Saturday, July 6, 2013

Getting My #DIY #Decorative #Concrete Mural #Art On In A Western Theme

With all the rain we've been  having lately it sure has been putting a hold on many outdoor art and craft projects that I want to get completed.  I love the old West theme and everything that goes with it. Such as the structure of the old West buildings, the horses, and the desert sunsets with the cactus covered red clay grounds. Like some people love the beach and nautical theme, mine is the Western theme. And my husband will be the first to tell you that I paint on anything that don't move lol.  So, I wanted to make our outdoor patio area a bit more interesting with color instead the Dark Brown wall that surrounded it. So, I got my western theme pictured in my head and  took to the concrete wall with my paint brushes. I am no where near being done with the Western mural that I see in my minds eye that my hands can't get finished because of rain everyday for the longest time.We have never had this much rain in the hot month of July.  The sun is finally here today with a really nice breeze, so I hope to get some more art work added to my wall on the patio. So, a work in progress that I hope to finally finish and enjoy during the summer months. My plan is to finished the Western town with a few more store fronts, that will extend on over to the wall on the other side of my patio furniture. And then have a heard of Wild stallions running out on the Prairie in a fast cloud of dust rolling up behind there trail.. And, paint the floor for the concrete underneath my patio set, to be a faux painted in  water and a creek running through its center with mountain pebble stones, or old wooden planks with nails in them to simulate the wooden floor like inside of an old western store. 

   Right now it's a Terra cotta red color (looks pink in my picture but it's not) only because I just roughly rolled that extra paint out from another project I finished. And when I'm done with the floor part...I intend from that now bright & odd color to be my red clay dirt that will either be in my creek bed of pebbles & river running water, Or the dirt between the cracks revealed of my old wooden plank floor. You can see beyond the rocks where my chimenea sits in the picture but, I already have a real bed of river rocks & ditch made there that drains the rain water and runs off.  So I am thinking maybe the faux creek with a  bed of rocks & running river water painted onto it, would look best to match the theme.
Which do you think would look best and go along with my wall western mural best, that I am yet determined to finish?

I can't wait until I get it all painted & finished. We love sitting here in this relaxing spot. Though I did not show you the whole sitting area and what all I have there. I have other projects going on there as well that I will share with you in finished pictures once it all comes together.
My best yard sale find EVER was that heavy patio set & the umbrella which I forgot to get in the picture. I got ALL of it for $10 two years ago in a yard sale. Oh yes!! Love a deal like that ya'll :) Which is metal expanded wire mesh and it is heavy with a pretty flower design in the carvings on the chairs. The Umbrella tilts and I just love it!!
Well, I better get going & rinse out my craft brushes until I can get back to more painting on this project at another non rainy SOON day ;)
I'll be sure to come back and show you my finished project here in all it's western charm & glory.
 And also share with you then, on what type paints you too can use to easily paint onto a concrete area or a wall too lol like I shared with you today.
I am in the midst of pitching to the great company who makes these paints of which my #CONCRETE  art painting project was shared with you today in this post.
It is a unique type of craft paint, that is very low cost but gives you a BIG result in the beauty you can create when you paint with it.
Feel free to comment below & let them know that I hope their company sponsored reply is a  happy "Yes"  to being able to try some new colors & tell you what, where & more on why you would love to buy this awesome craft paint to enjoy on your Concrete projects.
A Mystery post I know, LOL 
But, I'll be back to reveal more for you either way..Soon
So Until then...Folks
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