Saturday, January 18, 2014

Enjoying January Snowmen

     What winter time decorations are you still enjoying on your outdoor home's décor?
I enjoyed my Christmas decorations as long as I could with my Santa's, candy canes etc.
  And once they were all put away I still like something cheery to enjoy outside on my porch until the end of January.
   I decided to leave out all my snowmen things since we are having such cold weather & snow here in eastern Tenn.
   Besides the 20 years we spent gone from Tennessee, but constantly visiting, I remember as a child growing up in Tennessee (in the 1960's ~yeah "I'm of old school age")  and that each winter we always had a nice 3 or 4 good snows to enjoy.  And I always thought my whole life until about 15 years ago, that our part of eastern Tennessee was a safe state. By that I mean, I felt it was centrally  located away from hurricanes, floods, constant snow, earth quakes & tornado's like most all other USA states.
   But that's not the case anymore. A few years ago we had the worst Tornado in history that took lives & wiped away houses completely. And even now, we have all the things I just mentioned  except for hurricanes, on much lower scales, but still have experienced earth quakes, floods, and the snows though are not really deep ones as we got when I was little, we still have them more often. And I enjoy the snows. May be because it brings back memories of my childhood & how much fun we had playing outside in it.
  I remember we as neighborhood kids of about 10+ in count would go to huge hill on a cow pasture and drag our sleighs there to ride.  We even found an old car hood once that we all drug up the hill & slide down on at one time & it was so much fun. Then you head inside while on winter break from school & warm up with Chicken noodle soup & thaw out just like the old TV commercials they use to show on TV.
    ~~ Take a retro memory tour back in time if you remember this Commercial for Chicken noodle soup. Because that's what my mom use to keep stocked in the kitchen cabinets & we warmed up & thawed out with it & saltine crackers after coming in from playing in the snow.

       Watching that always makes me think of my winter school breaks as a kid. So does Snowman.
  And so I enjoy snowmen a bit longer until Valentines Day comes around.
                      The vintage wooden full pane glass window that I hand painted with a Snowman theme & I painted the bottom window edge to serve as a chalkboard & can use any name or phrase on it.
I took some large gift bags that once served well there intentional use that were now torn & cut them in sections to use as MORE Snowmen backdrops in decoration.


I took an old oil lamp & had hubby to rewire it into a working electric bulb one to use. I hand painted the globe on its front with a snowman wintry theme & hung t between our window shutters. And just laid some white Christmas mini lights on top of the A/C box that's in that back porch window.
Added another motion sensor snowman on the edge that I got long ago from Collections that I love using. When turned on, he sings frosty the snowman.
I have removed that tiny ceramic fireplace since Christmas has past but it looked so cute sitting on there too.

                                                  I still have that tiny green fiber optic tree on the outdoor picnic table on my back porch because I have it decorated with snowflakes with matches my winter theme. And a snowman round vinyl table cloth that I got at the thrift store for 25 cent. I put a light source behind my hand painted snowman window, so that at night it illuminates a glow through it & looks pretty with the theme.

On the outside of the screened in porch I made a wreath covered in burlap, real pine cones & fresh greenery that I dusted with white paint to simulate snow-covered. I dash cinnamon oil on the burlap & when you pass by it or the wind blows it smells so good.

My mailman sometimes brings my packages to the back door to stay in out of the wet weather. So I created a cozy spot for him to sit them on in this old wooden ladder back chair I painted & I used chalk on its back slats to leave any message I like  in decorating theme when the fancy hits me.
I used it during the holidays to sit a pretty arrangement on that I made on a grave tombstone saddle.
The chair has 3 back slats on it & I wrote on "Country Mail Drop".

So, I think I'll enjoy my snowmen a bit longer.
And start thinking soon on Valentine ideas for outdoor decoration to replace it, once it warms up a bit.
My friend Tracy on the other hand, in the warm state of Florida is thinking just the opposite of snowmen & she's found a cute way to enjoy her winter time decorating with a neat #DIY project so if your out blog hopping today, why not head there to her spot at cottonpickincute   and see what ideas she has to share with you.
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Enjoy your weekend everyone :)
~~~Julie ~~~

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