Saturday, January 18, 2014

#DIY Fake Wooden Wall Door Utilized as #Jewelry Holder

              I seriously have so many #DIY projects that I got finished within the last 2months but just never got them posted to share. So I'm determined to share a few today.
             This one I'm sharing today comes from my love of shabby chic theme room décor.
    My master bathroom has lots of wall areas but no window in it at all. Someday I plan on adding one of the octagon widows that just push out for ventilation when I decide to open it for fresh air but mostly so I have a nature sunlight source to enjoy in that room.
  But until that happens, I can't stand feeling closed in within that room & try to create ways to feel as though it has windows or visual things on the walls that open up the space & make it brighter & more cheery.
   I have found a few ways to do just that & if they can be of shabby chic décor then I am even more pleased.
     We just finished installing our new walk in shower (that had been leaking & we have now added a new shower unit behind this wall you see pictured). Hubby had to access the back of that wall to fix & repair the water control handle knobs. Which left a small section on the wall, now cut out & missing that he will have to recap with sheet rock.
     I always kept a bigger picture on that back wall anyways. But this time I thought I would create something there that was both pretty & useful.
    So, I added a wooden door :)   This was one of 4 doors that went on a huge Armoire that now serves as my food pantry (which will be another #DIY project I will share with you this summer).
Anyways, I took one of the doors, and did a white wash type #DIY paint on it. By using a dampened old cloth dipped in the color paint I wanted to use, rubbed it all over the surface then quickly wipe back off the area with a dry clean old cloth. Which allows me to leave certain areas of the door to be lighter or darker in color, depending on how much I remove in paint.
  After I decided the look I was pleased with, I let it dry. Then I added my shabby chic theme to it by adding a stencil painted design & at the bottom I found the cutest saying at the Dollar Tree which are just peel & stick method.  My hummingbird you see upon it came from (I won those from them from being an email subscriber and a giveaway where they drew winners via subscribers) it's a simple wall paper design that you soak in warm water for a few seconds them apply to ANY surface, let dry & enjoy. You can peel & reactivate again when you want to put them in another location. But I buy from them a lot & will share other wall designs with you as you read & see my photos on further down.
   To make the door functional I added tiny screw in hooks & pretty rose ceramic door pulls to it & it now can hang & display my jewelry.
  Of course hubby put the door on the wall with screws by just hanging the bracket hinges that it originally came with on the armoire.
   I really like it the fact that it adds to my shabby chic pink, green, beige colored bathroom.
     As you know, I love to free hand paint. But when I can take short cuts on easy #DIY projects, I do so to save time. So the stencil painted scene & the peel & stick lettering made it easy.
     A few of my other shabby chic pieces in the photo you see, just help add to the theme.
   A very old antique glass decanter that my mom gave me years ago in which I hand painted a cabbage rose on its front & added dangling string beads to it.
     That big ole oval galvanized tin pail, I bought it new at hardware store, did the same exact white washed painted method to it on the outside by using brown craft paint & removing it in certain areas to resemble old rust on the pail, then I added rub on  rose's.

      Now, back to those hummingbird wallies. Let me take you on tour AROUND the rest of the bathroom to see what I mean in designs both large & small that they sell.  Note* I sure hope to get a sponsored product review & giveaway offered from them someday to share with you and for you my readers to enjoy. I have tried but I guess we will see, as one can be hopeful. For now I have invested lots of money in buying so many of their unique designs. The same people that make McCall's patterns ~~ they are the makers of the products found at
      Here I  dressed up my huge side wall over our whirlpool tub, with the big wall murals pre soak & paste able wallies they sell. I wait until I see them on discount & then buy many for myself & as gifts for family & friends for occasions.  This one came with the girls in the apple bloom tree & lots of extra petal flowers that I put inside a glass picture frame that I did the same white wash paint method on, but using pink paints. I just did that right onto the cardboard backing in the picture frame , let it dry & then added the wallies to it.

You really can use those products anywhere, even within a frame  to enjoy viewing.

   The area you see in the wall corners, is stenciled on. And, some of the rose wallies at the lower bottom edge, with again..a hummingbird added in the mix.
        Then, I added yet another huge 3 piece wallie, on the back wall in my master bathroom.
  Again, it makes me feel like I have a window choice there. And I have gotten so many compliments on this certain Wallie Wall paste-able. I layered on some of the tiny hummingbirds to it as well.




                 So, I hope you enjoyed seeing how can easily you can mix & match different methods of  wall designing to make a space with no real windows, feel more open & bright by  free hand painting, using stencils with craft paints, or adding paste-ables such as these shown. Or, adding a wooden door as I did & using it to house other things like scarves, jewelry etc.
   I have more to share with you in #DIY craft ideas, so watch for them to post. :)
                                     Make it a great day everyone ~ Julie

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