Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Brings @Purex great #sweeps & tips from the #Purex Insider Newsletter Check them out!

Happy New Year 2014 !!!
                 And with the new year comes New Announcements!
                           Announcements to me from Purex,  & then from me to you about Purex!!
                  Yep, I'm a purex insider ;) And I get to hear the newest news about this great company!
      Straight from the Purex Insiders newsletter that flows straight to me email inbox.
         And once I see & hear all the great things that +Purex  has planned for 2014 new year ahead,
    I can't help but to share that news with you, my readers & the whole lot of you everyday consumers out there everywhere!
          So go ahead~ pull out your spectacles and read all about the newest #sweepstakes that have planned, the great tips they share for your laundry needs, saving money & more!
         Feel free to follow the links to enter their sweeps or read those great tips they share.
            Then cross your fingers & toes, like I am. In hopes that I'm chosen as one of the many purex insiders to bring great product reviews & giveaways for us both to enjoy soon!
              Like what you say?  Well, their great ones that's for darn sure!  Like  new purex laundry products we can enjoy in many chosen scents. Or body washes in lots of great scents too!
             So if your hoping that you'll see those offers  found here at Mamawj's Moment Away, as much as I am for us all to enjoy in a product review & giveaway~ Then shout it out below within my comment section & tell those kind folks at the Purex Insiders team to ~~send those awesome campaigns Julie's way today!! :) 
           Seriously though guys & gals, the purex team are a nice team with people who work hard to get all the best new news to us bloggers who love to host for their new products. They offer us bloggers great insiders benefits to enjoy for our hard earned blog efforts that we bring to you the consumers. And I am so thankful & blessed at the opportunity's I am given to host for Purex. I work hard at letting you know the new scoop on the new products they create, or the new sweeps they provide that lets people out there win great prizes! 
     And on the rare times our names as bloggers are chosen, from the purex team on the perks we can win from our hard work as insiders. It's those times when we jump for joy!
   And that is exactly what I did when a while back in the month of June, I won a purex insiders $100 Amazon gift code giveaway for my hard worked blogging efforts in the Purex promotion for  Dial 65K Dial Body Wash . And during the month of late December, the kind folks at the purex insiders team sent out the code to me & I was just in awe....that I won! It made me feel as though my hard work was appreciated. And so today I want to say I appreciate you all, who read, entered & supported my post on that purex  Dial promotion. And I appreciate the purex insiders team for choosing me as one of the bloggers who participated. And to encourage all you out there who doubt you will ever win, or feel your entries into the sweeps they offer are in vain. Because they are not, they appreciate you too! You are what makes purex & each new product they create, a success story when you read about it, share its news, buy the product & tell others all about it. And me winning from them, is proof that you can win from them too! How? by entering their sweepstakes I link you too & buy entering my giveaways they let me host.
     So, hopefully you will see new post from me soon in my newsletter offering you some great giveaways to enter. But until then, or even if not then, go ahead & enter the sweeps that purex has going on now within the links below you see that I have provided for you. And good luck!
          Before you head down there to those links~ take a look see at what I got on amazon from my free $100 gift code that as a purex insider I won from them great folks!
         It was so hard to decide what to get. But hubby & I decided to both enjoy this pretty TV entertainment chest. It had free shipping, I used my $100 gift code I won & 3 more free codes that I got from being a Bing member & using my  Bing rewards .
   And then our pretty item arrived from amazon that he & I put together & now thoroughly enjoy!
          "All thanks going to purex & my purexinsiders win!! :)
     So be encouraged! And enter those sweeps! You might just win too! It does happen & they announce winners as they are chosen :) And I try my best~ to post or share those winners names as they announce them on their Facebook page found here purex on facebook

               I love my amazon item
Sauder egistry Row Panel TV Stand in Amber Pine I got because of my win from Purex :)
           Thank you Purex!! Community Management Team @ Purex Insiders


        Ok Now!!  Go on ahead and enter the great Purex #Sweepstakes they have going on

            Click there for >> clean-start-sweepstakes
WIN $1,000 Shopping Spree!


     Click there for >> new-year-new-you-sweepstakes
WIN a FREE Fitness Tracker!

Click there for purex  tips on deodorant stains >> purex-life/purex-stain-lab-deodorantSay goodbye to deodorant stains

Click there  from Purex >> newsletter money saving tips
Helpful household money saving tips
Safety First!! Protect your kids! Tips & Helpful advice from Purex
         Found here at  >>  Purex​
UltraPack Safety
                                     Have a great day everyone :)
 And though a lot of my giveaways have closed, I still have 2 great ones that you still have time to enter.
So be sure to get your name in the hat for the chance to win my giveaways found there > Deep Fryer with warming tray from @Brylane home a $40 Value

And there >> $50 Wal-Mart gift card sponsored by Herbal Essence

Mamawj's Moment Away Blog Disclose:
Due to FCC rules I am stating that The assets included within this message were delivered to me your blog host here @mamawj's moment away . I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am  a +Purex  Insider & I wanted to bring you the latest news happening that #Purex  has going on. I was not paid for this shared post.

. All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions. 

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