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#Discount Decorative #Flags #Hummingbird Romance #Monogram #Garden #Flag #Product #Review

#Discount Decorative #Flags #Hummingbird Romance #Monogram #Garden #Flag #Product #Review

You can enjoy your love of pretty hummingbirds viewed all year long with the beautiful help of decorating your outdoors with Discount Decorative

       And with their new designs featuring Monogram Garden Flags, you can make them personal too!
                Take a peek at my hummingbirds in mid airs flight enjoying their sweet nectar
                                                                 And "C"   just what I mean ;)

                                                   I just love this enchanting garden flag that now let's me enjoy looking at realistic hummingbirds feeding from the sweet nectar of pretty flowers on a vine, that surrounds & encircles my last names beginning letter to see. Do you "C" what I mean?
   And the flags offered at Discount Decorative  are made of such great lasting quality that let's you enjoy your items for year after year when you display them seasonally and remove them and store away until that season of spring summer fall or winter rolls around again for you to hang up again for both you & everyone who passes by to visually see & enjoy.
       I assure you that no matter what your preferences are in decorating your homes outdoors for outside curb appeal, that you can find it at #Discount Decorative #Flags 
      They literally offer thousands of designs on products to dress up your home, business, garden etc. outdoors or indoors as well. In choices of Large House flags, Feather Banners, mailbox covers, yard signs. All with any design theme or season that you can think of, they have it at #Discount Decorative #Flags 
     My doctors office is on the 3rd floor of a building that  does not have many windows. And just the other day I was welcomed by such a pretty planter that sat outside the office door to his waiting area lobby in which they had simply poured tiny white rocks inside the flower put (much like mine that you see in the photo above) and they had stuck their garden flag pole & pretty garden flag down into the center of the pot so it became a beautiful focal point for there patients entering to enjoy. Which really looked so much better than just starring at a cold concrete floor inside a long hallway corridor at the doors entrance. It made the tiny nook look more inviting & the combo of the items placed in a spot welcomed you. No dirt, outside ground or anything needed to accomplish that pretty decorating idea but four simple items of a flower pot, filled with rocks, and the flag pole with garden flag poked down inside it to add beauty.
   That is just one INSIDE idea you could use for the use of mini garden flags if you live inside an apartment, dorm, or have a business you want to add some charm too.
These pretty flags also add charm to grave sites, your front door, or entrance way inside your home, barn yards, placed inside a BIG wreath that you can add extra beauty to etc.  You can choose to display them on garden ground flag poles or just run a wooden dowel rode and string them up to display.
  So take these pretty items that #Discount Decorative #Flags offers you at great low prices
                      And discover the many places you can enjoy there eye candy beauty!
                                       In all these categories to pick from

                                                    With Discount Decorative

      I was also pleased to review one of there beautiful large house flags & the collapsible flag pole which measures 32" collapsed and 59" when extended that lets you display one or two flags simultaneously. Which I love! Right now you see it enjoyed with one large house flag but I could easily add another one by it's side if I so desired.


                       Here is how far it will extend on outward to a full 59 inches.
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                                                #Discount Decorative #Flags 
                                Click Here :)

        The mini garden flag that I reviewed from @Discount Decorative Flags sells for a low money saving price of $5.99
Retail anywhere else: $9.99
You Save: $4.00 a (40%) savings wow! great deal for quality made flags
The collapsible flag pole sells for a low Price of: $10.99 & they have lots of other designs to choose from as well in their Hardware & Accessories
The  Descending-Butterfly-Spring-House Large house flag
Sells for Price: $11.99
Retail anywhere else: $19.99
You Save: $8.00 (40%) wow again!
           So shop for these mentioned bargains or the numerous other great outdoor designs you can find
                      Found here below at the link and see there guarantee for customer satisfaction
                                                          In which they offer @ Discount Decorative

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            My Disclosure: Following all FCC rules & guidelines requires that I disclose to you that I was NOT compensated for this product review post. I was however provided by Discount Decorative #Flags  the said mentioned products above to facilitate this review. 
 Thank you Discount Decorative Flags!!
As always, I love your products! And highly recommend them to others. My thoughts & no one else.
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And as always, all the opinions expressed here @mamawj's moment away are my own honest ones.
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