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@Hershey’s Spreads Chocolate with Almond Product Review via @Crowtap #Crowdtap

       Would you like to test out the newest products from great companies you know & already buy from everyday? Test them for free? As they are released  brand new to merchant store shelves?
Then share  your opinion of what you thought of the product & how well or not so well that you liked it or how it did?
       Well there is a place that let's you do just that. And its called  CrowdtapCrowdtap - New York, New York

      I'm new to +Crowdtap  but so far  really liking being a free involved member. And I got my 1st product to test & try out, which came yesterday. And so today, I have tried the product out & want to tell you all about it. The newest product that we as trio myself, crowdtap & the company they are promoting  want to tell you about the newest product from #Hershey's  called
Hershey's spreads
Photo: A little crunchy. A little chocolatey. A lot of yum.
          Which comes in 3 different flavors

                                                                  Chocolate with Hazel Nut
                       And >>> Chocolate with Almond
           And that's the flavor that Crowdtap sent me to review for free.
 I'm glad I got sent that particular flavor from the 3 choices. I  love chocolate flavor & "hey" we're talking Hershey's here, so yes, it's good! I've never been one who likes hazelnut flavor.
But there are those people out there that do love it, so now you have something new to try from Hershey's on your store shelves.
   I do however, love Almonds :) And I was so curious when the new product met my taste buds, if it would be noticed in the flavor or would it just be more so, chocolate.

      There was an, even balance in the 2 flavors & I could taste both. The spread is creamy & also on a even balance of it's consistency. Not to thick & not to thin.  Upon first taste by the tip end of a butter knife & trying it I thought.."yum" this is different & I like it. I expected it to taste liking cake icing.
   You know, really sweet & thick having to stir it up to use it. But I was wrong & surprised at how easy it was to put on the butter knife & spread.  And the taste is just sweet enough so the almond flavor comes through & delivers.
             So, I wondered what I could spread it on to enjoy. And as the web site for Hershey's spreads
  will suggest to you many food ideas that you can spread this new product @Hershey’s Spreads on like fresh fruits of strawberry's, toast, waffles, pretzels, chips, crackers & so much more. So be sure to visit them for more ideas & lots of recipe suggestions too for its use & enjoyment here at Hershey's spreads
              I gave it a try on two different food items, that turned out really good with the Hershey's spreads in the mix.
              I thought hey, line it on the inside of an ice cream cone & then when I add ice cream to them I will have the chocolate with almond flavor within. And it will also help my ice cream stay frozen longer inside and not wet my cone and seep through as soon as it would with just ice cream inside.
              I froze some & put them inside a zip lock bag so they are at easy reach next time my grandson or anyone wants to add ice cream to one.
Then, I got out a small box of Jiffy pie crust mix (which is so easy to use by just adding 3 tablespoons of cold water to mix until firm & bonded) and I rolled out tiny balls of the crust mix, mashed them down with thumb print & baked them on a buttered cookie sheet.

Once cooled, I then spread on a dab of the Hershey's spreads flavor of Chocolate with almond.
They were really good. I can see serving these at any party & you can sprinkle candy pieces onto them to add even more party color. Or slice strawberries & add to the top of each one.
           Nutritional information
                 on this Hershey's product from the web site:

They come in a 13 ounce plastic jar with a screw on lid. (I love that fact because I can reuse & recycle the empty container) And I think it would be cute to use to fill with candies from Hershey's choices & gift out. Note* My sample product did not state if the item should be refrigerated after opening, but I would assume that it would need to be. I have inquired this question to the Hershey's company & will let you know what they say once they reply. I refrigerated  my jar & I think there answer will be yes as well.
 Where can you find this product to purchase?
                  Depending on what grocery store merchant your state has & you shop at, I'm sure it can be found at many stores.
        Here in TN our Wal-Mart's carry it for $3.38 and available online as well. I'm sure all the stores will soon stock this great new product from Hershey's. If your merchant store does not yet carry it, suggest to them to do so.
        Visit the sites below to enjoy reading, learning more about this new product from Hershey's.  They are on pinterest too! :)

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                And if you want to become a #crowdtap member & test out the newest company products they promote like Hershey's & so many more.  Then visit them here at Crowdtap and sign up for free & see what campaigns they feel are a good fit for you to test, try & tell about.  Crowdtap Crowdtap - New York, New York

            Thank you for stopping by today :) and enjoy your day!
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Due to FCC rules I am stating that The assets included within this message were delivered to me your blog host here @mamawj's moment away . I have complied here with both local and international laws by disclosing that I am  a  Crowdtap member  And brought you the latest new news about the new #Hershey's product.  I  was not compensated for this shared post. I was provided with the sample product from  Crowdtap  to facilitate this post.

. All opinions spoken here are my own honest opinions. 
Thank you Crowdtap & Hershey's for this free received product review.

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