO   Mai Lieu  @ CreaClip

    has available for purchase & can be bought online from their web site & shipped to the #USA   :) Yes, they do ship international on orders placed via their website.

  And I have seen the creaclip hair product available on both eBay & amazon for sale.  


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