Sunday, July 28, 2013

#Kroger Free #Friday #Downloads Perks You Will Love to Print ,Use & Save $ Have You Heard?

    FYI :) Hey! It's Friday! Time to get your free item from Kroger or any of there family company stores that you see listed below! Today's Friday free deal is the ultimate Hamburger Helper!! Easy enjoyed free when you grab it via the free Friday digital download :) Each Friday it's a new & different item enjoyed! So don't miss out & get signed up so you get yours to use & enjoy! Here's the Kroger place to get you started if your not already on board with your Friday freebie!
Free Friday Download

 Do you shop with any of these #Kroger Co. Family Of Stores listed below?
             In our eastern Tennessee area we have & enjoy shopping at Kroger
I love the low prices they offer in so many food products in both the great company name brands they sell such as cheeses for  Kraft,  Sargento, meats such as Oscar Meyer, breakfast cereals such as General Mills, snack products from the full line of Frito Lay such as ruffles, tostitos, Cheetos or Coke & Pepsi Products. And there is also that same quality found in all the #Kroger brands as well for just about any product you can think of to enjoy & save money on for your families weekly shopping trip.
  With the great 10 for 10 deals you can find everyday of different items throughout the store.
                                                        And you can enjoy also the
That let's you get a great deal! Circular Page Image
   Don't forget to fill those prescriptions while your shopping with #Kroger or fill up that gas tank at there convenient pumps & save money while you rack up those fuel points as a rewards shopper!
       And who out there just loves it when Friday rolls around & you know the weekend is here to get some well needed R&R time to kick back & enjoy fun times & great foods with family & friends?
     Well did you know that you can get a free item to enjoy EACH Friday with Kroger's new Friday Downloads?
                          That's right! I said free! All you have to do is print those free digital coupons that the Friend Family of Kroger Co. Stores has to offer you online & take them in store or download them to your shoppers reward card & score that item for free as you shop with your choice of store from the list of Kroger family Co. stores listed above.
            Be sure to check it out Here by just signing up to be able to print and use the free digital coupon that each store offers on each Friday.
               How did I hear & know about this neat Kroger free Friday feature you may ask?
     I am a happy +BzzAgent 
and they spread the word everywhere & they let me in on the news so I am letting you in on the Bzz Agent News  as well :)
       So go on...Be sure to find a store location near you in one of these great family stores of the  Kroger chain of company stores & take advantage of great sales & a free item offered each Friday with their Friday free download of a printable digital coupon to enjoy!
   Kroger go here >>    Store Locator just put in the zip code where you choose to shop

Select A Store To Begin :)

"My Disclose" Now..."Here's those FCC rules & guidelines that require me to state my own honest facts***  So...This news is worth repeating :) I am happy to be a  #BzzAgentfrom which time to time I may received free company products & coupons to samples for free :) sent to review from +BzzAgent  that work in harmony with many great companies & the top brand products they create. I then buzz my own honest thoughts & views to others via anyway I can :) heard it in a blog post. And from this post shared I got nothing! No compensations, no products, no coupons.. But that's OK with me because I know I can get a Free Friday Digital Coupon download for a free item from Kroger each Friday & you can too!  So thanks for stopping by! And go take advantage of this cool free offer! @KROGER  or via the #BzzAgent web site if you choose to by becoming a BzzAgent your own little self :))
All Thanks to  #BzzAgent & Kroger :)

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