Saturday, January 18, 2014

#DIY Dress up your #Flameless #Candles Outside Skin By Covering in Printed Transparencies

  I think one product that both men & women both like, are candles for enjoyment.  The men may not admit that they like them because of an macho ego thing, but they do. They know that we women like the visual beauty they displace, the scents they provide & if we are happy, then they are happy.
   Most times yes, we woman buy them ourselves. But I think more & more men are buying candles too, knowing we love them and they make great gift choices to there wives, girl friends, sisters, aunts, mothers, daughters, etc.
    And I think whoever invented the idea of flameless candles, was a genius.
        They are pretty & even come scented & with timers on them & work with batteries that can last for hours of use. I myself use rechargeable batteries in almost everything in my home.
           I won this 3 piece set of flameless candles long, long ago on a twitter contest giveaway by

I see they no longer sell this particular set (not sure if they offer others & I will browse myself later to find out) because they really did & still do work wonderfully after all this time past.
           I have never bought any, additional flameless candles. But I certainly plan on doing so from this or other companies because I've noticed while browsing the internet or catalogs that they now come with MANY types of structures such as plain & slick outside wall surface or to simulate a chunky type candle. They can have even tops or ones that visually appear as though they have melted down from burning hours.
       They come scented & some have a timer switch or you can just use the on & off switch.
     This set, has both choices.  This set has a vanilla scent & as you use them, it warms the scent up even more to enjoy & the timer will shut up & come on hrs later the next day at the same time.
        I enjoyed these for the longest time, just as they were...plain.
    But with my love of shabby chic décor & roses, I thought I'd try to "dress them up" and enjoy them in a new way.
                                         Like this :) >>

 I had some sheets of clear transparencies that I had never finished using in printed ideas for #DIY crafting, so I used them for the idea you see as follows.
         I just chose some clip art that I had on my print master CD art program (and some that I found free on the internet by key word searching what I wanted in phrases or picture subject then copy & paste it into a saved j.peg photo to print).
           Then printed the design first on regular paper so I knew if it wrapped around the candle area but did not over loop by being to long. (Note* save that test print and use it on other decoupage ideas or us as notes or gift tag ideas in other #diy craft ideas)


          I then printed it on the clear transparency sheet in the darkest black ink, so it appears better through the light of the candle glow. Note* my transparency sheets are ones from that I got years ago & had left over. They are usually used for overhead projector use to print & show whatever you wish to show visual in a BIG scale. But I used them for many other uses. And this is one on my dress it up outside candle ideas, to enjoy luminary beauty.
         And I cut out each one & just wrapped them around the TOP part of the flameless candle where the glow is the brightest when it is turned on.
         With the clear transparencies you still get a pretty visual  in the day time as well when its not turned on & just using a small section to cover lets you still enjoy the candles scent.
        I love this idea & think there are endless ideas to print & enjoy like silhouette clip art of your loved ones, animals, poetry, or any design clip art. I will have to experiment with some of my old photos & see how they can look if printed on the clear sheets to use. I simply taped the clear strips onto the candle so I can remove them & change out.

    I can think of all sorts of ways to dress up the outside walls of them & (will have to share more ideas in later post lol) :)   And I'm busy trying to get up more #DIY enjoyed craft ideas to share with you that I am posting, so watch for them as I share. Here is another one in Shabby Chic that I shared you may enjoy >>

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