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Take A Recipe Idea, Cup of #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar, Take it to the Oven & Bake It Forward With #Kindness #Giveaway Ends8/15 USA

What say we Sprinkle Some Kindness Today With The Baking Fun Of  Dixie Crystals  #Dixie Crystals or  Imperial Sugar   #Imperial Sugar  In A  bakeitforward  #Bake It Forward  #Giveaway ??

         Sound sweet to y'all?  Great then :)
And   National Sugar Cookie Day is Tuesday July 9th                     
 So get those recipe books down off of those shelves & bake some cookies for someone to enjoy!

   I love cookies. I like them best when warm, and enjoyed with a cold glass of milk. And even if you don't like to bake, I think your basic cookie recipes are still easy to make up a quick batch of great tasting cookies with just four or 5 basic ingredients that are most often always found in the fridge that we use every day.

  They are easy to make, fast to bake & save well for days. And a great tasty treat to gift to someone that always seems to brighten there mood and bring warm smiles to both your heart and there's.
   Back in the days of yesterday when you wanted to gift someone cookies for any reason at all, you usually carried them to the person in a basket all wrapped up warm inside and covered with a pretty fabric napkin & enclosed a note inside to the recipient or just gave them anonymously and left them on the door step.
     Well  now days, there is a better way to send your warm baked cookies or any treat you may bake for that matter.
     And that would be to place them in this pretty Tin from #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar (Shared same great companies).
        And Bake it forward  to someone By Mail. Why by mail you ask?  Well, yes you can indeed bake any warm treat and give them the Tin by hand. But wouldn't it fun & more surprising to send it by mail so that, when they get the package that they never expected to see and wonder where it came from and they have that warm feeling of knowing someone took the time to think of them and devote a few moments to creating them such a tasty heartfelt treat to enjoy and be surprised with? You can still choose to add a not inside or a pretty card and express any loving, caring, kind thoughts you wish to share with them. And I think that will warm there hearts & taste buds at the same time.

 How will you know when they felt that moment of your own ACT Of Kindness that you made & sent for them to enjoy?
   Well, you  set up your Tin with a unique tracking code on the web site of that lets you see when they received there Tin by mail. And you then have just made some one's day a little sweeter by baking and sending treats in an Imperial Sugar cookie tin - and then watch as your tin is forwarded across the U.S.
 And join in the same Mission that Imperial Sugar created when they continue to
Bake the world a happier place, one person at a time.
           I was able to review this wonderful sharing  idea that Imperial Sugar & Dixie Crystals has created with #Bake it Forward. When they so kindly sent me a "Sweet" prize pack  to enjoy that Included :
        A Bake It Forward Tin, An  Imperial Sugar custom sugar sack Apron which is an adorable sugar sack apron made from their vintage sugar sacks. A  "My First Cookbook"  which is a children's focused cookbook made by Dixie Crystals, a cute fabric flower clip pin, another pin, a magnet, and some free coupons that let you get ANY Bag of Sugar from either company of  #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar (Shared same great companies).

   I love the Apron!!  Maybe I adore it because I am a seamstress of 36 years and I can truly appreciate the work & detail that has went into the whole design of it with it's pattern style. The bottom is not just your straight cut block end style like you see with most butchers block style aprons. But instead it has the same vintage sugar sack that has been attached with a ruffle to the bottom. Very Feminine & very yesteryear with a true retro vintage look & feel. When I say feel, I mean the touch of it is exactly like touching a sack bag of sugar that would of held sugar in it at the store long ago. I guess I tell my age when I tell you about the fabric texture of the sack apron. Because clearly, I remember my mom & granny using the Dixie Crystals sugar in everything they baked or cooked because sugar is used here in Tennessee for lots of the meats they would cure as in hams. And I recall the way the old sugar sacks felt as you touched the fabric when they would buy them in any items like, flours, grain for feed or even sugars. The Apron has two deep front pockets & the logo for the Imperial Sugar is so bold and so VINTAGE :)  Repeating again with a big smile :)) I love the apron!!

              The #My First Cookbook  is a lovely one that is very colorful & has lots of recipes inside.
My grandson loves to help me bake & he's on vacation with his mom & dad this whole week or he would of been here to help me make & bake the yummy cookies you are about to see below.
But I know he & I will enjoy making a number of the easy recipes inside the My First Cookbook
  Which offers recipes for beverages, breakfast, mealtime ones like bbq sauce, meatballs and sauce, wild west beans, easy cakes like cream cheese cupcakes, snacks like ice cream yum yums, back packers fruit treats which we will love to make and enjoy when we go out and enjoy camping or trips to the state parks. The cookbook has wonderful candy recipes for fudge yum!! And has pictures of each finished recipe along with tips and cooking basics guide in the MyPyramid for kids that shows them how to choose healthier foods from each food group. And I'm sure some of you reading this post is thinking, sugar and kids is a no no. But like everything in life, what we do, or consume should be done in moderation. And I love the fact that this little cookbook offers great recipes like the Waldorf salad and has so many great ingredients in it like celery, chopped pecans, apples, and lettuce. The cookbook has a section on it in the first inside page saying: This copy belongs too:where the child can write in there name. Just perfect for gift giving for any occasion.  Some of the recipes in the cookbook first appeared in 1916 or 1959. Wow! That's great to say a company has been around that long, serving people & pleasing them with there products. I hope when both I & the companies of  #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar posted a few days ago on our face book sites that 100 of you had the chance to claim one of these My First Cookbooks on July 2nd & provided you the link to try for your chance to claim one free, that you did indeed get one.  If you did try to get one & filled out that form they posted, then you can go back to there DixieCrystalsSugar on Facebook  page  found here   on July 12 to see the winners list to see if your lucky name appears on the list of the 100 lucky people to snag one :)  I love this little My First Cookbook too!!
               Want to see what recipe I choose to use & bake some yummy cookies & bake it forward with?  And then let you all know what great
#Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar 
Items that I am about to give a few of you out there the chance to #Win Free!!
All thanks to my great sponsor #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar 
Alright Then :)
Read on a bit more..

                       I chose to make the cookie recipe called Roly-Polies from the My First Cookbook
             And we love peanut butter so I added that in as well. But you can stick to the original recipe.
  I love clear directions that each recipe gives you by providing both written word & clip art pictures of each item you will need to make the finished recipe. This cookie recipe called for those basic items that I said earlier that we all have in our fridges most everyday like unsalted butter, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, baking soda, cream of tartar, salt, eggs, (eggs not pictured b/c I sent hubby on a egg trip to pick me up some & I waited ;)  and the choice of either Dixie Crystals  Cinnamon-Sugar Shaker OR just use 2 tablespoons of Dixie Crystals Extra fine granulated sugar & 2 teaspoons cinnamon. I had to opt for the 2nd choice because it's what I had. But I will be buying me one of those Dixie Crystals  Cinnamon-Sugar Shakers for sure, for our next baking day.
      I scored those OLD Vintage glass canister containers long ago & I love keeping my sugar, flour etc inside them. So easy to see, reach, dip, & sit back upon it's rack.
 Continuing on and after everything is all mixed up & ready to bake. **Great Tip**
If you want those BIG Cookies like you see in the bakery department's or that cookie stores sell that are perfectly round & Big".  Then use an ice cream scooper to place them on your baking sheet. Depending on your amount you decide to scoop up in using the ice cream scooper, you will get pretty round cookies.

    I put down wax paper on my baking pan then dropped on my cookies.  I helps the cookies to not stick & clean up is easier. And if I were to place my BIG cookies AWAY from the edges, then I can assure they would be completed round. But for the TIN I wanted some of them to form in the pans corners so they not only were crusted on the ends (who doesn't love the crusted edges better right ;)
But that helpful tip also lets you place all or some of your cookies in the TIN and they match up with the corners better as not to break up. And your receiver gets to enjoy all those crusted yummy cookie edges :)  Look close at what I mean when you see my filled TIN on below.

I love the Criss Cross design that a fork can give your cookies
I chose to sprinkle on a bit of #Dixie Crystals while they bake ;)
All Warm & just came out of the oven after 12 minutes baked @ 350 degrees
A closer look at the ones that did not go in to the TIN ;) to enjoy ourselves

My Tin which I lined first with Wax Paper
You wouldn't have to line the Tin but I wanted too & my cookies that had the corner edges lined up perfectly in the Tin's 4 corners then I just laid the rest layered on top of the other cookies.
                                                      I left the two items of the magnet & clip pin inside so that when my recipient receives this lovely kind gesture to brighten there day & taste pallet, that they see the words of inspiration inside from both me & Imperial Sugars /Dixie Crystals  " reminding them to pay it forward by baking it forward to someone else" saying "A cup of kindness goes a long way".
 I love the idea in knowing that a Tin filled with baked goodies can just keep on going from person to person, place to place and can be watched as it travels it's unknown path known only to the next person in which receives it to enjoy.
you’ll find information about the program, how to get and register your own tin, recipes, coupons and more.
And watch the video as to how it works.

It's going to fun to watch where my own tin goes after it reaches the person I plan on sending it to by mail. I hope my yummy cookies baked with the sweet help of
  #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar are enjoyed  & that  person will also bake, fill & send on it's way to another location for someone to enjoy and so and so forth.
So are you ready now for your chance to win a Tin that you can send to someone filled with tasty baked goodies that you created and watch it's path in route and then hopefully your recipient will also pay it forward by baking it forward and sending that same tin on again to another with there own baked goods inside?
Great because this giveaway will let One (1) U.S.A. lucky person enjoy everything that I was able to review as mentioned above.
Which will consist of :
A Bake It Forward Tin, An  Imperial Sugar custom sugar sack Apron which is an adorable sugar sack apron made from their vintage sugar sacks. A  "My First Cookbook"  which is a children's focused cookbook made by Dixie Crystals, a cute fabric flower clip pin, another pin, a magnet, and ONE (1) free coupon that let's you get ANY Bag of Sugar from either company of  #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar (Shared same great companies) free. The coupon will let you enjoy a free ANY choice sugar of up to $3.75 in value. So you can use it for white sugar or brown sugar in ANY size up to but not exceeding that $ amount mentioned.
NOTE* The coupon is good until Dec 31 2013 and can be used at any store location that sells
 #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar
I shop at a few grocer chains & the day I chose to use my free coupons, I went to our Ingles grocery store.  And the coupon did not scan on the bar code so the cashier put in the coupon code manually. There explanation was that some coupons do scan & some need to be entered as override to be used.
But as long as your choice store sells the products & the dates on the coupon are still good in use, then they will have & indeed will be happy to take your free coupon so you can enjoy the product.
The day I went our Ingles store, they were having a sale on the sugars for 2 for $4.00 :)
A Great deal even if you don't have a free coupon.
And...this giveaway will also let FOUR (4) separate people 
 Enjoy ONE (1) Each of a FREE Sugar Coupon
Usually the sponsor ships the winners prize/prizes but, this particular time I opted to let the sponsored company send me my review product prize & the winners prize for me to ship myself to them.
So, when this giveaway ends & the 5 Lucky people have claimed the giveaways items just mentioned above within this said sponsored giveaway within there 48 hour time frame.
I will then be shipping myself  the ONE (1) Prize pack that was mentioned above to ONE (1) Lucky person.
 And Four (4) individual envelopes that will hold inside ONE (1) Free Sugar Coupon for each one of those four people to enjoy for there baking needs.
This giveaway is open to U.S.A.  residents only who are 18 years of age or older. And NO P.O. Boxes will be excepted.
I will ship the prize pack by using the USPS lowest cost for shipping at my expense. (which I have been told that the Tin fits perfectly into the USPS flat-rate priority mail boxes.) So I guess we will see. And I will be using Delivery confirmation so that I know you did indeed receive your free prize.
I cannot be help responsible if you do not receive your prize with problems that the USPS may incur.
This is a Free prize.
The other 4 lucky winners will receive an envelope from me as well at my expense, that will each contain ONE (1) Free Sugar coupon good on ANY #Dixie Crystals or #Imperial Sugar
This Giveaway will end on August 15th 2013
At which time +Rafflecopter  will choose those 5 Lucky winners
So be sure to check your email & spam folders on that date to claim your prize with in 48 hours or sadly another name will take your place.
As Always..
You must complete the TWO Mandatory entry's first to be able to enter this free giveaway for the chance to win.
Once you have done the main entry's then LOTS of Extra entry options will unlock for you. Which you can then choose to do ANY, All of Or None.
The choices are yours once you complete the two main entry's.
The more entries you get into the giveaway, the better your chances of winning when raffle copter chooses the fair winner.
So, please do not email me saying that the options are too long & too many.
Because you are the one who decides which ones you want to do for extra entry's.
EXAMPLE: If you do not follow me on pinterest & want to, great, just do so & hit that extra entry button.
If you already follow me on that network or others, then score a free extra entry by clicking the button that directs you too.
It's up to you :)
Good Luck Everyone!!
And remember...unless you drop you entry in the hat so to speak...then you can't have the chance for your name drawn out of the hat unless you did indeed drop in it there.
Be Sure to stay connected with this great company of
On all the social networks
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Imperial Sugar Logo
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dixie crystals web site
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