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New Improved #Purex #Fabric Softener #Dryer Sheets 3X Fragrant scents Mountain Breeze & Sweet Lavender #Giveaway 3 Winners USA 8/12

As a +Purex  insider, I get the blessed opportunity to try out the newest products as they are released from the great companies that you as a consumer  already know & buy from daily in your nearest grocer stores or favorite store chains that carry them at great low prices.
 And today I am here to tell you about the newest product that #Purex  hopes you will go buy & try out to see how you like it.
    Which is available in the two new improved scents of  #Purex #Fabric Softener #Dryer Sheets now with a more 3X Fragrant scent in both scents of :
#Mountain Breeze

And when ask which scent I would like to try out for a review, I choose the #Sweet Lavender.
Everyone has different preferences when it comes to choosing scented or non scented items.
Some of you may like no scents maybe because you have allergies & they strong scents can set them off.
Others of us like a light scent or a strong lasting scent. And so for those of you who do like a strong lasting scent, then the new improved scents in the #Purex #Fabric Softener #Dryer Sheets  may be a product that you would like to try. Because they offer you 3 times the scent of a regular scented dryer sheet.
What does that mean for you in this products performance you may wonder?
Well, it is just that, 3X and gives you a strong scent in these two great scents.
I love the scent of lavender in anything!
And in my opinion they folks at #Purex got the lavender scent just right in this new product.
It is indeed, strong in scent with a higher level of scent.
So after I seen what it smelled like from the box, I then put it too the test with my laundry first.
And in my opinion, because the scent is 3X times stronger, you may prefer as I did to do a large load of clothes for the one dryer sheet used. And maybe cut the dryer sheet in half for smaller loads dried.
As I say, every one's scent strength preferences may differ.
I loved the #lavender scent and it made my #laundry of towels, wash clothes, shirts etc. smell so fresh.
And then I thought to myself, now what item in the house would I like to be able to enjoy this scent on all the time as I pass by it etc. Because with the factor of the scent being 3X times stronger in scent, then I knew it would last longer to enjoy by using the dryer sheets in other creative ways.
And my choice for the next scent test was my bedroom curtains. Because I like to open my windows on a nice breezy day. So I wanted to test my curtains to see how they held up in scent by just hanging there daily & as the soft breeze will drift through past them.

And since my curtains are of a thinner fabric & for just the one window, I decided to cut a dryer sheet in half & see how the 3X scent held up then in the dryer.
Which worked great & they smelled so nice & pleasant in the #sweet lavender scent.
Want a great #tip for use of the New Improved #Purex #Fabric Softener #Dryer Sheets 3X Fragrant scents if you cut one into halves?
Well, take a dryer sheet, cut it in half, and slide the strips of dryer sheets (before you have used one & still full of the scent you choose) now slide the strip into the bottom hemline of many items that you only wash & dryer ever so often, to enjoy the scent as you wear it, hang it, etc.
Almost all curtains, valances etc. have a wide hem line with the outside of the bottoms edges revealing an open pocket so that you can easily slide the dryer sheet strip into the hemline.
I did that same idea at the bottom of my curtains by sliding the half cut strip of the fabric softener dryer sheet into it's hemline. And each time as the breeze blows through the window or the
 air conditioner floor vents blows air out &  scoots up past by my bottom curtains it will give off that sweet lavender scent that is so nice to enjoy much longer.
And it won't even hurt to just leave it in there the next time you wash & dryer your curtains because you then get the fresh scent spread throughout your complete set as they dry :)
You can use that same idea with the hemline of coats, the inside lining of hats, etc.
I was then left with thinking where can I use this 3X scent at for other needs besides my laundry?
An  my mind was reeling with more ideas like taping one dryer sheet to the bottom of your bed. Wouldn't that be great to do on all your guest bedroom beds where they seldom get used until company comes to stay.
Or even take one to the hotels you stay in & lay it underneath the bed on the floor to give the room a better enjoyed scent.  
Or add some tiny cut pieces of them inside my suit cases so they smell good the next time I pack & take a trip. Or inside my fabrics within my BIG stash of fabrics in my cedar chest.
Which I did here.

 I bought some thread spools along while back from an eBay seller who never stated they smoked & the thread reeked of smoke smell which I can't stand & there's no way to #wash the threads. So I let them air out & while that idea helped, I still smell the smoke scent. So I'm going to keep the new not used yet New Improved #Purex #Fabric Softener #Dryer Sheets 3X Fragrant scent of Sweet Lavender, laying onto & inside of my cedar chest closed as I always do until I need to reach in it for any of my sewing fabrics or notions & see how it will replace the smoke smell with sweet lavender scent instead.
The benefits of using the
New Improved  #Purex  #Fabric Softener #Dryer Sheets 3X Fragrant scents Mountain Breeze & Sweet Lavender
#reduce static cling
#repel pet hair
#repel lint
What ideas beside laundry drying use can you think of & share with me today in how you would enjoy this new & improved product from #Purex?
If your curious now about this new #purex  product & wondering where you can find it for purchase to
Then go check with your local +Walmart   #walmart how now carries Purex-Sweet-Lavender-Scent-Fabric-Softener-Sheets-40-sheets As well as the Mountain Breeze scent. Available In store Only for now but I'm sure will soon see them both offered as well for you #online shoppers. And this new product in the two new improved scents from #Purex will soon be in other retail stores. 
Well, how about trying for the chance to
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The great  purex insiders community wants 3 lucky USA People (age 18 years or older (no p.o. boxes) to #Win a free coupon so you can go out & pick up a box free to try in one of the two new 3X scents mentioned here today.
Just go below to the Easy #Giveaway form to get your two mandatory entries in for the chance to be a lucky winner!
Once you complete the two easy mandatory entries, lots of other extra entries will unlock for you to do all of, some of or none of.
The choice is yours.
Mandatory entry's have to be completed or any & all other extra entries will not count & omit you from being able to win.
All entries are verified before a winner is chosen.
This USA #Giveaway Will End On 8/12
So Check your email inbox & spam folders so you don't miss your 48 hour winners notice to claim your free prize in time if your lucky name is chosen.
Good Luck Everyone!
You will enjoy my questions that will unlock for you below within the +Rafflecopter entry forum that let's us talk more about these two 3X new improved scents that #Purex hopes you too will enjoy finding lots of uses for besides just laundry.
Due to FCC rules which requires that I disclose to you that I was NOT compensated for this product review post. I was however provided by #Purex the same sample product mentioned, to facilitate this review & provide a giveaway for a free coupon for 3 lucky winners to try the product themselves.
All the opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.
Thank You #Purex :)
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